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Managing The China Challenge

Author : Kenneth G. Lieberthal
ISBN : 9780815724483
Genre : Business & Economics
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Summarizes key challenges businesses face in doing business in China; discusses the roles of the state, including the Communist Party, and local officials in business ventures; and frames issues related to corporate strategy such as branding, human resources, government relations, product development, marketing, corporate social responsibility, and risk mitigation"--Provided by the publisher.
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The Oxford Handbook Of Management In Emerging Markets

Author : Dr. Robert Grosse
ISBN : 9780190683955
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88.98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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For nearly two decades, emerging markets have been a primary source of growth in the world economy. They have become more international and compete more extensively with companies in developed countries. For these reasons, an understanding of managing businesses in emerging markets is a fundamental skill for competing in the twenty-first century. The Oxford Handbook of Management in Emerging Markets identifies key elements of the business systems and competition in emerging markets around the world, and then looks at competitive strategies of companies going into and coming out of these countries. While business is business, the handbook's focus is on how management differs depending on the different environmental characteristics in emerging markets, such as the role of the government, the potential weakness of infrastructure, and the skill and innovation bases available locally in emerging markets, among other elements. The volume is organized into five sections. The first section establishes conceptual perspectives for exploring the current business environment in emerging markets. The second section focuses on questions surrounding governance and markets. The third explores multinational enterprises (MNEs) in emerging economies, while the fourth section looks at local firms and emerging market MNEs. The fifth and final section looks at management in emerging markets within specific countries and regions around the world. This handbook is a vital resource for scholars, students, and managers looking to expand into emerging economies by providing comprehensive analyses of functional areas from human resources to finance to marketing, and on issues such as family businesses, state-owned enterprises, and the bottom of the pyramid.
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The Oxford Handbook Of Management In Emerging Markets

Author : Robert Grosse
ISBN : 9780190683948
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65.42 MB
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Introduction to managing in emerging markets / Klaus E. Meyer, Robert Grosse -- Conceptual approaches to managing in emerging markets / Robert Grosse, Klaus E. Meyer -- International business and emerging markets in historical perspective / Geoffrey Jones -- Economics, transitions, and traps in emerging markets / John M. Luiz -- Institutional theory perspectives on emerging economies / Tatiana Kostova, Valentina Marano -- Emerging markets and the international investment law and policy regime / Karl P. Sauvant -- Financial decisions, behavioral biases, and governance in emerging markets / Emir Hrnjic, David M. Reeb, Bernard Yeung -- Corporate governance in emerging markets / Ruth V. Aguilera, Ilir Haxhi -- Consumer behavior in emerging markets / Raquel Castano, David Flores -- Examining base of the pyramid (BoP) venture success through the mutual value card approach / Krzysztof Dembek, Nagaraj Sivasubramaniam -- Regulatory institutions and multinational companies in emerging markets / Farok Contractor -- Corporate political ties in emerging markets / Pei Sun -- Adjustment of mne geographic market strategy in responding to the rise of local competitors in an emerging market / J.T. Li, Zhenzhen Xie -- Global production networks, territoriality, and political authority / Stephen J. Kobrin -- Innovation in emerging markets / George S. Yip, Shameeen Prashantham -- Human rights, emerging economies, and international business / Florian Wettstein -- Spillovers from FDI in emerging market economies / Sumon Kumar Bhaumik, Nigel Driffield, Meng Song, Priit Vahter -- Risk management for companies operating in emerging markets / Donald Lessard -- Entrepreneurship in emerging markets / Saul Estrin, Tomasz Mickiewicz, Ute Stephan, Mike Wright -- Innovation and internationalization of SMEs in emerging economies / John Child -- Family business in emerging economies / Rodrigo Basco -- The economic and sociological approaches to research on business groups in emerging economies / Chi-Nien Chung, Rose Xiaowei Luo -- State-owned multinationals in international competition / Aldo Musacchio, Felipe Monteiro, Sergio G. Lazzarini -- Local firms within global value chains : from local assembler to value partner / Shameen Prashantham, George S. Yip -- Emerging economy multinationals in advanced economies / Lin Cui, Preet S. Aulakh -- Investments by emerging-economy multinationals in other emerging economies / Jing Li, Daniel Shapiro -- Human resource management in emerging markets / Dana Minbaeva -- Managing multinationals in Brazil : opportunities and challenges / Jorge Carneiro -- Managing emerging markets in Russia / Sheila M. Puffer, Daniel J. McCarthy, Ruth C. May, Galina V. Shirokova, Andrei Panibratov -- India / S Raghunath, Jaykumar Padmanabhan -- How real are the opportunities for multinationals in China? / Peter J. Williamson, Feng Wan -- Managing in emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe / Kalman Kalotay, Magdolna Sass -- Operating across levels in the global economic hierarchy : insights from South Africa's setting in wider Africa and the world / Helena Barnard, Tessy Onaji-Benson -- Management in Southeast Asia : a business systems perspective / Michael A. Witt
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Managing The Middle Income Transition

