Live From Death Row

Author : Mumia Abu-Jamal
ISBN : 9780380727667
Genre : Social Science
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Once a prominent radio reporter, Mumia Abu-Jamal is now in a Pennsylvania prison awaiting his state-sactioned execution. In 1982 he was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner after a trial many have criticized as profoundly biased. Live From Death Row is a collection of his prison writings--an impassioned yet unflinching account of the brutalities and humiliations of prison life. It is also a scathing indictment of racism and political bias in the American judicial system that is certain to fuel the controversy surrounding the death penalty and freedom of speech.
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Live From Death Row

Author : Milton Wood McGriff
ISBN : OCLC:39447310
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This play provides details about the life and imprisonment of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a political prisoner in a nation that denies it has political prisoners. Mumia has been on death row in Pennsylvania since July 1982 after being convicted for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer killed in December 1981. An international movement of writers, activists, entertainers, journalists and others have mobilized around his case in an effort to get a new trial. The twenty-nine page introduction provides background material about specifics of the case and explains how the play came to be written. Mumia Abu-Jamal is a journalist, husband, father, grandfather and African-American who was president of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists at the time of his arrest. He is currently a writer and radio commentator. He has written two books: Live From Death Row and Death Blossoms: Reflections of a Prisoner of Conscience.

Mumia Abu Jamal

Author : Mumia Abu-Jamal
ISBN : 1559406917
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Vibe is the lifestyle guide to urban music and culture including celebrities, fashion, beauty, consumer electronics, automotive, personal care/grooming, and, always, music. Edited for a multicultural audience Vibe creates trends as much as records them.

Prisoner Voices From Death Row

Author : Reena Mary George
ISBN : 9781317075752
Genre : Social Science
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Death penalty has produced endless discourses not only in the context of prisons, prisoners and punishment but also in various legal aspects concerning the validity of death penalty, the right to life, and torture. Death penalty is embedded in Indian law, however very little is known about the people who are on death row barring a few media reports on them. The main objective of this book is to enquire whether the dignity of prisoners is upheld while they confront the criminal justice system and whilst surviving on death row. Additionally, it explores the lived-experiences and perceptions of prisoners on death row as they create meaning out of their world. With this rationale, 111 prisoners on death row in India and some of their family members were interviewed. The theoretical underpinnings of phenomenology and symbolic interactionism coupled with data analysis lead to an understanding of the prisoners on death row with special reference to their demographic profile and the impact of death sentence on their families. George’s research highlights three salient features, namely: poverty, social exclusion and marginalisation are antecedent to death penalty; death penalty is a constructed account by the state machinery; and prisoners on death row situate dignity higher in the juxtaposition of death and dignity.
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Literature And Law

Author : Michael Meyer
ISBN : 9042016434
Genre : Social Science
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In recent years, there has been a continuing and persistent world-wide interest in the interaction between the two disciplines of law and literature. Although there have been many collections of primary texts that combined these two areas, this volume presents literary analyses and criticism in an attempt to assess the varied relationships between law and justice, between lawyers and clients, and between readers' perceptions and authors' intent, hopefully suggesting why they have continually been yoked together. One similarity between the two is that lawyers, like writers, must catch their audience's attention by novelty of scene, distinctiveness of voice, and ingenuity of design. Furthermore, legal advocates must recreate a concrete sense of reality, developing vivid and valid pictures of a specific time and place. In short, both lawyers and writers attempt to provide a basis for juries / readers to judge defendants / characters by their motivations and their actions and to decide whether a favorable ruling / assessment is justified. Collectively, the essays in this book are designed to deal with themes of guilt and innocence, right and wrong, morality and legality. The essays also suggest that the world as it is delineated by lawyers is indeed a text that like its literary counterparts sometimes blurs the distinction between fact and fiction as it attempts to define “truth” and to establish criteria for “impartial” justice. By exploring interdisciplinary contexts, readers will surely be made more aware, more sensitive to the roles that stories play in the legal profession and to the dilemmas faced by legal systems that often succeed in maintaining the rights and privileges of a dominant societal group at the expense of a less powerful one.
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Death Row

Author : Bonnie Bobit
ISBN : IND:30000085299828
Genre : True Crime
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Focusing on America's Death Row, this work includes mug shots of inmates and their chilling stories of murder and mayhem. To create this book, the author conducted research and interviews with some of America's most dangerous criminals in the toughest prisons.
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Death Blossoms

Author : Mumia Abu-Jamal
ISBN : 0896086992
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The author, a prisoner on death-row for killing a police officer, presents a series of essays and reflections on his life and his spirituality.
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Direct From Death Row The Scottsboro Boys

Author : Harley White, Jr.
ISBN : 9780822220800
Genre : Drama
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New York cab rides often make strange political bedfellows, as the opening scene of Mike Batistick's PORT AUTHORITY THROW DOWN illustrates. The angry dark-skinned taxi driver is a Pakistani man [Pervez] sick and tired of being mistaken for an Arab. The m This is theater at its thought-provoking, affecting best. --Newsweek.
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