Author : William Andrefsky, Jr
ISBN : 9781139448192
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This book is a fully updated and revised edition of William Andrefsky Jr's ground-breaking manual on lithic analysis. Designed for students and professional archaeologists, this highly illustrated book explains the fundamental principles of the measurement, recording and analysis of stone tools and stone tool production debris. Introducing the reader to lithic raw materials, classification, terminology and key concepts, it comprehensively explores methods and techniques, presenting detailed case studies of lithic analysis from around the world. It examines new emerging techniques, such as the advances being made in lithic debitage analysis and lithic tool analysis, and includes a new section on stone tool functional studies. An extensive and expanded glossary makes this book an invaluable reference for archaeologists at all levels.
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Trekking The Shore

Author : Nuno F. Bicho
ISBN : 1441982191
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Human settlement has often centered around coastal areas and waterways. Until recently, however, archaeologists believed that marine economies did not develop until the end of the Pleistocene, when the archaeological record begins to have evidence of marine life as part of the human diet. This has long been interpreted as a postglacial adaptation, due to the rise in sea level and subsequent decrease in terrestrial resources. Coastal resources, particularly mollusks, were viewed as fallback resources, which people resorted to only when terrestrial resources were scarce, included only as part of a more complex diet. Recent research has significantly altered this understanding, known as the Broad Spectrum Revolution (BSR) model. The contributions to this volume revise the BSR model, with evidence that coastal resources were an important part of human economies and subsistence much earlier than previously thought, and even the main focus of diets for some Pleistocene and early Holocene hunter-gatherer societies. With evidence from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, this volume comprehensively lends a new understanding to coastal settlement from the Middle Paleolithic to the Middle Holocene.
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Quantitative Analysis In Archaeology

Author : Todd L. VanPool
ISBN : 1444390171
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Quantitative Analysis in Archaeology introduces the application of quantitative methods in archaeology. It outlines conceptual and statistical principles, illustrates their application, and provides problem sets for practice. Discusses both methodological frameworks and quantitative methods of archaeological analysis Presents statistical material in a clear and straightforward manner ideal for students and professionals in the field Includes illustrative problem sets and practice exercises in each chapter that reinforce practical application of quantitative analysis
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Life On The Margins

Author : Patrick Faulkner
ISBN : 9781925021097
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The research presented here is primarily concerned with human-environment interactions on the tropical coast of northern Australia during the late Holocene. Based on the suggestion that significant change can occur within short time-frames as a direct result of interactive processes, the archaeological evidence from the Point Blane Peninsula, Blue Mud Bay, is used to address the issue of how much change and variability occurred in hunter-gatherer economic and social structures during the late Holocene in coastal northeastern Arnhem Land. The suggestion proposed here is that processes of environmental and climatic change resulted in changes in resource distribution and abundance, which in turn affected patterns of settlement and resource exploitation strategies, levels of mobility and, potentially, the size of foraging groups on the coast. The question of human behavioural variability over the last 3000 years in Blue Mud Bay has been addressed by examining issues of scale and resolution in archaeological interpretation, specifically the differential chronological and spatial patterning of shell midden and mound sites on the peninsula in conjunction with variability in molluscan resource exploitation. To this end, the biological and ecological characteristics of the dominant molluscan species is considered in detail, in combination with assessing the potential for human impact through predation. Investigating pre-contact coastal foraging behaviour via the archaeological record provides an opportunity for change to recognised in a number of ways. For example, a differential focus on resources, variations in group size and levels of mobility can all be identified. It has also been shown that human-environment interactions are non-linear or progressive, and that human behaviour during the late Holocene was both flexible and dynamic.
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Die Ostsahara Im Sp Tquart R

Author : Hans-Joachim Pachur
ISBN : 9783540204459
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Erstmals eine Synthese aktueller geowissenschaftlich-ökosystemarer Analysen des größten hyperariden Raums der Erde: der Ostsahara. Forschungen belegen den dramatischen Klimawandel innerhalb der letzten ca. 13.000 Jahre. Die Rekonstruktion der ostsaharischen Geoökosysteme führt zu überraschenden Ergebnissen. Dieses Buch stellt potenzielle Geo-Biosphärenreservate vor und benennt Ziele eines "sanften" Tourismus. Mit 7 detaillierten Kartenbeilagen.
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The Florida Anthropologist

Author :
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Contains papers of the Annual Conference on Historic Site Archeology.
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Analysis Of Lithic Artefact Microdebitage For Chronological Determination Of Archaeological Sites

Author : George J. Susino
ISBN : UOM:39015070947216
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The central aim of this research is to apply the OSL dating technique for direct dating of quartz artefactual material. In order to achieve this it is necessary to unequivocally distinguish between microdebitage and the surrounding sediments. This is done by applying grain surface features techniques and microdebitage analysis to separate archaeological quartz and naturally occurring sedimentary quartz grains. The aims of this research are, therefore, to identify quartz microdebitage from archaeologically relevant deposits, and to use quartz microdebitage for OSL age determination, along with refinements in microdebitage analysis techniques. The principal novel aspect of this research is the dating of quartz microartefacts by OSL, although the combination of approaches taken, and their integration, is also innovative.
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Siliceous Rocks And Prehistory

Author : Christophe Delage
ISBN : UOM:39015053028893
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This bibliography on the procurement and exploitation of chert resouces during prehistory does not aim to be exhaustive, although it is certainly extensive, but it intends to offer a broad range of publications for specialists from a variety of fields. Following an introductory discussion of lithic raw material procurement, the bibliography is divided into geological and archaeological studies. The publications listed are mainly in English but include others in European languages and encompass the years 1870 to 2001. Includes a chronological index.
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