Author : Juzhong Zhuang
ISBN : 9781783477708
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 48.35 MB
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The growth model of the People�s Republic of China (PRC) has been based on high investment and exports, a low-cost advantage, and government interventions. This model has successfully transformed the country from a low-income to an upper middle-income
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Managing Foreign Research And Development In The People S Republic Of China

Author : Zheng Han
ISBN : 9781780632254
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42.23 MB
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The undertaking of R&D in China by foreign organisations is explained through an analysis of the patterns of foreign investment in R&D and the motivations and challenges for undertaking R&D in China. The book provides a detailed reference source which outlines the general environment of R&D in China through governmental policies, Chinese domestic science and technology systems and contemporary developments of intellectual property protection. The practical implications for companies intending to set up R&D in China are also discussed. Contemporary environmental circumstances of undertaking R&D in China (policies, systems etc.) Insights from the perspective of R&D managers in China (best practices, lessons learned and case studies) Important implications for R&D activities in China
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Readings And Cases In International Management

Author : David C. Thomas
ISBN : 9780761926375
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 24.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Readings and Cases in International Management: A Cross-Cultural Perspective is a compilation of contemporary readings and case studies that focus on managing global organizations. Intended as a companion to editor David C. Thomas' Essentials of International Management: A Cross-Cultural Perspective (SAGE, 2001), great care has been taken to select readings that do not duplicate, but supplement, material typically contained in texts on this topic. The readings and cases in this book are organized around three major themes: the basis for understanding the influence of culture on international management, the key roles that international managers play, and the important challenges that these managers face.
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Managing Across Diverse Cultures In East Asia

Author : Malcolm Warner
ISBN : 9781136260285
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 77.84 MB
Format : PDF
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Why ‘Managing across diverse cultures in East Asia’? We re-examine in this book the link between culture and management across the region vis a vis the new economic, political and social landscape that has appeared over the last decade. We accordingly present a set of chapters on East Asian cultures, economies, societies and their management across the board, focusing on countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, as well as the Overseas Chinese enclaves of Hong Kong SAR, Macao and Taiwan. The contributors to this edited book are all specialists in their respective fields; they hail from a variety of universities and business schools across the world, located in a wide range of countries in the East and in the West. The chapters, we believe, reflect a balance between the past and present, theory and practice, as well as the general and the particular. 'East Asia could not be more important. Malcolm Warner could not be more insightful. Reading Managing Across Diverse Cultures in East Asia will allow you to gain a profound understanding of the cultural complexity in this dynamic region of the world.' - Nancy J. Adler, McGill University, Montreal 'We all need to understand more about management in East Asia, and to learn from it. Managing Across Diverse Cultures in East Asia has contributions from international experts who provide significant insights into the cultures of the most dynamic region in the world today. This book is a landmark publication.' - John Child, University of Birmingham 'This edited volume, with contributions by significant scholars from around the globe, provides a timely and penetrating review of management issues across East Asia, a region that rivals Europe and North American in economic significance and is still ascending. It is a must read for anyone who is interested in international management.' - Kwok Leung, City University of Hong Kong 'Helping a new generation of readers interested in this important region to make better sense, Managing Across Diverse Cultures in East Asia is destined to become a new classic. I expect this well-researched book to be widely read, cited, and debated in the years to come.' - Mike W Peng, University of Texas at Dallas 'Having had such unexpected disasters as earthquakes, floods and financial crises in recent years, we are increasingly dependent on people-management. Development of human resources, in turn, requires region-specific and organization-specific strategies. The present volume edited by Malcolm Warner points the reader to the secret of success in high-performing economies and firms in East Asia.' - Yoko Sano, Kaetsu University, Tokyo
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The Management Of Enterprises In The People S Republic Of China

