Low Life

Author : Luc Sante
ISBN : 9781466895638
Genre : History
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Luc Sante's Low Life is a portrait of America's greatest city, the riotous and anarchic breeding ground of modernity. This is not the familiar saga of mansions, avenues, and robber barons, but the messy, turbulent, often murderous story of the city's slums; the teeming streets--scene of innumerable cons and crimes whose cramped and overcrowded housing is still a prominent feature of the cityscape. Low Life voyages through Manhattan from four different directions. Part One examines the actual topography of Manhattan from 1840 to 1919; Part Two, the era's opportunities for vice and entertainment--theaters and saloons, opium and cocaine dens, gambling and prostitution; Part Three investigates the forces of law and order which did and didn't work to contain the illegalities; Part Four counterposes the city's tides of revolt and idealism against the city as it actually was. Low Life provides an arresting and entertaining view of what New York was actually like in its salad days. But it's more than simpy a book about New York. It's one of the most provocative books about urban life ever written--an evocation of the mythology of the quintessential modern metropolis, which has much to say not only about New York's past but about the present and future of all cities.
Category: History

The Factory Of Facts

Author : Luc Sante
ISBN : 9780307815583
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The acclaimed author of Low Life reinvents the memoir in a cunning, lyrical book that is at once a personal history and a meditation on the construction of identity. Born in Belgium but raised in New Jersey, Luc Sante transformed himself from a pious, timid Belgian boy into a loutish American adolescent, who eschewed French while fantasizing about the pop star Françoise Hardy. To show how this transformation came about--and why it remained incomplete--The Factory of Facts combines family anecdote and ancestral legend; detailed forays into Belgian history, language, and religion; and deft synopses of the American character. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Five Points

Author : Tyler Anbinder
ISBN : 9780684859958
Genre : History
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Details the notorious neighborhood that was once filled with gaming dens, bordellos, dirty streets, and tenements, that welcomed such visitors as Charles Dickens and Ambraham Lincoln, and brings to light the hidden world that existed beneath the squalor--a world that invented tap dancing and hosted the prize-fight of the century. 25,000 first printing.
Category: History

National Gang Survey 1996

Author : Shay Bilchik
ISBN : 9780788184536
Genre :
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In order to measure the extent of the problem of young gangs in the U.S., the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's 1996 National Youth Gang Survey was conducted by the National Gang Center. Almost 5,000 law enforcement agencies were surveyed about the number of gangs and gang members in their jurisdictions in 1996, gang member demographics, gang drug distribution, gang migration, and the level of crime in which gang members were involved. The results of this survey indicate that the youth gang problem in this country is substantial and affects communities of all sizes.

The Bowery

Author : Stephen Paul DeVillo
ISBN : 9781510726871
Genre : Travel
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From peglegged Peter Stuyvesant to CBGB’s, the story of the Bowery reflects the history of the city that grew up around it. It was the street your mother warned you about—even if you lived in San Francisco. Long associated with skid row, saloons, freak shows, violence, and vice, the Bowery often showed the worst New York City had to offer. Yet there were times when it showed its best as well. The Bowery is New York’s oldest street and Manhattan’s broadest boulevard. Like the city itself, it has continually reinvented itself over the centuries. Named for the Dutch farms, or bouweries, of the area, the path’s lurid character was established early when it became the site of New Amsterdam’s first murder. A natural spring near the Five Points neighborhood led to breweries and taverns that became home to the gangs of New York—the “Bowery B’hoys,” “Plug Uglies,” and “Dead Rabbits.” In the Gaslight Era, teenaged streetwalkers swallowed poison in McGurk’s Suicide Hall. A brighter side to the street was reflected in places of amusement and culture over the years. A young P.T. Barnum got his start there, and Harry Houdini learned showmanship playing the music halls and dime museums. Poets, singers, hobos, gangsters, soldiers, travelers, preachers, storytellers, con-men, and reformers all gathered there. Its colorful cast of characters includes Peter Stuyvesant, Steve Brodie, Carry Nation, Stephen Foster, Stephen Crane, and even Abraham Lincoln. The Bowery: The Strange History of New York’s Oldest Street traces the full story of this once notorious thoroughfare from its pre-colonial origins to the present day.
Category: Travel

