Living Dreaming Dying

Author : Rob Nairn
ISBN : 9781590301326
Genre : Religion
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The Tibetan Book of the Dead is one of the best-known Tibetan Buddhist texts. It is also one of the most difficult texts for Westerners to understand. In Living, Dreaming, Dying, Rob Nairn presents the first interpretation of this classic text using a modern Western perspective, avoiding arcane religious terminology, keeping his explanations grounded in everyday language. Nairn explores the concepts used in this highly revered work and brings out their meaning and significance for our daily life. He shows readers how the Tibetan Book of the Dead can help us understand life and self as well as the dying process. Living, Dreaming, Dying helps readers to "live deliberately"--and confront death deliberately. One thing that prevents us from doing that, according to Nairn, is our tendency to react fearfully whenever change occurs. But if we confront our fear of change and the unknown, we can learn to flow gracefully with the unfolding circumstances of life rather than be at their mercy. Of course, change occurs throughout our life, but a period of transition also occurs as we pass from the waking state into sleep, and likewise as we pass into death. Therefore the author's teachings apply equally to living as well as to dreaming and dying. Through meditation instructions and practical exercises, the author explains how to: * Explore the mind through the cultivation of deep meditation states and expanded consciousness * Develop awareness of negative tendencies * Use deep sleep states and lucid dreaming to increase self-understanding as well as to "train" oneself in how to die so that one is prepared for when the time comes * Confront and liberate oneself from fear of death and the unknown
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Dying Planet Living Dream

Author : Barry Gremillion
ISBN : 9780595099443
Genre : Fiction
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With humor, pathos and absurdity, Dying Planet Living Dream chronicles life on the edge during the last half of the 20th Century in America. A host of off-beat and often damaged characters populate these twelve stories of addictions and obsessions with food, sex, drugs, death, and dreams. Stories of murder, redemption, passionate love affairs, parental neglect, pathological mother worship, fatal diseases, miraculous cures, idealism and anarchy. Stories of little boys who lose their mother抯 love and spend the rest of their lives looking for a substitute. Stories that wander all over the country, and even into the future. From the teeming multi-ethnic suburbs of Los Angeles to the moss-draped woods of the Pacific Northwest to the smoky bars of late night New York to the redolent cemeteries of New Orleans and the empty horizons along West Texas highways. Many of these stories read as if they were written on cocktail napkins, odd scraps of paper, on the backs of notebooks, in the pink light of dawn and in the middle of the night. Take this book to bed with you. It may keep you up laughing out loud. But when sleep comes, these stories may come alive in your dreams. Barry Gremillion lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Linda. He writes, produces and hosts the Firehead Mythological Radio Theater, was a Location Manager for 16 years on films like The Doors and the Twin Peaks television series. His other books include I Killed Charles Bronson's Cat and Magasun Hall. author photo for back cover: authorphoto.tif
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American Dream Dying

Author : Peter D. McClelland
ISBN : 1442201967
Genre : Business & Economics
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Using recent polling results, this book identifies the core economic components of the American Dream standard of living, financial security, and upward mobility. The authors document the trend in each of these components over the last 30 years, using figures (trend lines and bar charts) based upon the best available data. Collectively, this evidence has alarming implications for the economic fate of those at the bottom of the nation's income distribution. For that group, as the authors show, the American Dream is dying.
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The Rainbow Bridge

Author : Brent N. Hunter
ISBN : 0971402817
Genre : Religion
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Speaking in the language of the universal Dreamtime, "The Rainbow Bridge" simply, clearly, and concisely elucidates the common ground in all of the worlds major religions. (World Religions)
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Shambhala Sun

Author :
ISBN : WISC:89082519893
Genre : Buddhism
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Als Ich Im Sterben Lag

Author : William Faulkner
ISBN : 9783644019713
Genre : Fiction
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Die Legende von Addie Bundren beginnt und endet am selben Ort: in Yoknapatawpha County. Vier Tage nach ihrem Tod – die Bussarde kreisen schon – machen sich die Hinterbliebenen auf den Weg in die entfernt gelegene Kreisstadt Jefferson. Denn Addie hat ihrem Mann Anse das Versprechen abgenommen, sie im Grab der Ihrigen beizusetzen. Doch auf dem Weg gerät der Leichenzug in immer neue Schwierigkeiten: Im Hochwasser stürzt eine Brücke ein; bei der Durchquerung des Flusses gehen Fuhrwerk und Sarg beinahe verloren. Und zu allem Unglück bricht sich der älteste Sohn, Cash, das bereits verkrüppelte Bein, während Dewey Dell, die einzige Tochter, neben der Verantwortung für den Jüngsten an einem eigenen Geheimnis schon schwer genug zu tragen hat. In wechselnden Kapiteln kommen die engsten Angehörigen zu Wort, aber auch Freunde und Nachbarn, der Arzt und der Pastor. Und irgendwann erhebt sogar die Verstorbene selbst die Stimme – bis am Ende dieser tragikomischen letzten Reise Lügen, Hoffnungen und Zwistigkeiten, kurz: die wahren Familienzusammenhänge, offenliegen. Faulkner selbst bezeichnete diesen 1930 erstmals erschienenen Roman als seinen besten, und seine Leser stimmen bis heute mit ihm überein. «Als ich im Sterben lag» ist ein Klassiker der Weltliteratur – überreich an eindringlichen Charakteren und Stimmungen, angesiedelt in der vielleicht berühmtesten fiktiven Landschaft der modernen Literatur.
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Sea Serpent

Author : Alfred A. Yuson
ISBN : UOM:39015053234145
Genre : Philippine poetry (English)
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Far Ben

Author : J. S. Pattinson
ISBN : UIUC:30112069217765
Genre :
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Echoes Of Living And Dying

Author : Vikki Avila
ISBN : 1413784429
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 65.3 MB
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This book is the result of a lifetime of living, dreaming and dealing with the losses we must all endure. It has the charactership of imagination, happiness, pain, and the realization that death often brings. The words written are heartfelt, true and from the depth of my soul. I hope you find inspiration among these poems. I believe in a higher power, and that all things happen with reason, even though at times we may not find the reason for years to come, if ever. I have always searched for beauty and meaning in everything I see. In walking in nature's backyard, these poems have come together. In being a mother, these words were written. In facing losses of all types, these sentences found their way to paper and formed these works of my life.
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