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Liberalism And The Culture Of Security

Author : Katherine Henry
ISBN : 9780817317225
Genre : History
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Normal0falsefalsefalseMicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Figures of protection and security are everywhere in American public discourse, from the protection of privacy or civil liberties to the protection of marriage or the unborn, and from social security to homeland security. Liberalism and the Culture of Security traces a crucial paradox in historical and contemporary notions of citizenship: in a liberal democratic culture that imagines its citizens as self-reliant, autonomous, and inviolable, the truth is that claims for citizenship—particularly for marginalized groups such as women and slaves—have just as often been made in the name of vulnerability and helplessness. Katherine Henry traces this turn back to the eighteenth-century opposition of liberty and tyranny, which imagined our liberties as being in danger of violation by the forces of tyranny and thus in need of protection. She examines four particular instances of this rhetorical pattern. The first chapters show how women’s rights and antislavery activists in the antebellum era exploited the contradictions that arose from the liberal promise of a protected citizenry: first by focusing primarily on arguments over slavery in the 1850s that invoke the Declaration of Independence, including Harriet Beecher Stowe’s fiction and Frederick Douglass’s “Fourth of July” speech; and next by examining Angelina Grimké’s brief but intense antislavery speaking career in the 1830s. New conditions after the Civil War and Emancipation changed the way arguments about civic inclusion and exclusion could be advanced. Henry considers the issue of African American citizenship in the 1880s and 1890s, focusing on the mainstream white Southern debate over segregation and the specter of a tyrannical federal government, and then turning to Frances E. W. Harper’s fictional account of African American citizenship in Iola Leroy. Finally, Henry examines Henry James’s 1886 novel The Bostonians, in which arguments over the appropriate role of women and the proper place of the South in post–Civil War America are played out as a contest between Olive Chancellor and Basil ransom for control over the voice of the eloquent girl Verena Tarrant.
Category: History

American Progressives And German Social Reform 1875 1920

Author : Axel R. Schäfer
ISBN : 3515074619
Genre : History
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This study recreates the intellectual climate and transatlantic setting of turn-of-the-century American reform. It examines the influence and meaning of German social thought and reform in the American Reform Movement prior to World War I. The American Progressives used the German theories in order to develop and establish new concepts of reform and to base democracy on principles other than possessive individualism, utilitarian ethics, and market ideology that liberalism held in stock. However, due to the war these reforms lost their radical character. In the end, the progressive quest for a broader sphere of public control, participatory models of reform, and social ethics yielded to the liberal model of regulation, business co-operation, and administrative efficiency, and to the moralistic agenda of prohibition and immigration control. "Axel R. Sch�fer's fine study of what American progressives learned from their German counterparts adds to the growing literature illuminating the cosmopolitan breadth and ideological daring of turn-of-the-century reform. [�] It is a testament to the argumentative force of this insightful work that it so clarifies and deepens the vital debate over the progressive legacy in our new Gilded Age." The Journal of American History "Sch�fer did not intend to offer an exhaustive treatment; instead, he wished to show that part of progressive thought was not merely home grown, ,a relection of narrow, moralistic Protestantism� (220), but had some German roots, too. This he did well, and readers may mine his chapters for other insights�" German Studies Review "Axel R. Sch�fers kenntnisreiche, methodisch reflektierte und quellenges�ttigte Untersuchung legt die bis vor kurzem nur wenig beachteten transatlantischen Bezuege der ,progressiven Bewegung� an der Wende vom 19. zum 20. Jahrhundert frei und bettet dieses, als ,sehr amerikanisch� geltende Reformph�nomen st�rker in seinen weltlichen Gesamtzusammenhang ein. Sch�fer wird daher nicht nur von Amerikaspezialisten mit Gewinn gelesen werden, sondern auch von Historikern, die sich mit interkulturellen Austauschprozessen besch�ftigen." Das Historisch-Politische Buch "Selten jedenfalls ist die Krise des Progressivism im Ersten Weltkrieg so klar analysiert worden wie hier�" Historische Zeitschrift "Anachronismen vermeidend und mit gro�er F�higkeit zur Empathie zeichnet Sch�fer die Motive und Vorstellungswelten der Akteure nach, ohne sie von vornherein zu verurteilen. Auf diese Weise gelingt ihm eine sehr differenzierte Darstellung�" Neue Politische Literatur.
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Making Security Social

