Maiden Mother Crone

Author : D. J. Conway
ISBN : 0875421717
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The Triple Goddess is with every one of us each day of our lives. In our inner journeys toward spiritual evolution, each woman and man goes through the stages of Maiden (infant to puberty), Mother (adult and parent), and Crone (aging elder). Maiden, Mother, Crone is a guide to the myths and interpretations of the Great Goddess archetype and her three faces-so that we may better understand and
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Dancing The Goddess Incarnate

Author : Kristin Madden
ISBN : 9780738706368
Genre : Religion
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A pagan guide to self-exploration--filled with meditations, games, magic tips, and herbal remedies--enables individuals to get in touch with each of the nine goddesses to unlock their creativity, rediscover play, strategize success, and nurture themselves. Original. 20,000 first printing.
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Goddess As Nature

Author : Paul Reid-Bowen
ISBN : 0754656276
Genre : Philosophy
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Goddess as Nature makes a significant contribution to elucidating the meaning of a female and feminist deity at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Bridging the gap between the emergent religious discourse of thealogy - discourse about the Goddess - and a range of analytical concerns in the philosophy of religion, the author argues that thealogy is not as incoherent as many of its critics claim. By developing a close reading of the reality-claims embedded within a range of thealogical texts, one can discern an ecological and pantheistic concept of deity and reality that is metaphysically novel and in need of constructive philosophical, thealogical and scholarly engagement. Philosophical thealogy is, in an age concerned with re-conceiving nature in terms of agency, chaos, complexity, ecological networks and organicism, both an active possibility and a remarkably valuable academic, feminist and religious endeavour.
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Mother Maiden Crone

Author : Nancy D. Baker, Ph.d.
ISBN : 1482022370
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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From the Introduction: Mother, Maiden, Crone...The birth of a daughter. A celebration. A young girl, a daughter, marking her first menstrual period, standing between the women who love and support her. Celebrating. Or a girl, becoming an adult, between the women who lovingly guide her. Women supporting and guiding the next generation. Or those women, as their roles in life change from young adult roles to their next ones, no longer focused on young adult societal demands, transitioning into what has been called the midlife crisis. Or the woman entering menopause, another major transition, this time to Wise Woman, the Crone. What an accomplishment! One that is neither supported nor recognized, but rather is often full of physical and emotional angst. This time, instead, surrounded by women who are walking the same, but different, paths. Young and old celebrating that transition with her. Then, the woman walking and passing from the sunset of her life to the winter; the death. Not alone, but with other women, as her Spirit reunites with the One. With other women celebrating what she has given and not forgetting her memory; celebrating her. Celebrating, and holding On High, the person, the woman, the Soul. And the cycle of life continues for the next woman, and the next; the never ending cycle of the female that repeats itself every time a girl child is born. This guidebook affords any facilitator the tools needed to conduct complete Shamanic ceremonies for six major transitions in the life of the woman. It also provides the information, including a basic ceremony template, so that the facilitator is able to develop Shamanic ceremonies of his or her own.
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Return Of The Divine Sophia

Author : Tricia McCannon
ISBN : 9781591437765
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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An initiatic journey into the Mysteries of the Goddess and humanity’s return to an age of peace and celestial light • Details the ceremonies and rituals of initiation into the Fellowship of Isis • Reveals the lost teachings of Jesus about the Divine Mother and Father and how the goddess Sophia is connected to Mary Magdalene as the Female Christ • Explores the many archetypes of the Goddess, including Isis, Brigit, and the Black Madonna, and how we can transform into Homo luminous, spiritual beings of light Called through her dreams by the Priestesses of Isis, Tricia McCannon set out on a spiritual journey into the Mysteries of the Goddess. After a fateful encounter with a high initiate of the ancient Fellowship of Isis, she began researching the history of Judaism and Christianity to find out how and when the Divine Feminine became lost. She discovered a forgotten age when the Creator was honored as female and humanity lived in peaceful societies completely free of war. She shows how we can return to an age of peace and celestial light if we work to bring the masculine and feminine energies of the world back into balance. Sharing her journey into the heart of the Divine Mother, McCannon details her initiation into the Fellowship of Isis, a process rich with ceremony, ritual, and myths of the Goddess from ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, Hebrew, and Native American traditions. She reveals how the many archetypes of the Goddess, including Isis, Ishtar, Brigit, and the Black Madonna, can become our allies for self-transformation. She explores Mysteries at the heart of Christianity that have remained hidden for nearly 2,000 years and how the Gnostic goddess Sophia is tied to the Second Coming, Mary Magdalene, and the Female Christ. She reveals the lost teachings of Jesus about the Divine Mother and Father and about the Divine Daughter and Son. Through her story and her in-depth research, McCannon takes us on a journey to awaken the creative power of the Divine Feminine within each of us. Equipped with the teachings of the Goddess, we gain the mastery to overcome the deeply rooted masculine-feminine imbalance of the patriarchy and to embark into the future as Homo luminous, beings of light.
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The Gaia Tradition