Gangs And The Military

Author : Carter F. Smith
ISBN : 9781442275171
Genre : Social Science
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Over the past several decades, there has been a continuous and growing focus on street gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs, and domestic extremist groups. Many of these groups have members with military training, and some actively recruit from current and former military veterans and retirees. That military experience adds to the dangerousness of veteran gang members, as well as those groups they associate with. Communities everywhere are experiencing the damaging impact of gang criminal behavior. By observing gang activity from the Revolutionary War to today Smith examines the presence of military-trained, often veteran, gang members in the communities. He looks at the turning points in gang investigations in the military, and also looks at the laws and policies designed to specifically counter the criminal activity the threats of gang activity pose on a community. Grounded in current knowledge and research, Gangs and the Military successfully addresses the growing presence of criminal gang members in the United States. As well as reflects on how the authorities that counter and combat them are doing so on a national and global level.
Category: Social Science

Das Andere New York

Author : Angelika Möller
ISBN : 9783839429808
Genre : History
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Wie konnte aus einer verschlafenen Kleinstadt die Stadt werden, die niemals schläft? »Das andere New York« ist einer vernachlässigten Epoche gewidmet: der Antebellum-Ära. Angelika Möller bespricht die Entwicklung New Yorks von der Kleinstadt zur Großstadt in der Zeit zwischen Amerikanischer Revolution und Bürgerkrieg aus sozial- und kulturgeschichtlicher Perspektive. Unter Einbeziehung von zeitgenössischen Diskursen und kulturellen Praktiken zeigt sie, wie Orte im Stadtraum geplant, gebaut, bewohnt, angeeignet, gefeiert, geplündert, transformiert und ausrangiert wurden. Die Studie lenkt den Blick auf ungewöhnliche Freiräume und Vergnügungen unter freiem Himmel und verhandelt, welche Rolle diese in der Metropolwerdung New Yorks spielten.
Category: History

Die Schnellsten Frauen Der Welt

Author : Matthew Goodman
ISBN : 9783641217464
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Im November 1889 brechen in New York zwei Frauen in zu einem unerhörten Unternehmen auf: die amerikanischen Journalistinnen Nellie Bly und Elizabeth Bisland wollen den Globus in 75 Tagen umrunden. Sie starten in entgegengesetzte Richtung, Bly mit dem Dampfschiff gen Westen, Bisland mit dem Zug gen Osten. Doch beide haben nur ein Ziel vor Augen und wissen, dass selbst die kleinste Verzögerung fatale Konsequenzen haben wird - es ist nur ein schmaler Grat zwischen triumphalem Sieg und bitterer Niederlage. (Die deutsche Hardcover-Ausgabe ist im btb Verlag unter dem Titel »In 72 Tagen um die Welt« erschienen.)
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Teaching Graphic Design

Author : Steven Heller
ISBN : 9781621536154
Genre : Design
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More Than Sixty Course Syllabi That Bring the New Complexity of Graphic Design to Light All graphic designers teach, yet not all graphic designers are teachers. Teaching is a special skill requiring talent, instinct, passion, and organization. But while talent, instinct, and passion are inherent, organization must be acquired and can usually be found in a syllabus. Teaching Graphic Design, Second Edition, contains syllabi that are for all practicing designers and design educators who want to enhance their teaching skills and learn how experienced instructors and professors teach varied tools and impart the knowledge needed to be a designer in the current environment. This second edition is newly revised to include more than thirty new syllabi by a wide range of professional teachers and teaching professionals who address the most current concerns of the graphic design industry, including product, strategic, entrepreneurial, and data design as well as the classic image, type, and layout disciplines. Some of the new syllabi included are: Expressive Typography Designer as Image Maker Emerging Media Production Branding Corporate Design Graphic Design and Visual Culture Impact! Design for Social Change And many more Beginning with first through fourth year of undergraduate courses and ending with a sampling of graduate school course options, Teaching Graphic Design, Second Edition, is the most comprehensive collection of courses for graphic designers of all levels.
Category: Design

Anna Unbekanntes Land

Author : Ashley Carrington
ISBN : 9783957512291
Genre : Fiction
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Endlich scheint Éanna am Ziel ihrer Träume angekommen zu sein: Sie hat es mit Brendan und ihrer Freundin Emily bis nach New York geschafft. Doch das Leben in der Metropole gestaltet sich schwieriger als gedacht: Täglich erreichen Hunderte Flüchtlinge aus Irland die Stadt, die verzweifelt nach einer Unterkunft und Arbeit suchen. Wieder müssen sie jeden Tag aufs Neue ums Überlegen kämpfen. Als dann auch noch Patrick O’Brien auftaucht und ihnen helfen will, wird alles nur noch schlimmer. Denn so oft Éanna Brendan auch beteuert, dass sie nur ihn liebt – die Geschichte mit dem Schriftsteller steht nach wie vor zwischen den beiden ... Band 3 der Éanna-Reihe von Ashley Carrington.
Category: Fiction