Author : Greg Eghigian
ISBN : 9780472111220
Genre : History
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Traces the preoccupation of the modern state with the risks and insecurities generated by industrial society
Category: History

Culture Power And Security

Author : Mary Kathryn Barbier
ISBN : 9781443842945
Genre : History
File Size : 25.27 MB
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Culture, Power, and Security provides a timely collection of essays by a diverse group of historians grappling with the notion of “security” in different temporal and geographical contexts. The authors, ranging from senior scholars – including an award-winning military historian – to relative newcomers, examine a variety of new topics or ask new questions of older ones in the areas of religious, political, intelligence, military and foreign relations history. Drawing upon new approaches or archival sources, each author offers fresh perspectives and insight into the nature of national or international security, broadly conceived. This unique collection of essays, engagingly written and reflecting state-of-the-art scholarship, will be of value both to general readers and students of military history, diplomatic history and national and international security studies.
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Culture Wars

Author : Roger Chapman
ISBN : 9780765622501
Genre : Business & Economics
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A collection of letters from a cross-section of Japanese citizens to a leading Japanese newspaper, relating their experiences and thoughts of the Pacific War.
Category: Business & Economics

Samuel Ferguson And The Culture Of Nineteenth Century Ireland

Author : Eve Patten
ISBN : UOM:39015060394338
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Samuel Ferguson (1810-86) was one of 19th-century Irelandâ??s most influential writers, but his politics and cultural agenda have never been fully understood. This book draws on his neglected prose writings to illuminate his layered ideology, and to expose his various determining contexts, including his native Belfast and its Scottish Enlightenment hinterland, the Dublin University Magazine with its fraught literary-political protocol, the communities of the Ordnance Survey Commission, the Nation, and the Royal Irish Academy. Fergusonâ??s guiding agenda is shown to be that of a civic idealism â?? a grassroots alternative to polarized political trajectories and a compelling ethos for a conflicted Irish Protestantism. The result is both a portrait of an individual in his time and a detailed engagement with Irish cultural politics from the Union to the Revival.
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Kleine Geschichte Des Neoliberalismus

Author : David Harvey
ISBN : 9783858695284
Genre : Political Science
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Neoliberalismus ist eine Doktrin. Sie besagt, dass der Markt an sich eine Ethik darstellt und in der Lage ist, alles menschliche Tun und Trachten in die richtigen Bahnen zu lenken. Seit rund dreißig Jahren ist der Neoliberalismus aber auch politische Praxis, und viel ist darüber schon publiziert worden. Doch David Harvey legt mit diesem Buch das "lebendigste, lesenswerteste, verständlichste und kritischste Handbuch über den Neoliberalismus vor, das es derzeit gibt". (Leo Panitch, Professor für vergleichende politische Ökonomie an der York-Universität in Toronto) Harvey rekapituliert die Geschichte des Neoliberalismus, wobei nicht nur die allgemein bekannten "Pioniere" Thatcher und Reagan zu Ehren kommen, sondern auch das neoliberale "Modellland" Chile (unter Diktator Pinochet) oder das China des Deng Xiaoping. Er beschreibt den rasanten globalen Siegeszug der neoliberalen politischen Praxis in den 90er-Jahren und analysiert deren verheerende Auswirkungen in den meisten Ländern des Globus. Er zeigt aber auch anhand zahlreicher Beispiele, wie mit Zahlenmaterial gemogelt wird, um den "Erfolg" des Neoliberalismus zu beweisen. Nach diesem Buch wird das nicht mehr so einfach möglich sein.
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