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Lumbee Indians In The Jim Crow South

Author : Malinda Maynor Lowery
ISBN : 0807898287
Genre : History
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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With more than 50,000 enrolled members, North Carolina's Lumbee Indians are the largest Native American tribe east of the Mississippi River. Malinda Maynor Lowery, a Lumbee herself, describes how, between Reconstruction and the 1950s, the Lumbee crafted and maintained a distinct identity in an era defined by racial segregation in the South and paternalistic policies for Indians throughout the nation. They did so against the backdrop of some of the central issues in American history, including race, class, politics, and citizenship. Lowery argues that "Indian" is a dynamic identity that, for outsiders, sometimes hinged on the presence of "Indian blood" (for federal New Deal policy makers) and sometimes on the absence of "black blood" (for southern white segregationists). Lumbee people themselves have constructed their identity in layers that tie together kin and place, race and class, tribe and nation; however, Indians have not always agreed on how to weave this fabric into a whole. Using photographs, letters, genealogy, federal and state records, and first-person family history, Lowery narrates this compelling conversation between insiders and outsiders, demonstrating how the Lumbee People challenged the boundaries of Indian, southern, and American identities.
Category: History

Herbal Remedies Of The Lumbee Indians

Author : Arvis Locklear Boughman
ISBN : 9780786413324
Genre : Social Science
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"There's nothing happens to a person that can't be cured if you get what it takes to do it. We come out of the earth, and there's something in the earth to cure everything I don't fix a tonic until I'm sure what's wrong with a person. I don't make guesses. I have to be sure, because medicine can do bad as well as good, and I don't want to hurt anybody. Maybe it takes some herbs. Maybe it takes some touching. But most of all, it takes faith"--Vernon Cooper, Lumbee healer. The Lumbee Indian tribe has lived in the coastal plain of North Carolina for centuries, and most Lumbee continue to live in rural areas of Robeson County with access to a number of healing plants and herbs used in the form of teas, poultices, and salves to treat common ailments. The first section of this book describes and documents the numerous plant and herbal remedies that the Lumbee have used for centuries and continue to use today. There are remedies for ailments relating to cancer (external and internal), the circulatory and digestive systems, the heart, hypertension and hypotension, infections and parasitic diseases, asthma, pregnancy, sprains, swellings, and muscle, skeletal and joint disorders, to name just a few. The second portion of this work records the words, recollections and wellness philosophies of living Lumbee elders, healers, and community leaders. The information presented in this book is not intended to be a substitute for the advice or treatment from a physician. The authors do not advocate self-diagnosis or self-medication, and warn that any plant substance may cause an allergic or extremely unhealthy reaction in some people.
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Living Indian Histories

Author : Gerald M. Sider
ISBN : 0807855065
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 20.8 MB
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With more than 40,000 registered members, the Lumbee Indians are the ninth largest tribe in the United States and the largest east of the Mississippi River. Yet, despite the tribe's size, the Lumbee lack full federal recognition and their history has been
Category: Social Science

The Lumbee Indians

Author : Malinda Maynor Lowery
ISBN : 1469646374
Genre : History
File Size : 29.30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"As the largest tribe east of the Mississippi and the ninth largest in the country, the Lumbees have survived in their original homelands, maintaining a distinct identity as Indians in a bi-racial South. In a work both concise and expansive, Lumbee historian Malinda Maynor Lowery tells this story of survival with a breakthrough approach to rigorous scholarship and personal storytelling. The Lumbees' journey sheds new light on America's defining moments, from the first encounters with Europeans to the present day. How and why did the Lumbees fight to establish and resist the United States? How have they not just survived, but thrived, through Civil War, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights movement, and the War on Drugs, to ultimately establish their own constitutional government in the twenty-first century? Their fight for full federal acknowledgement continues to this day, while the Lumbee people's struggle for justice and determination continues to transform our view of the American experience"--
Category: History

