J Krishnamurti

Author : Mary Lutyens
ISBN : 0144000067
Genre : Philosophers
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An Intimate And Insightful Portrait Of A Remarkable Teacher And Spiritual Leader J. Krishnamurti (1895 1986) Was Born In Madanapalle, A Small Town West Of Chennai, To Brahmin Parents. In 1909, At The Age Of Fourteen, He Was Proclaimed As A Saviour And Subsequently Taken To England By Annie Besant. There, He Was Educated Privately And Groomed For The Role Of World Teacher. In 1929, However, He Rejected The Mantle And Disbanded The Organization Of Which He Was The Head, Declaring That He Did Not Want Disciples, Thereby Unleashing A Storm Of Controversy. A Gentle, Unassuming Teacher, Over The Next Half-Century Krishnamurti Would Travel The World Bearing His Message, Inspiring The Likes Of Jawaharlal Nehru, Aldous Huxley, George Bernard Shaw And The Dalai Lama. For The First Time, The Complete Biography Of J. Krishnamurti Is Available In One Volume: The Years Of Awakening, 1895 To 1935 Recounts His Childhood Days And Grooming For His Messianic Role; The Years Of Fulfilment, 1935 To 1980, A Comprehensive Account Of The Years He Spent Spreading His Extraordinary Philosophy Of Enlightenment And Truth; And The Open Door, 1980 To 1986, The Final Chapter Of An Epic Life. Mary Lutyens, Who Had Known Krishnamurti Since She Was Three Years Old, Has Drawn On The Unpublished Letters And Personal Recollections Of The Great Man To Bring Us An Unforgettable And Affecting Account Of The Life Of This Beloved Religious Figure Who Touched The Hearts And Minds Of Millions.
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J Krishnamurti

Author : Pupul Jayakar
ISBN : 0140103430
Genre : Philosophers
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A Classic Biography Of One Of The Greatest Spiritual Teachers Of Our Times In 1909, When He Was Just Fourteen, Krishnamurti Was Proclaimed The World Teacher In Whom Maitreya, The Bodhisattva Of Compassion, Would Manifest. The Proclamation Was Made By Annie Besant, Then President Of The Theosophical Society, A Movement That Combined Western Occult Philosophy With Buddhist And Hindu Teachings. Besant Trained Krishnamurti In His Role As The Chosen One But Twenty Years Later He Chose To Disband The Order He Was Head Of And Set Out Alone On His Endless Journey& As A Contemporary Of Krishnamurti And One Of His Closest Associates. Pupul Jayakar Offers An Insider S View Of The Fascinating Life And Thought Of An Extraordinary Individual.
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Author : Jiddu Krishnamurti
ISBN : 0812693558
Genre : Philosophy
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Described by the Dalai Lama as one of the greatest thinkers of the age, Jiddu Krishnamurti has influenced millions throughout the 20th century, including Aldous Huxley, Bertrand Russell, Henry Miller and Joseph Campbell. Born of middle-class Brahmin parents in 1895, Krishnamurti was recognised at age fourteen by theosophists Annie Besant and C W Leadbetter as an anticipated world teacher and proclaimed to be the vehicle for the reincarnation of Christ in the West and of Buddha in the East. In 1929 he repudiated these claims and travelled the world, sharing his philosophical insights and establishing schools and foundations.
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The Book Of Life

Author : J Krishnamurti
ISBN : 0141004967
Genre : Devotional calendars
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Inspired By Krishnamurti S Belief That Truth Is Found Through Living, The Book Of Life Presents 365 Timeless Daily Meditations, Developed Thematically Over Seven Days, Illuminating The Concepts Of Freedom, Personal Transformation, Living Fully Awake And Much More. For Everyone Who Has Come To Cherish The Wisdom Of This Extraordinary Spiritual Sage As Well As Anyone Discovering Krishnamurti For The First Time The Book Of Life Is A Profound Collection Of Insights To Treasure Everyday. The Story Of Mankind Is In You, The Vast Experience, The Deep-Rooted Fears, Anxieties, Sorrow, Pleasure And All The Beliefs That Man Has Accommodated Throughout The Millennia. You Are That Book. J. Krishnamurti
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Author : Jiddu Krishnamurti
ISBN : 9781934989166
Genre : Philosophy
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Modern quantum physics, most psychological insight, and all religions reveal the interconnectedness of everything in the universe, that everything always affects everything else. Because all life is lived in relationships, it is essential that we understand what a relationship is, and what every movement in relationships can mean to us and everyone else. Put together, all our individual relationships create society. Attention to our own behavior in relationship will recreate the world.
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On Living And Dying

