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A Companion To Latin American Women Writers

Author : Brigida M. Pastor
ISBN : 9781855662360
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This volume offers a critical study of a representative selection of Latin American women writers who have made major contributions to all literary genres and represent a wide range of literary perspectives and styles. Many of these women have attained the highest literary honours: Gabriela Mistral won the Nobel Prize in 1945; Clarice Lispector attracted the critical attention of theorists working mainly outside the Hispanic area; others have made such telling contributions to particular strands of literature that their names are immediately evocative of specific currents or styles. Elena Poniatowska is associated with testimonial writing; Isabel Allende and Laura Esquivel are known for the magical realism of their texts; others, such as Juana de Ibarbourou and Laura Restrepo remain relatively unknown despite their contributions to erotic poetry and to postcolonial prose fiction respectively. The distinctiveness of this volume lies in its attention to writers from widely differing historical and social contexts and to the diverse theoretical approaches adopted by the authors. Brígida M. Pastor teaches Latin American literature and film at the University of Glasgow . Her publications include Fashioning Cuban Feminism and Beyond, El discurso de Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda: Identidad Femenina y Otredad; and Discursos Caribenhos: Historia, Literatura e Cinema Lloyd Hughes Davies teaches Spanish American Literature at Swansea University. His publications include Isabel Allende, La casa de los espíritus and Projections of Peronism in Argentine Autobiography, Biography and Fiction.
Category: Literary Criticism

Latin American Women Writers

Author : Myriam Yvonne Jehenson
ISBN : 0791425592
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This book describes how Latin-American women writers of all classes, from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present, ironize masculinist, classicist, and racist cliches in their narratives.
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Knives And Angels

Author : Susan Bassnett
ISBN : 0862328756
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This book offers insights into a range of major Latin American women writers whose works are only just beginning to be known by English-speaking readers.The majority of Latin American writers now well-known to the English-speaking world are men; this collection of essays from a wide range of nationalities, aims to redress the balance by instead focusing on women's writing.Included are chapters on the impact of critics such as Victoria Ocampo, who changes the face of the Latin American literary scene; on Chilean playwrights, Nicaraguan revolutionary poets, Columbian women's writing; interviews with the novelist Margo Glantz, and with the film director Maria Luisa Bemberg. Also features are studies of such novelists as the starkly realist Elena Poniatowska, and the lyrically surrealist Maria Luisa Bombal; and an essay on Clarice Lispector by her official English language translator.This collection offers a variety of approaches and aims to demonstrate the extraordinary power and vitality of women writers selected from a wide range of Latin American countries- Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, among others - whose works are attaining international recognition.This is a book for interested general readers, especially those concerned with women writers, as well as for literature students.
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Latin American Women Writers An Encyclopedia

Author : María Claudia André
ISBN : 9781317726340
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Latin American Women Writers: An Encyclopedia presents the lives and critical works of over 170 women writers in Latin America between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries. This features thematic entries as well as biographies of female writers whose works were originally published in Spanish or Portuguese, and who have had an impact on literary, political, and social studies. Focusing on drama, poetry, and fiction, this work includes authors who have published at least three literary texts that have had a significant impact on Latin American literature and culture. Each entry is followed by extensive bibliographic references, including primary and secondary sources. Coverage consists of critical appreciation and analysis of the writers' works. Brief biographical data is included, but the main focus is on the meanings and contexts of the works as well as their cultural and political impact. In addition to author entries, other themes are explored, such as humor in contemporary Latin American fiction, lesbian literature in Latin America, magic, realism, or mother images in Latin American literature. The aim is to provide a unique, thorough, scholarly survey of women writers and their works in Latin America. This Encyclopedia will be of interest to both to the student of literature as well as to any reader interested in understanding more about Latin American culture, literature, and how women have represented gender and national issues throughout the centuries.
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Spanish American Women Writers

Author : Diane E. Marting
ISBN : 0313251940
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 81.22 MB
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superb and indispensable. . . . this guide should serve to introduce a rich lode to scholarly miners of the Latin American literary tradition. Highly recommended. Choice Containing contributions by more than fifty scholars, this volume, the second of Diane Marting's edited works on the women of the literature of Spanish America, consists of analytical and biographical studies of fifty of the most important women writers of Latin America from the seventeenth century to the present. The writers covered in the individual essays represent most Spanish-speaking American nations and a variety of literary genres. Each essay provides biographical and career information, discusses the major themes in the body of work, and surveys criticism, ending with a detailed bibliography of works by the writer, works available in translation if applicable, and works about the writer. The editor's tripartite introduction freely associates themes and images with/about/for the works of Spanish American women writers; explains the history and process of the collaborative effort that this volume represents; and traces some feminist concerns that recur in the essays, providing commentary, analysis, suggestions for further research, and hypotheses to be tested. Two general essays complete the volume. The first examines the oral testimony of contemporary Indian women outside of the literary tradition, women whose words have been recorded by others. The other surveys Latina writers in the United States, an area not otherwise encompassed in the scope of this volume. Appendixes classify the writers in the main body of the work by birth date, country, and genre. Also included is a bibliography of reference works and general criticism on the Latin American woman writer, and title and subject indexes. This book addresses the needs of students, translators, and general readers, as well as scholars, by providing a general reference work in the area of Spanish American literature. As such, it belongs in the reference collections of all libraries serving scholars and students of Latin American and women's studies and literature.
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Continental Latin American And Francophone Women Writers 1986 1987