Serving The Nation

Author : Julie L. Reed
ISBN : 9780806155418
Genre : History
File Size : 41.44 MB
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Well before the creation of the United States, the Cherokee people administered their own social policy—a form of what today might be called social welfare—based on matrilineal descent, egalitarian relations, kinship obligations, and communal landholding. The ethic of gadugi, or work coordinated for the social good, was at the heart of this system. Serving the Nation explores the role of such traditions in shaping the alternative social welfare system of the Cherokee Nation, as well as their influence on the U.S. government’s social policies. Faced with removal and civil war in the early and mid-nineteenth century, the Cherokee Nation asserted its right to build institutions administered by Cherokee people, both as an affirmation of their national sovereignty and as a community imperative. The Cherokee Nation protected and defended key features of its traditional social service policy, extended social welfare protections to those deemed Cherokee according to citizenship laws, and modified its policies over time to continue fulfilling its people's expectations. Julie L. Reed examines these policies alongside public health concerns, medical practices, and legislation defining care and education for orphans, the mentally ill, the differently abled, the incarcerated, the sick, and the poor. Changing federal and state policies and practices exacerbated divisions based on class, language, and education, and challenged the ability of Cherokees individually and collectively to meet the social welfare needs of their kin and communities. The Cherokee response led to more centralized national government solutions for upholding social welfare and justice, as well as to the continuation of older cultural norms. Offering insights gleaned from reconsidered and overlooked historical sources, this book enhances our understanding of the history and workings of social welfare policy and services, not only in the Cherokee Nation but also in the United States. Serving the Nation is published in cooperation with the William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies, Southern Methodist University.
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The Only Land I Know

Author : Adolph L. Dial
ISBN : 0815603606
Genre : History
File Size : 48.13 MB
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Written from an Indian perspective, this text provides a history of the Lumbee Indians of southwestern North Carolina. Sections cover: the colonial period and the Revolutionary War; the Lowrie War; the development of the Lumbee educational system; Lumbee folklore; and the modern Lumbee.
Category: History

To Die Game

Author : William McKee Evans
ISBN : 0815603592
Genre : History
File Size : 27.79 MB
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During the Civil War, many young Lumbee Indians of North Carolina hid in the swamps to avoid conscription into Confederate labour battalions and carried on a running guerilla war. This is the story of Henry Berry Lowry, a Lumbee who killed a Confederate official, escaped, and ran a guerilla gang.
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Nowhere Else On Earth

Author : Josephine Humphreys
ISBN : 9781101199985
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54.92 MB
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In the summer of 1864, sixteen-year-old Rhoda Strong lives in the Lumbee Indian settlement of Robeson County, North Carolina, which has become a pawn in the bloody struggle between the Union and Confederate armies. The community is besieged by the marauding Union Army as well as the desperate Home Guard who are hell-bent on conscripting the young men into deadly forced labor. Daughter of a Scotsman and his formidable Lumbee wife, Rhoda is fiercely loyal to her family and desperately fears for their safety, but her love for the outlaw hero Henry Berry Lowrie forces her to cast her lot with danger. Her struggle becomes part of the community's in a powerful story of love and survival. Nowhere Else on Earth is a moving saga that magnificently captures a little-known piece of American history.
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Native Carolinians

Author : Theda Perdue
ISBN : 0865263450
Genre : Indians of North America
File Size : 86.38 MB
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In this revised edition, the authors discuss the history, life-style, and culture of the native people of the region before the arrival of Europeans. They expand the discussion to include the interaction of the Indians with white settlers during the colonial period. In separate chapters, they chronicle the experiences of the Cherokees and the Lumbees in the 19th and 20th centuries. The study concludes with a discussion of native Carolinians today and a detailed timeline of important dates and events in North Carolina Indian history.
Category: Indians of North America

Huichol Territory And The Mexican Nation

Author : Paul M. Liffman
ISBN : 0816529302
Genre : History
File Size : 49.88 MB
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The Huichol (Wixarika) people claim a vast expanse of MexicoÕs western Sierra Madre and northern highlands as a territory called kiekari, which includes parts of the states of Nayarit, Jalisco, Durango, Zacatecas, and San Luis Potos’. This territory forms the heart of their economic and spiritual lives. But indigenous land struggle is a central fact of Mexican history, and in this fascinating new work Paul Liffman expands our understanding of it. Drawing on contemporary anthropological theory, he explains how Huichols assert their sovereign rights to collectively own the 1,500 square miles they inhabit and to practice rituals across the 35,000 square miles where their access is challenged. Liffman places current access claims in historical perspective, tracing Huichol communitiesÕ long-term efforts to redress the inequitable access to land and other resources that their neighbors and the state have imposed on them. Liffman writes that Òthe cultural grounds for territorial claims were what the people I wanted to study wanted me to work on.Ó Based on six years of collaboration with a land-rights organization, interviews, and participant observation in meetings, ceremonies, and extended stays on remote rancher’as, Huichol Territory and the Mexican Nation analyzes the sites where people define Huichol territory. The bookÕs innovative structure echoes HuicholsÕ own approach to knowledge and examines the nation and state, not just the community. LiffmanÕs local, regional, and national perspective informs every chapter and expands the toolkit for researchers working with indigenous communities. By describing HuicholsÕ ceremonially based placemaking to build a theory of Òhistorical territoriality,Ó he raises provocative questions about what ÒplaceÓ means for native peoples worldwide.
Category: History