In Light Of India

Author : Octavio Paz
ISBN : 0156005786
Genre : History
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Paz looks at the people and landscapes of India, based on his years with the Mexican embassy, offering a collection of essays on Indian history, culture, art, politics, language, and philosophy
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In Light Of India

Author : Octavio Paz
ISBN : 9781784870706
Genre : Fiction
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In 1951 Octavio Paz travelled to India to serve as an attaché in the Mexican Embassy. Eleven years later he returned as Mexico's ambassador. In Light of India is Paz's celebration of that country and his most personal work of prose to date. As in all of his essays, he brings poetic insight and voluminous knowledge to bear on the subject, and the result is a series of fascinating discourses on India's landscape, culture and history. 'The Antipodes of Coming and Going' is a lyrical remembrance of Paz's days in India, evoking with astonishing clarity the sights, sounds, smells and denizens of the subcontinent. 'Religions, Castes, Languages' gives a survey of Indian history and its astonishing polyglot society. 'A Project of Nationhood' is an examinatino of modern Indian politics, comparing the respective Islamic, Hindu and Western civilizations through the course of history. 'The Full and the Empty' is an exploration of what Paz calls the soul of India, its art, literature, music and philosophy. It is also an uncompromising indictment of the self-centred materialism of Western society.
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Light Of India

Author : Warren Dotz
ISBN : 9781607746140
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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With all the zany vibrancy of a Bollywood musical, the colorful matchbox labels of LIGHT OF INDIA present a fascinating confluence of popular culture and a sophisticated graphic arts tradition that stretches back for centuries. Populated with pouncing Bengal tigers, regal jungle elephants, and Hindu gods and goddesses, these miniature masterpieces are worlds unto themselves, skillfully illustrated with a naive yet irresistible charm. This delightful art book is sure to fire the imagination of all who wish to study, preserve, and celebrate India's more humble, but no less brilliant, visual arts heritage. A dazzling collection of more than 300 vintage matchbox labels from India, dating from the turn of the century through the 1950s. Includes a discussion of Hindu iconography, recurring visual themes and symbols, and the cultural and historical significance of matchbox art. A great resource for graphic artists and designers, collectors of paper ephemera or advertising art, and students of Indian culture. Gift edition slipcase includes a textured novelty "striker strip" along the spine.
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Light Of India

Author : Mahatma Gandhi
ISBN : UOM:39015033009518
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Emerson And The Light Of India

Author : Robert Cartwright Gordon
ISBN : 8123749341
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882, American essayist and poet.
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Light Of Indian Intellect

Author : Dr L M Singhvi
ISBN : 9788184301250
Genre : India
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In Sri Aurobindo’s life was resurrected the vital essence of Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga and through him the spirit of yoga came alive and was given back to us as his legacy of love for the heritage of India. --- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s place in the pantheon of India’s freedom struggle is, by common consent, central and significant. By securing the integration of princely States within the Union of India, he became the principal architect of the new Indian State. He had ‘no-nonsense’ attitude to the issues before the nation. He was at once fair and firm, pragmatic and idealistic. His belief to liberal democratic principles was unswerving and unqualified. --- Netaji Subhas Bose displayed tremendous energy and organizational skill in recruiting, training and financing the Indian National Army. He gave them the inspiring call of ‘Jai Hind’ and ‘Dilli Chalo’. He was a doer as well as a thinker, and a fighter who never submitted to defeat. --- Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee was a national leader and statesman of exceptional calibre. He was a great patriot and an ardent votary, committed exponent and inspiring exemplar of the cause of India’s National Unity and National Integration. He lived and died for that cause. His contribution to the making of India’s Constitution of his understanding and the breadth of his national vision. --- Dr. Kalam has the capacity to ignite a million more minds. What a mind! All his speeches are cerebral and inspiring. He worked hard, selflessly and for long hours, led an austere life in an opulent palace. Simplicity, patriotism, equanimity rectitude are the hallmarks of Dr. Kalam.
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Light Of Asia

Author : National Archives of India
ISBN : 9383098023
Genre : Motion pictures
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The original (shorter) edition of this key historical reference to Indian silent cinema has been unavailable for years. This revised and expanded version has been edited by original author and former National Film Archive of India (NFAI) director Suresh Chabria. He has brilliantly and painstakingly pieced together a definitive historiography of Indian silent film that would have been all but lost were it not for his efforts.
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The Gospel Of John In The Light Of Indian Mysticism

Author : Ravi Ravindra
ISBN : 1594770182
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Exploring Christian text from a Hindu perspective, Ravi Ravindra takes readers into the heart of St. John's words, eloquently and convincingly revealing the interconnectedness of all faiths and the growing need in today's world for interfaith dialogue.
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The Light Of India

Author : Harold Begbie
ISBN : UOM:39015064365227
Genre : Missions
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Light On Life

Author : Hart Defouw
ISBN : 0940985691
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Light on Life brings the insight and wisdom of Indian astrology to the Western reader. Jyotish, or Indian astrology, is an ancient and complex method of exploring the nature of time and space and its effect upon the individual. Formerly a closed book to the West, the subject has now been clarified and explained by Hart de Fouw and Dr. Robert Svoboda, two experts and long-term practitioners. In Light on Life they have created a complete and thorough handbook that can be appreciated and understood by those with very little knowledge of astrology.
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