Mac Hacks

Author : Chris Seibold
ISBN : 9781449325589
Genre : Computers
File Size : 72.52 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 795
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Presents fifty hacks to customize performance of a Mac, including automating tasks, increasing security, playing Wii games, and modifying wifi.
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Mac Os X Hacks

Author : Rael Dornfest
ISBN : 0596004605
Genre : Computers
File Size : 61.12 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 789
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Offers tips, techniques, and tools to help readers take advantage of Mac OS X, covering topics including user accounts, working with audio and video, running a mail server, and networking with Windows desktops.
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Mac Os X Panther Hacks

Author : Rael Dornfest
ISBN : 0596007183
Genre : Computers
File Size : 90.91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Like the animal it's named for, Mac OS X Panther is beautiful, sleek, superbly efficient, dangerously alluring, and all muscle under the surface. Beneath its appealing interface, it's a hard-working machine. Those coming to Mac OS X from previous incarnations of the operating system recognize much of the friendly face of the Macintosh they're used to, but they're also plunged into a whole new world. Unix converts to Mac OS X find a familiar FreeBSD-like operating system at the core and many of the command-line applications that they're familiar with: it's like an open invitation to roll up their sleeves and hack. Mac OS X Panther Hacks brings together the perfect combination of tips, tricks, and tools to help serious Mac users--regardless of their background--get the most from their machines. This revised collection reflects the real-world know how of those well-steeped in Unix history and expertise, sharing their no-nonsense, sometimes quick-and-dirty solutions to administering and taking full advantage of everything a Unix desktop has to offer: Web, Mail, and FTP serving, security services, SSH, Perl and shell scripting, compiling, configuring, scheduling, networking, and hacking. Add to that the experience of die-hard Macintosh users, customizing and modifying their hardware and software to meet their needs. The end result is cool stuff no power user should be without. The hacks in the book range from the quick and easy to the more complex. Each can be read easily in a few minutes, saving countless hours of searching for the right answer. Mac OS X Panther Hacks provides direct, hands-on solutions in topics such as: User Interface Accessories (iPod, USB devices, mobile phones, PDAs, etc.) Wired and wireless networking (Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) Email (servers and clients) Web (servers and clients) Messaging (iChat and associated apps) Printing and Faxing (sharing printers, fax server, etc.) Multimedia If you want more than your average Mac user--you want to explore and experiment, unearth shortcuts, create useful tools, and come up with fun things to try on your own--this book will set you on the right track. Written for users who need to go beyond what's covered in conventional manuals--Mac OS X Panther Hacks will bring your Mac to its full potential.
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Bsd Hacks

Author : Dru Lavigne
ISBN : 3897213990
Genre :
File Size : 48.97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Netzwerksicherheit Hacks

Author : Andrew Lockhart
ISBN : 9783897214965
Genre : Computer networks
File Size : 34.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Big Book Of Apple Hacks

Author : Chris Seibold
ISBN : 9781449343521
Genre : Computers
File Size : 26.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 700
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Bigger in size, longer in length, broader in scope, and even more useful than our original Mac OS X Hacks, the new Big Book of Apple Hacks offers a grab bag of tips, tricks and hacks to get the most out of Mac OS X Leopard, as well as the new line of iPods, iPhone, and Apple TV. With 125 entirely new hacks presented in step-by-step fashion, this practical book is for serious Apple computer and gadget users who really want to take control of these systems. Many of the hacks take you under the hood and show you how to tweak system preferences, alter or add keyboard shortcuts, mount drives and devices, and generally do things with your operating system and gadgets that Apple doesn't expect you to do. The Big Book of Apple Hacks gives you: Hacks for both Mac OS X Leopard and Tiger, their related applications, and the hardware they run on or connect to Expanded tutorials and lots of background material, including informative sidebars "Quick Hacks" for tweaking system and gadget settings in minutes Full-blown hacks for adjusting Mac OS X applications such as Mail, Safari, iCal, Front Row, or the iLife suite Plenty of hacks and tips for the Mac mini, the MacBook laptops, and new Intel desktops Tricks for running Windows on the Mac, under emulation in Parallels or as a standalone OS with Bootcamp The Big Book of Apple Hacks is not only perfect for Mac fans and power users, but also for recent -- and aspiring -- "switchers" new to the Apple experience. Hacks are arranged by topic for quick and easy lookup, and each one stands on its own so you can jump around and tweak whatever system or gadget strikes your fancy. Pick up this book and take control of Mac OS X and your favorite Apple gadget today!
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100 Neue Linux Server Hacks