Author : Anne S. Tsui
ISBN : 1402070993
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 58.46 MB
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With China's eminent entry into the World Trade Organization, past speculations of China becoming a world economic power in the 21st century is a reality with which few would disagree. We are witnessing the awakening of many sleepy giants, such as the successful reformed state-owned as well as township and village enterprises. We are also witnessing the birth and growth of a significant private sector, along with ever-increasing foreign investments. In this development process, there is a critical need to document and theorize about the management process by firms in this changing and dynamic context. The Management of Enterprises in the People's Republic of China aims to contribute to the knowledge base of management within the Chinese context. The book begins with a mapping of research on management in PRC, and offers theoretical insights for cross-context, institutional, and behavioral studies. It then reports the results of fourteen empirical studies of management issues in the PRC firms. The issues studied include SOE transformation, globalization, governance, employment relationships, managerial networks, corporate culture and leadership. Also included are studies on the knowledge management process and management team characteristics of high technology firms. The methods of study include large-scale surveys, case studies, and interviews. The contributors are international experts in Chinese management research. Finally, we offer executive perspectives on several successful firms operating in China through interviews with their CEOs.
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Design Development And Implementation Of An Incentive System For Local Employees In Subsidiaries Of Western Companies In China

Author : Sebastian Haupt
ISBN : 9783842810648
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 24.59 MB
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Inhaltsangabe:Introduction: 1.1, The challenge of attracting, motivating and retaining Chinese employees: In the last decade, as a result of the advancing globalization, the People s Republic of China (PRC) has become a focus of interest for Western companies. The country is home of 25 % of the world s population and has maintained an economic growth rate of 8 % during the last twenty five years. How can companies position themselves best to profit from this fast-growing economy and prevail against an increasing competition? Along with a massive inflow of foreign investment, Western management practices and philosophies have been brought into China. Thus, every day, foreign managers in subsidiaries of Western companies have to confront decisions about money, benefits and other different forms of incentives that can be used for attracting, motivating and retaining the local Chinese employees to ensure the competitive advantages. The introduction of Western incentive systems in China can be problematic as some Western incentive practices may contradict the norms of Chinese culture and the socialist ideology. Unsurprising that issues of human resource management, particularly in the attraction of employees, the performance motivation and the staff retention, are seen as the main difficulties in the Chinese operations of Western companies. Consequently, the question arises if customary incentive practices that have been proved useful back home can be transplanted to the Chinese subsidiaries of Western companies and if so, how? It is common knowledge that the compensation packages offered by companies to their employees have a great influence on the profitability. The better the foreign managers are able to align decisions about motivational incentives with the challenges presented by the values and the motives of the employees, the likelier it is for the organization to achieve competitive advantages. Thus, especially in the international context the major limitation of contemporary pay systems is the degree to which individual attitudes and preferences are ignored. . 1.2, Conceptual design of Incentive systems for Chinese employees: Objectives and methodology of the thesis: The aim of this thesis results directly from the mentioned problem. On the basis of a literature review that is combined with an analysis of applied incentive systems, it sets out to explore why Western approaches may or may not be applicable in the Chinese context and how [...]
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