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Late Ancient Christianity

Author : Virginia Burrus
ISBN : 9781451419467
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The particular excitement of this volume lies in its focus on the everyday realities of Christians' lives in the era of Christian ascendancy and Roman decline. Popular fiction, childrearing and toys, rituals of inclusion, the beginning of veneration of saints and shunning of heretics, the ascetic impulse, food practices—all these and more lend color and texture to the story of a "people's" Christianity in this formative stage.

Byzantine Christianity

Author : Derek Krueger
ISBN : 9781451406566
Genre : Religion
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This third volume in the pioneering A People's History of Christianity series focuses on the religious lives of ordinary people and introduces the religion of the Byzantine Christian laity by asking the questions: What did ordinary Christians do in church, in their homes and their workshops? How were icons used? How did the people celebrate, marry, and mourn? Where did they go on pilgrimage? Contributors include: Derek Krueger, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Vasiliki Limberis, Temple University; Georgia Frank, Colgate University; James Skedros, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology; Nicholas Constas, Harvard University; Sharon Gerstel, University of Maryland; Peter Hatlie, University of Dallas at Rome; Charles Barber, University of Notre Dame; Brigitte Pitarakis, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris; Alice-Mary Talbot, Dumbarton Oaks; Jaclyn Maxwell, Ohio University
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A People S History Of Christianity

Author : Diana Butler Bass
ISBN : 9780061448706
Genre : Religion
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For too long, the history of Christianity has been told as the triumph of orthodox doctrine imposed through power and hierarchy. In A People's History of Christianity, historian and religion expert Diana Butler Bass reveals an alternate history that includes a deep social ethic and far-reaching inclusivity: "the other side of the story" is not a modern phenomenon, but has always been practiced within the church. Butler Bass persuasively argues that corrective—even subversive—beliefs and practices have always been hallmarks of Christianity and are necessary to nourish communities of faith. In the same spirit as Howard Zinn's groundbreaking work The People's History of the United States, Butler Bass's A People's History of Christianity brings to life the movements, personalities, and spiritual disciplines that have always informed and ignited Christian worship and social activism. A People's History of Christianity authenticates the vital, emerging Christian movements of our time, providing the historical evidence that celebrates these movements as thoroughly Christian and faithful to the mission and message of Jesus.
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Reformation Christianity

Author : Peter Matheson
ISBN : 9781451415926
Genre : Religion
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Perhaps no period in Christian history experienced such social tumult and upheaval as the Reformation, as it quickly became apparent that social and political issues, finding deep resonance with the common people, were deeply entwined with religious ones raised by the Reformers. Led by eminent Reformation historian Peter Matheson, this volume of A People's History of Christianity explores such topics as child-bearing, a good death, rural and village piety, and more. Includes 50 illustrations, maps, and an 8-page color gallery.
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Christian Origins

Author : Richard Horsley
ISBN : 9781451416640
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Dealing with a time when "Christians" were moving towards separation from the movement's Jewish origins, this inaugural volume of A People's History of Christianity tells "the people's story" by gathering together evidence from the New Testament texts, archaeology, and other contemporary sources. Of particular interest to the distinguished group of scholar-contributors are the often overlooked aspects of the earliest "Christian" consciousness: How, for example, did they manage to negotiate allegiances to two social groups? How did they deal with crucial issues of wealth and poverty? What about the participation of slaves and women in these communities? How did living in the shadow of the Roman Empire color their religious experience and economic values?

Medieval Christianity

Author : Daniel E. Bornstein
ISBN : 9781451405767
Genre : Religion
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The fourth volume in A People's History of Christianity series accents the astounding range of cultural and religious experience within medieval Christianity and the ways in which religious life structured all aspects of the daily lives of ordinary Christians. With ranking scholars from the U.S. and the Continent, this volume explores rituals of birth and death, daily parish life, lay-clerical relations, and relations with Jews and Muslims through a thousand years and many lands. Includes 50 illustrations, maps, and an 8-page color gallery.
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The Cambridge History Of Christianity Volume 2 Constantine To C 600

Author : Augustine Casiday
ISBN : 9780521812443
Genre : History
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This series offers a comprehensive chronological account of the development of Christianity in all its aspects theological, intellectual, social, political, regional, global from its beginnings to the present day. Each volume makes a substantial contribution in its own right to the scholarship of its period and the complete History constitutes a major work of academic reference. Far from being merely a history of Western European Christianity and its offshoots, the History aims to provide a global perspective. Eastern and Coptic Christianity are given full consideration from the early period onwards, and later, African, Far Eastern, New World, South Asian and other non-European developments in Christianity receive proper coverage. The volumes cover popular piety and non-formal expressions of Christian faith and treat the sociology of Christian formation, worship and devotion in a broad cultural context. The question of relations between Christianity and other major faiths is also kept in sight throughout. - Publisher.
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The End Of Ancient Christianity

Author : R. A. Markus
ISBN : 0521339499
Genre : History
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Examines the nature of the changes that transformed the Christian world from the fourth to the end of the sixth century.
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A A People S History Of Christianity

Author : Denis R. Janz
ISBN : 9781451470246
Genre : Religion
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On its release, the seven volume A People's History of Christianity was lauded for its commitment to raising awareness of the ways in which ordinary Christians have lived throughout more than twenty centuries of Christian History. Now, the essential material from that important project is available for classroom use. Each volume contains careful selections and abridgements of the original content organized to fit ideally into a two semester course in Christian history. It provides a valuable overview on such topics as birth and death, baptism rites, food, power, heresy, and more. Students are both informed and inspired by seeing the importance of ordinary Christians in shaping Christianity across time.
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