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Management In Complex Environments

Author : Brian Ganson
ISBN : 9163739917
Genre : Business & Economics
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Format : PDF
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Companies operating in complex environments require a rigorous understanding of the economic, political, social and conflict dynamics of which they become part. Such insight helps them navigate substantial risks and challenges, grow their business even in unexpected places, work more effectively with local, national and international actors, and make meaningful contributions to stability and development. This book combines expert analysis, company case stories, and reflections from more than 100 business leaders. Drawing on a vast repository of knowledge and experience, it poses essential questions to better understand a particular complex environment and lead the company within it. It concretely demonstrates how leaders can help their companies meet their full range of goals - technical, financial, legal, reputation and social - by addressing the questions set out in this book. It is an invaluable resource for corporate practitioners and others concerned with company operations in complex environments. The book is the result of an intense and fruitful collaboration among the Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement, University of Stellenbosch Business School; the Corporate Engagement and Reflecting on Peace Practice Programs of CDA; the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform; the Institute for Business in the Global Context of The Fletcher School, Tufts University; the IRENE Institute of ESSEC Business School; the International Council of Swedish Industry; and the Stockholm Policy Group. Authors include Dost Bardouille-Crema, Diana Chigas, Brian Ganson, Kathleen Hamill, Paul Hollesen, Benjamin Miller, Cecile Renouard, Nicklas Svensson, and Achim Wennmann.
Category: Business & Economics

Project Communication Management In Complex Environments

Author : Zhong Ying
ISBN : 9789814560641
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This unique book that deals with project communication management in complex environments, taking a leaf from China’s experience with a major earthquake in Sichuan, would be a timely contribution to fill this lacuna. Readers would be able to understand how companies and organizations that are unprepared for crisis management would react to their detriment. The lessons provided in this book are the only one of its kind to highlight the lessons for companies and organizations to prepare themselves for successful project communication management through the complexity-informed framework. Although the book is written by two building professionals, the concepts and lessons presented are generic and equally applicable for businesses outside of the construction industry; for example, for airports, resorts, hotels, shipyards, etc.
Category: Technology & Engineering

International Project Management

Author : Thomas W. Grisham
ISBN : 9781118276525
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The theory, practice, and example projects of international project management A Singaporean corporation builds a manufacturing facility in Cambodia, with a Chinese partner, a Cambodian government agency, and value chain organizations in Germany, Morocco, Vietnam, and Brazil. A Russian charity operates in the Balkans and the Persian Gulf. Pharmaceuticals and food come from ten different countries, physicians are from the EU and Russia, and donations are from Central Asia and the subcontinent. A transnational organization markets through divisions in eighty-two countries. The products are designed in Italy, Sweden, and France, with customization done in each respective country. International projects involve a complex network of cultures, politics, laws, languages, and resources that goes beyond the traditional training and experience of most project managers. International Project Management examines the different dimensions and responsibilities of international projects, and outlines what a project manager must know to lead global projects successfully. It also provides guidelines and examples for the international project management processes. This book explores the professional best practices of international projects, emphasizing the importance of leadership skills and virtual teamwork to successfully navigate an international project. Along with discussions on the process groups, such as initiating, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing out, this reference is organized according to these knowledge areas: Introduction to international project management Integration management HR management (Diversity & Communications) Scope management Cost and progress management Risk management Time management Customer satisfaction (Quality) Procurement management CPE in the future Integrating the PMBOK® Guide—Fourth Edition, and the ICB, International Project Management provides international project managers, whether experienced or beginners, with the high cross-cultural intelligence, creative communication skills, ability to establish and maintain dependable project management processes, and compelling curiosity to manage international projects successfully. (PMBOK is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)
Category: Technology & Engineering

A Framework For Managing Organizations In Complex Environments

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051853561
Genre :
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Abstract: The complex environments of today's markets makes managing organizations in complexity and turbulence a concern for senior managers, and necessitate developing a dynamic strategic framework to cope with complexity in managing organizations. This paper demonstrates a study that was conducted to value a structured set of management principles and sub-elements by a panel of experts to develop a conceptual framework to manage in complex and very high dynamic environments. The panel consisted of 22 senior level managers of grade "A" companies in the construction industry in Qatar State using a two-round Delphi technique. The study developed two frameworks. The first framework is for managing complexity in the construction sector. The second one is the primary general framework, which forms a basis for a generalized framework for other industries. This study participates in developing valuable management practices in complex environments to tackle uncertainty, unpredictability, disorder, rapid changes and non-linearity, which would be of great help for leaders, senior managers and practitioners who operate in complex environments.

