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Last Hunters First Farmers

Author : Theron Douglas Price
ISBN : 093345290X
Genre : History
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Domestikation - Jäger und Sammler - Kulturpflanzenphylogenie allg.
Category: History

From Foraging To Farming In The Andes

Author : Tom D. Dillehay
ISBN : 9781139495639
Genre : Social Science
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Archeologists have always considered the beginnings of Andean civilization from c.13,000 to 6,000 years ago to be important in terms of the appearance of domesticated plants and animals, social differentiation, and a sedentary lifestyle, but there is more to this period than just these developments. During this period, the spread of crop production and other technologies, kinship-based labor projects, mound-building, and population aggregation formed ever-changing conditions across the Andes. From Foraging to Farming in the Andes proposes a new and more complex model for understanding the transition from hunting and gathering to cultivation. It argues that such developments evolved regionally, were fluid and uneven, and were subject to reversal. This book develops these arguments from a large body of archaeological evidence, collected over 30 years in two valleys in northern Peru, and then places the valleys in the context of recent scholarship studying similar developments around the world.
Category: Social Science

Beyond Foraging And Collecting

Author : Ben Fitzhugh
ISBN : 0306467534
Genre : History
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Twenty years after the development of the forager/collector model, it is still seen as one of the best tools for understanding variation in hunter-gatherer subsistence-settlement dynamics. The argument that the seasonal or short-term hunter-gatherer mobility should be patterned in predictable ways with respect to spatial and temporal variation in resource availability was a revolution in the study of hunter-gatherer settlement and land use. The research in this volume uses the theory as a starting point and expands the forager/ collector model. It broadens applications for its use in the field by enlarging the areas of:-new geographic zones; -evolutionary scale pertaining to foragers/collectors; -ecological, economic, technological and ideological factors.This volume includes new research on the theoretical implications regarding the mechanisms of change in the geographical distribution of hunter-gatherer settlement and land use. It focuses on the long-term changes in the hunter-gatherer settlement on a global scale, including research from several continents.
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Where The Land Meets The Sea

Author : Tom D. Dillehay
ISBN : 9781477311493
Genre : History
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Huaca Prieta—one the world's best-known, yet least understood, early maritime mound sites—and other Preceramic sites on the north coast of Peru bear witness to the beginnings of civilization in the Americas. Across more than fourteen millennia of human occupation, the coalescence of maritime, agricultural, and pastoral economies in the north coast settlements set in motion long-term biological and cultural transformations that led to increased social complexity and food production, and later the emergence of preindustrial states and urbanism. These developments make Huaca Prieta a site of global importance in world archaeology. This landmark volume presents the findings of a major archaeological investigation carried out at Huaca Prieta, the nearby mound Paredones, and several Preceramic domestic sites in the lower Chicama Valley between 2006 and 2013 by an interdisciplinary team of more than fifty international specialists. The book's contributors report on and analyze the extensive material records from the sites, including data on the architecture and spatial patterns; floral, faunal, and lithic remains; textiles; basketry; and more. Using this rich data, they build new models of the social, economic, and ontological practices of these early peoples, who appear to have favored cooperation and living in harmony with the environment over the accumulation of power and the development of ruling elites. This discovery adds a crucial new dimension to our understanding of emergent social complexity, cosmology, and religion in the Neolithic period.
Category: History

The Proto Neolithic Cemetery In Shanidar Cave

Author : Ralph S. Solecki
ISBN : 1585442720
Genre : History
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Shanidar Cave in the Zagros Mountains, with its 26 burials containing 35 bodies, `is the oldest prehistoric site with the longest history of occupation in Iraq'. This volume provides an archaeological overview of the site, which dates to the 11th millennium BC, excavated throughly by Ralph Solecki throughout the 1950s. Sections examine the burials themselves, which included adolescents, infants and adults, associated stone clusters and walls, the flint tools and stone beads. Finally the study considers what the burials and the composition of the burial groups reveal about Proto-Neolithic society in the region and its mortuary practices. Additional analysis on the skeletal remains, beads and pendants is presented in appendices.
Category: History

Foundations Of Anasazi Culture

Author : Paul F. Reed
ISBN : 087480745X
Genre : Social Science
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This major synthesis of work explores new evidence gathered at Basketmaker III sites on the Colorado Plateau in search of further understanding of Anasazi development. Since the 1960s, large-scale cultural resource management projects have revealed the former presence of Anasazi within the entire northern Southwest. These discoveries have resulted in a greatly expanded view of the BMIII period (A.D. 550-750) which immediately proceeds the Pueblo phase. Particularly noteworthy are finding of Basketmaker remains under those of later periods and in sites with open settings, as opposed to the more classic Basketmaker cave and rock shelter sites. Foundations of Anasazi Culture explores this new evidence in search of further understanding of Anasazi development. Several chapters address the BMII-BMIII transition, including the initial production and use of pottery, greater reliance on agriculture, and the construction of increasingly elaborate structures. Other chapters move beyond the transitional period to discuss key elements of the Anasazi lifestyle, including the use of gray-,red-, and white-ware ceramics, pit structures, storage cists, surface rooms, full dependence on agriculture, and varying degrees of social specialization and differentiation. A number of contributions address one or more of these issues as they occur at specific sites. Other contributors consider the material culture of the period in terms of common elements in architecture, ceramics, lithic technology, and decorative media. This work on BMIII sites on the Colorado Plateau will be useful to anyone with an interest in the earliest days of Anasazi civilization.
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Prehistoric Culture Change On The Colorado Plateau

Author : Shirley Powell
ISBN : 9780816532872
Genre : Social Science
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A collection of writings by participants in the Black Mesa Archaeological Project offers a synthesis of Kayenta-area archaeology, examining the ancestral Puebloan and Navajo occupation of the Four Corners region, and analysing faunal, lithic, ceramic, chronometric, and human osteological data, to construct an account of the prehistory and ethnohistory of northern Arizona that demonstrates how organizational variation and other aspects of culture change are largely a response to a changing natural environment.
Category: Social Science

Neolithic In Turkey

Author : Nezih Başgelen
ISBN : 9756899417
Genre : History
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Confronting Cancer

Author : Juliet Marie McMullin
ISBN : 1934691097
Genre : Health & Fitness
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In this book, anthropologists examine the lived experiences of individuals confronting cancer and reveal the social context in which prevention and treatment may succeed or fail.
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Global Health In Times Of Violence

Author : Barbara Rylko-Bauer
ISBN : 1934691143
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 39.90 MB
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What are the prospects for human health in a world threatened by disease and violence? In this volume, leading scholars and practitioners examine the impact of structural, military, and communal violence on health, psychosocial well-being, and health care delivery.
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