Author : Kisma K. Stepanich
ISBN : 0875427669
Genre : Religion
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Celtic Magic

Author : D. J. Conway
ISBN : 0875421369
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Celtic magic. These words conjure up images of Druids and mystical oak groves, daring Irish warriors, fairies, elves, and ancient deities who took an active part in the lives of the people who worshipped them. Practical and easy to understand, Celtic Magic offers important features that distinguish it from other books written about the Celts: --An in-depth discussion of Celtic culture and customs --A complete listing of Celtic myths and deities --Step-by-step instructions for spellwork, ritual, meditations, and divination to help you gain insight or make changes in your life This friendly Celtic magic book is designed for both beginners and those who possess intermediate-level magical skills--and anyone who simply has a great interest in Celtic history, lore, and magic.
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Sacred Science Of Numbers

Author : Corinne Heline
ISBN : 0875164420
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Hermaphrodites Gynomorphs And Jesus

Author : David C. A. Hillman
ISBN : 9781579511852
Genre : Religion
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The first western god was both male and female. All of western religion springs from the veneration of a bi-gender entity, known to the ancient world as the Gynomorph. The worship of hermaphroditic gods like the Gynomorph surfaces in ancient pagan cults as well as early Christianity. The celebration of female gods with penises impacted the development of western culture. Veneration of the Gynomorph is the basis for modern western law courts. The founders of democracy worshipped similar female divinities who possessed penises. Ritual sodomy as a means of celebrating hermaphroditic gods directly promoted the birth of western democracy. In fact, ancient priestesses responsible for guiding the worship of hermaphroditic goddesses laid the very foundations for democracy, science and philosophy. The oldest western pharmaceuticals were sex drugs used in religious initiations in celebration of the Gynomorph. Snake venoms used in cultic sex rituals were immensely popular in both Greece and Rome. In addition, abortion-inducing drugs promoted the first scientific investigations. Classical civilization relied heavily upon the use of cannabis, opiates, and hallucinogens, which were mixed with sexual stimulants. Greco-Roman witches, who served a prominent hermaphroditic goddess, Hecate, were among the earliest western scientists and naturalists. Devotees of gynomorphic divinities were the first westerners to promote the religious practice known as necromancy. The first “baptists” were cross-dressing necromancers, who celebrated the Gynomorph. Eunuchs who served the same goddess were chemically castrated with scorpion venom. Ancient pre-Christian oracles declared that the messiah must be a hermaphrodite. Christianity tried to assimilate and employ the use of necromancy. The earliest Christians used designer sex drugs in their rituals in order to venerate a messiah given gynomorphic status by church bishops.
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Mystical Dragon Magick

Author : D.J. Conway
ISBN : 9780738717272
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 48.83 MB
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Take your dragon magick to the highest level. From Apprentice to Enchanter, Shaman to Warrior, and finally culminating as Mystic, the five levels of initiation to high dragon magick are decoded in this companion to celebrated author D.J. Conway's bestselling Dancing with Dragons. On your journey through each of the Inner Rings, you will be guided along a higher path of spiritual consciousness while your spellwork is strengthened and enhanced. Discover how to attract dragons, draw on their legendary energy and wisdom, and partner with them as co-magicians. Incorporate herbal spells, choose appropriate ritual tools and codes, and find magickal color associations. You will also learn many practical methods for working dragon magick-using amulets and talismans, planetary powers, divination, crystals, healing, astral projection, scrying, and more. Praise for Dancing with Dragons "A unique, one-of-a-kind tome and a welcome addition to the growing body of metaphysical lore." —Midwest Book Review "A personal devotion and an academic work of the highest order." —The Dragon Chronicle (UK) "Dragon-lovers everywhere will like this book." —Prediction
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