Decision Making In Complex Environments

Author : Jan Noyes
ISBN : 9781317153931
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 48.51 MB
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Many complex systems in civil and military operations are highly automated with the intention of supporting human performance in difficult cognitive tasks. The complex systems can involve teams or individuals working on real-time supervisory control, command or information management tasks where a number of constraints must be satisfied. Decision Making in Complex Environments addresses the role of the human, the technology and the processes in complex socio-technical and technological systems. The aim of the book is to apply a multi-disciplinary perspective to the examination of the human factors in complex decision making. It contains more than 30 contributions on key subjects such as military human factors, team decision making issues, situation awareness, and technology support. In addition to the major application area of military human factors there are chapters on business, medical, governmental and aeronautical decision making. The book provides a unique blend of expertise from psychology, human factors, industry, commercial environments, the military, computer science, organizational psychology and training that should be valuable to academics and practitioners alike.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Navigating Through Changing Times

Author : Anne Eskola
ISBN : 9781351674836
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 64.97 MB
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Complexity theory including the concepts of chaos and emergence has been considered one of the most revolutionary products of the 20th century having influence on science, technology and economics among others. Any complex systems, such as organisms, societies, stock market or the Internet, have emergent properties that cannot be reduced to the mere properties of their parts. The theory has been used in organizational studies and strategic management where it offers an alternative way to look at organizations. The theory rejects the idea of organizations seen as machines and a planned approach to organizational change. Instead, the theory underlines understanding on how organizations adapt to their environments. Complexity theory suggests that organizations tend to self-organize themselves to a state where they regulate themselves. Complexity theory would advocate for approaches that focus on flatter, more flexible organizations. It shifts focus from management control to self-organization and individual interrelations between different people. The aim of Navigating through Changing Times: Knowledge Work in Complex Environment is to give insights on how complexity has changed the environment of many business organizations. The book aims at identifying and discussing special features of business organizations performing knowledge work in a knowledge-oriented economy. Navigating through Changing Times: Knowledge Work in Complex Environment will be vital reading for those scholar and researchers in the fields of knowledge and wisdom management as well as organizational behavior and communication, HRM, strategy, culture, change and development and other related disciplines.
Category: Business & Economics

Information Systems Engineering In Complex Environments

Author : Selmin Nurcan
ISBN : 9783319192703
Genre : Computers
File Size : 65.73 MB
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the CAiSE Forum from the 26th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, CAiSE 2014, held in Thessaloniki, Greece, June 2014. The CAiSE 2014 Forum was a place to present and discuss new ideas, emerging topics, and controversial positions, and to demonstrate innovative tools and systems related to information systems engineering. To this end, three types of submissions were invited: visionary papers presenting innovative research projects at an early stage, demo papers describing novel tools and prototypes; and case studies reporting industrial applications. The 17 papers in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 45 submissions and include 12 visionary papers, four demo papers, and one case study. The reworked and extended versions of the original presentations cover topics such as business process management, process mining, enterprise architecture and modeling, model-driven development, and requirements engineering.
Category: Computers

Understanding Organizations In Complex Emergent And Uncertain Environments

Author : Anabella Davila
ISBN : 9780230290020
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 51.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Explores the concept of complexity and analyses how organizational governance can contribute to environmental sustainability. A common theme in these chapters is that organizations actively engage with their environments. Inc Aust contributors from UTS, Uni of Western Sydney, Wollongong Uni, Deakin, and NZ contributors.
Category: Business & Economics

Managing Supply Chain Networks

Author : Alexandre Oliveira
ISBN : 9780133764536
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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USE KNOWLEDGE AND INNOVATION TO MAXIMIZE VALUE FROM TODAY’S SOPHISTICATED, FAST-CHANGING SUPPLY NETWORKS Build integrated, complementary supply networks that work together to win Accelerate the cycle from needs identification to product/service launch to customer experience Create long-term strategy adherence to the business that competes in fluid environments Leading companies are developing powerful new techniques for managing today’s complex, fluid supply networks. Now, Alexandre Oliveira and Anne Gimeno help you apply these techniques to embed greater agility, resilience, speed, and intelligence throughout your own supply chain network. Oliveira and Gimeno review how supply chains have changed, how they will change, and the radically new challenges and opportunities arising from these changes. Next, they show how to drive value by capturing and sharing your network’s knowledge far more effectively, and using it to drive innovations that strengthen the entire network. Going far beyond previous models, they guide you in improving interactions across all knowledge areas, functional supply chain building blocks, business structures, tactics, and external elements–including suppliers, customers, service providers, competitors, and non-competitors. Today, individual companies don’t compete: their supply chain networks do. Winning businesses must be capable of sensing and anticipating market shifts, and rapidly aligning their networks in response. In a word, their networks must be wiser. In this guide, leading practitioners Alexandre Oliveira and Anne Gimeno show how to embed actionable wisdom throughout your own complex supply network. You’ll learn how to create multi-company structures that promote the long-term success of your entire network, and how to accelerate innovation by leveraging knowledge and ideas from all network sources. Using practical examples, Oliveira and Gimeno demonstrate how to evolve more resilience and elasticity, building a network that can respond more quickly and coherently to any new risk, opportunity, problem, or trend. Managing Supply Chain Networks is invaluable to any strategist, executive, manager, or advanced student who wants to drive greater value and competitiveness from a complex supply chain network. PRESENTING AN EVOLUTION TO PORTER´S FIVE FORCES MODEL Detailing how to add value to shareholders and stakeholders in highly competitive business environments BUILDING INNOVATION-ENABLED KNOWLEDGE LEADERSHIP INTO YOUR NETWORK Strengthening long-term knowledge development and retention across your network IMPLEMENTING MECHANISMS THAT INCREASE NETWORK RESPONSIVENESS Optimizing connections, architecture, functions, and human interactions MANAGING RISK MORE SUCCESSFULLY IN NETWORK ENVIRONMENTS Transcending limited “firm-centered”risk management strategies PROMOTING GREATER COLLABORATION ACROSS YOUR NETWORK Using visibility, vendor selection, culture, governance, and other methods
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