Author : Eunice Myers
ISBN : 0819175935
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 54.2 MB
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This is a collection of essays selected from papers given at conferences held at Wichita State University in 1986 and 1987. The literary works discussed were written in three languages, and originated in both Germanies, France, Canada, Spain, Guadeloupe, Senegal, Vald'Aoste, and Latin America from the early Renaissance to the 1980s. Both well-known writers and authors relatively unknown in the U.S. are presented. The themes and the methodologies informing their discussion vary from Wittgenstein's positivism to a discussion of silence as signifier; from archetypes to utopian consciousness; from seizing oral tradition's power of the word to a re-examination of the female rite of passage; from madness as a metaphor of powerlessness to prison imagery in Renaissance works.
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Women Writers Of Latin America

Author : Magdalena García Pinto
ISBN : 9780292755925
Genre : Literary Criticism
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What does it take for a woman to succeed as a writer? In these revealing interviews, first published in 1988 as Historias íntimas, ten of Latin America's most important women writers explore this question with scholar Magdalena García Pinto, discussing the personal, social, and political factors that have shaped their writing careers. The authors interviewed are Isabel Allende, Albalucía Angel, Rosario Ferré, Margo Glantz, Sylvia Molloy, Elvira Orphée, Elena Poniatowska, Marta Traba, Luisa Valenzuela, and Ida Vitale. In intimate dialogues with each author, García Pinto draws out the formative experiences of her youth, tracing the pilgrimage that led each to a distinguished writing career. The writers also reflect on their published writings, discussing the creative process in general and the motivating force behind individual works. They candidly discuss the problems they have faced in writing and the strategies that enabled them to reach their goals. While obviously of interest to readers of Latin American literature, this book has important insights for students of women's literature and cultural studies, as well as for aspiring writers.
Category: Literary Criticism

Splintering Darkness

Author : Lucía Guerra-Cunningham
ISBN : UOM:39015017920573
Genre : History
File Size : 68.70 MB
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What Is Eating Latin American Women Writers

Author : Renée Sum Scott
ISBN : 9781604976403
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Since colonial times, Latin American women writers have appropriated food as a strategy to express central issues of power, expression, and culture that affect their gender. Food is still an important topic in their production. Moreover, as weight and eating disorders have become more prominent in public discourse, we see a considerable expansion of the trope of food. Women authors turn their attention to the conflictive relationship between food, weight, and body image for women. They denounce the current misguided notions of feminine beauty, according to which only the young, skinny body is attractive. Moreover, they assert that these views are just another tool by which patriarchy exerts control over women now that they have finally succeeded in becoming active participants in all social spaces. There is presently an immense scholarly interest in Latin American female literary production, specifically on the subject of the body. Latin American publications on weight and eating disorders abound, especially in the fields of psychology and sociology. However, there are only a few articles addressing these themes in the fictional work of Latin American women authors. What Is Eating Latin American Women Writers fills a theoretical void because it speaks to an ever-growing interest in Latin American literature about women, food, and the body. This study not only traces for the first time the historical development of the topics of food, eating consumption, and body image but also features well-known authors and others who are yet to be discovered in United States. The book contributes to the ongoing critical dialogue about women and food by offering an analysis of food, weight, and eating disorders in Latin American and Latina literary production. It demonstrates that since the 1990s, authors have been expanding the subject of food by exploring its connection to the social and cultural pressures associated with the postmodern obsession with the thin body. The texts in What Is Eating Latin American Women Writers are examined with an interdisciplinary critical approach that considers cultural, sociological, psychoanalytic, and feminist theories. It takes into consideration the specificity of Latin American cultures and it combines Latin American theories with those brought forth by North American and European critics in an effort to account more accurately for the idiosyncratic manifestations presently occurring in Latin American writings. Another valuable contribution of this book is its focus on writers from a spectrum of countries - Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and the United States. Furthermore, these writers express themselves in a range of genres that include epistle, essay, novel, poetry, short story, and film. Some of the texts have received critical attention while others are yet to be translated into English or even recognized outside the countries where they were published. Another essential aspect of the book is its deliberate reflection on food and the body by means of texts from the seventeenth-century to the twenty-first-century. This book will be welcome addition to all levels in Latin American studies, especially Latin American women literature, since the work will be valuable to scholars and accessible to students. Scholars interested in gender studies, women's studies, feminist theories, and critical literary analysis will also find this to be an important resource. -- Publisher's website.
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Chicanas And Latin American Women Writers Exploring The Realm Of The Kitchen As A Self Empowering Site

Author : María Claudia André
ISBN : 0773473440
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 47.90 MB
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This volume of essays studies the innovative discourse introduced by Latin American and Chicana writers who claim the kitchen space as a room of their own, not only as an essential space for women's intellectual and spiritual advancement, but as a self-empowering site where gender and sexual identity may be explored and transformed.
Category: Literary Criticism