Living Under The Shadow

Author : John Grattan
ISBN : 9781315425153
Genre : Social Science
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Popularist treatments of ancient disasters like volcanic eruptions have grossly overstated their capacity for death, destruction, and societal collapse. Contributors to this volume—from anthropology, archaeology, environmental studies, geology, and biology—show that human societies have been incredibly resilient and, in the long run, have often recovered remarkably well from wide scale disruption and significant mortality. They have often used eruptions as a trigger for environmental enrichment, cultural change, and adaptation. These historical studies are relevant to modern hazard management because they provide records for a far wider range of events and responses than have been recorded in written records, yet are often closely datable and trackable using standard archaeological and geological techniques. Contributors also show the importance of traditional knowledge systems in creating a cultural memory of dangerous locations and community responses to disaster. The global and temporal coverage of the research reported is impressive, comprising studies from North and Central America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific, and ranging in time from the Middle Palaeolithic to the modern day.
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Living Under The Shadow Of The Cross

Author : Francis Brennan
ISBN : 1511447001
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"Living under the Shadow of the Cross" is a book of contemplation and study developed from a series of Sermons preached over a six month period at New Pastures Ministry, Bristol, UK. Its aim is that we might have a deeper, more appreciative understanding of the importance and relevance of the cross within our Christian lives today. The Cross is the centrality of our very existence. Jesus' sole purpose was to fulfil Scripture and His Father's Will - to reveal the enormity of the love of God, to bridge the gap between God and man that sin caused, and to draw all men unto Him in right relationship. We, as a people of God, preach Christ crucified and we teach that the only way to God, lasting peace, forgiveness and eternal life is through the cross. There is no other way or answer that will come close to what God has done through our Lord Jesus Christ at the cross.

Living Under A Shadow

Author : Swapna Mukhopadhyay
ISBN : UOM:39015069114448
Genre : AIDS (Disease)
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Success Stories From A Failing School

Author : Marilyn JohnstonParsons
ISBN : 9781607526544
Genre : Education
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This book tells stories of life in a “failing” school. These are insider stories of the daily lives of children and educators in an urban school during a time when accountability weighs heavy on both teachers and students. Most educators are in favor of accountability. The kind and amount of testing associated with the current accountability movement, however, influence teachers’ and students’ lives in a way not often apparent to parents and politicians.
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Living Under The Shadow Of Terror

Author : Hashil Seif Hashil
ISBN : 151528204X
Genre : Zanzibar
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No one could imagine that beauty of a Zanzibari Swahili lady after the Zanzibar Revolution of 1964 could lead to the destruction of her family. In the Living under the shadow of terror: Zanzibar taken off guard one follows the destruction of a family or families in an environment choked off by a political culture that turned out to be a pressure cooker to its own people. The political pressure cooker and the ladys beauty caused a young man, Fikirini Tabu Mjaki and his family living in Zanzibar, to look for their security and protection in their business. The family members were successful in their work but their civilian rights were abused by those who never observed the rules of Human Rights. The family was paralysed when they were taken off guard when the claws of injustice attacked them in the midst of their successful day to day chores. The story pivots around themes of: 1. student-teacher relationship and patriarchalism, 2. the role of culture and its power on individuals, 3. the place of religion in a secular society, 4. misuse of political powers and abuse of Human Rights and 5. negative effects of regression from Abraham Harold Maslows hierarchy of needs. Topics covered: patriarchalism, culture, religion, secularism, human rights, Maslows hierarchy of needs"
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From The Steeple To The Minaret

Author : Hughette Eyüboğlu
ISBN : 9756663510
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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In 1961 Hughette Bouffard, a native of small town Canada, became the `gelin`; or bride of her long-time pen pal and friend Mehmet Eyuboglu, son of two of Turkey`s most illustrious artists, Bedri Rahmi and Eren Eyuboglu. It is in the midst of the Eyuboglu family`s circle of artist, writer, and poet friends that Hughette first comes to know Turkey. She shares with us those first glimpses into the foreign culture that she would later call her own and spares us neither the pains nor the pleasures of her acculturation process as she comes to create a niche for herself in her new environment, learning the fineties of intercultural negotiation step by step. Her views on the tumultuous decades of violent clashes between the left and the right as well as the military juntas that took place in Turkey are woven in with her experiences as a medical professional in Turkey, as an ex-patriate struggling for the rights of foreign spouses in Turkey, and as a mother and grandmother. Full of scenes painful, joyful, downright comical, absurd and enlightening, this is the story of Hughette Bouffard Eyuboglu`s cultural transformation.
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Abiding Under The Shadow

Author : David Lebo
ISBN : 9781603832236
Genre : Religion
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Do you abide under the Shadow of the Almighty? What does it mean to be in covenant with God, and what are the benefits? These questions and more will be answered if you will take this exciting journey through 12 levels of discovery! Deep calls unto deep. God is calling His church to come deeper in their relationship with Him. Will you come to the depths where a vast ocean of all that God is awaits you? You will be challenged, perhaps like never before. Discover some mysteries and secrets that have beenkept hidden until now. God is revealing them through His prophets in this day!
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