Author : William Von Hagen
ISBN : 389721461X
Genre : Client/server computing
File Size : 75.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Ubuntu Hacks

Author : Jonathan Oxer
ISBN : 0596551460
Genre : Computers
File Size : 40.47 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 682
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Ubuntu Linux--the most popular Linux distribution on the planet--preserves the spirit embodied in the ancient African word ubuntu, which means both "humanity to others" and "I am what I am because of who we all are." Ubuntu won the Linux Journal Reader's Choice Award for best Linux distribution and is consistently the top-ranked Linux variant on The reason this distribution is so widely popular is that Ubuntu is designed to be useful, usable, customizable, and always available for free worldwide. Ubuntu Hacks is your one-stop source for all of the community knowledge you need to get the most out of Ubuntu: a collection of 100 tips and tools to help new and experienced Linux users install, configure, and customize Ubuntu. With this set of hacks, you can get Ubuntu Linux working exactly the way you need it to. Learn how to: Install and test-drive Ubuntu Linux. Keep your system running smoothly Turn Ubuntu into a multimedia powerhouse: rip and burn discs, watch videos, listen to music, and more Take Ubuntu on the road with Wi-Fi wireless networking, Bluetooth, etc. Hook up multiple displays and enable your video card's 3-D acceleration Run Ubuntu with virtualization technology such as Xen and VMware Tighten your system's security Set up an Ubuntu-powered server Ubuntu Hacks will not only show you how to get everything working just right, you will also have a great time doing it as you explore the powerful features lurking within Ubuntu. "Put in a nutshell, this book is a collection of around 100 tips and tricks which the authors choose to call hacks, which explain how to accomplish various tasks in Ubuntu Linux. The so called hacks range from down right ordinary to the other end of the spectrum of doing specialised things...More over, each and every tip in this book has been tested by the authors on the latest version of Ubuntu (Dapper Drake) and is guaranteed to work. In writing this book, it is clear that the authors have put in a lot of hard work in covering all facets of configuring this popular Linux distribution which makes this book a worth while buy." -- Ravi Kumar,
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Mac Os X Snow Leopard Das Missing Manual

Author : David Pogue
ISBN : 9783897219762
Genre : Computers
File Size : 68.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Dafür, dass Apple angekündigt hat, mit neuen Features mal zu pausieren, waren die Entwickler doch wieder ganz schön fleißig – es gibt kaum eine Funktion in Mac OS X 10.6, dem "Snow Leopard", die sie nicht angefasst haben. Schneller, glatter, besser ist das neue System… aber immer noch ohne beschreibendes Handbuch. Zum Glück hat sich Dompteur David Pogue wieder daran gemacht, die Raubkatze auf Herz und Nieren zu prüfen und zu zähmen. Mit Witz und Humor, aber auch der gebührenden kritischen Distanz schildert er, was wie geht - und was nicht. Die wichtigsten Neuerungen: Eine 64-Bit-Generalüberholung. Geschwindigkeit. Ein neu geschriebener Finder. Kompatibilität mit Microsoft Exchange. Ein nagelneuer QuickTime-Player. Wenn Apple sich darum kümmert, dann auch dieses Buch. Snow Leopard-Flecken: Auch die Hunderte von kleineren Verbesserungen in den 50 Programmen, die beim Mac dabei sind, werden hier enthüllt. In Safari, Mail, iChat, der Vorschau, Time Machine… Tastenkürzel und Geheimgänge: Dieses Mac-Buch ist bestimmt das trickreichste und überraschendste, das je geschrieben wurde. Auf jeder Seite erwarten Sie undokumentierte Abkürzungen und unbekannte Kniffe. Der Turbolader: Sicherheit, Netzwerkthemen, Zusammenarbeit mit Windows-Rechnern in heterogenen Umgebungen, sogar der Unix-Unterbau von Mac OS X - dieses geistreiche Handbuch leuchtet alles bis in den letzten Winkel aus.
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