Author : J. Krishnamurti
ISBN : 1596750030
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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"On Living and Dying" reveals that the fear of death is not rooted in physical pain or in leaving loved ones, but in the fear that some essential part of what we are will not continue. Krishnamurti explains that to comprehend death, which is so inseparably joined with life, we must come to it with a fresh understanding, free of learned attitude and preconceptions. "On Living and Dying" is a thematic selection from the seminars over Krishnamurti's entire lifetime, drawing on talks from Bombay to Amsterdam and London to Seattle, progressing from the early thirties until the later seventies.
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The Impossible Question

Author : J. Krishnamurti
ISBN : 0753816881
Genre : Philosophy
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By means of a series of exchanges, Krishnamurti helps his audience to explore matters like the origin and roots of thought, the limits of consciousness, the nature of pleasure and joy, personal relationships, and meditation, all of which revolve around the central issues of the search for self-knowledge. The Impossible Question reveals the unique approach of a profound thinker and teacher; it will prove invaluable to those who wish to gain insight into his philosophy or into themselves. Jiddu Krishnamurti was born in southern India in 1895 and died in 1986. The essence of his teachings is that societal change and world peace can only occur through a complete change of individual consciousness.
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Sayings Of J Krishnamurti

Author : Jiddu Krishnamurti
ISBN : 8120814215
Genre : Meditations
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The title of this book was suggested by Krishnamurti himself a few months before he passed away. It is to him that this compilation is lovingly dedicated. Sayings of J. Krishnamurti is like a beautiful garland of many fragrant flowers. It comprises carefully selected quotations from Krishnamurti`s utterrances on a wide range of spiritual and philosophical topics. This book is the first one of its kind ever to be published relating to the teachings of Krishnamurti. It is a collection of 514 of his sayings up to year 1968. Alphabetically arranged like a dictionary under 118 different subject headings, this invaluable reference book helps one to find out quickly what Krishnamurti has said on important subjects such as Awareness, Concentration, Fear, Happiness, Love, Meditation, etc. At the end of every quotation a statement is given indicating its source. In this way the interested reader is assisted not only to check the authenticity of a quotation but also its context. This excellent compilation will always be treasured because it is the quintessence of the message of one of the greatest Teachers of all time. About the Auther: Susunaga Weeraperuma, the compile of Sayings of J. Krishnamurti is internationally known as the compiler of the only existent bibliography of Krishnamurti, entitled A Bibliography of the life and Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, now published as iddu Krishnamurti: A Bibliographical Guide. Weeraperuma is extremely well acquainted with all the writings of J. Krishnamurti as well as the corpus of literature, in different languages, on Krishnamurti. Contents Preface, Acknowledgements, Action, Aloneness, Analysis see Psychoanalysis, Atman (Soul), Attention, Austerity, Authority, Awareness, Beauty, Becoming and Being, Being see Becoming and being, Belief, Besant, Annie, Brotherhood, Cause-effect see Karma, Ceremonies, Choice, Comparison, Concentration, Concepts, Conclusions, Conditioning, Confidence, Conflict, Consciousness, Contentment, Creation, Culture, Death, Discipline, Discontent, Disease, Doubt, Dreams, Duality see Thought and Thinker, Education, Effort, Ego see Self, Emptiness, Energy, Envy, Escapes, Experience, Faith see Grace and Faith, Fear, Freedom, God, Grace and Faith Greed, Gurus, Habit, Happiness, Humility, Ideals, Imagination, Immortality, Individuality, Insecurity see Security, Inspiration, Intelligence, Joy and Pleasure, Karma, Knowledge, Learning, Liberation, Listening Livelihood, Loneliness, Love, Mantra Yoga, Meditation, Memory, Mind, Mutation, Mystery, Nationalism, Nothingness, Observation, Occupation see Livelihood, Opinions, Organisations, Peace, Perception, Philanthropy, Pleasure see Joy and Pleasure, Possessiveness, Prayer, Problems, Profession see Livelihood, Progress, Psychoanalysis, Reform, Reincarnation, Relationship, Religion, Renunciation, Revolution, Sacred Books, Scepticism, Security, Seeking, Self, Self-Knowledge, Sensitivity, Sex, Silence, Simplicity, Social Change, Soul see Atman (Soul), Stillness see Tranquillity, Success, Suffering, Thinker see Thought and Thinker, Thought, Thought and Thinker, Time, Tradition, Tranquillity, Transformation, Truth, Understanding, Verbalisation, Violence, Virtue, Vision, War, Will, Wisdom, Words see Verbalisation, Yoga, You are the world, appendix, Sources of Quotations.
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Lives In The Shadow With J Krishnamurti

Author : Radha Rajagopal Sloss
ISBN : 1462031315
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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For nearly half a century the charismatic, strikingly handsome spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti gathered an enormous following throughout Europe, India, Australia and North America. From the age of eighteen he was the forerunner of the type of iconoclasm that would bring immediate fame to cult figures in the late twentieth century. Yet recent biographies have left large areas of his life in mystifying darkness. This, however, is no ordinary study of Krishnamurti, for it is written by one whose earliest memories are dominated by his presence as a doting second father—tolerant of pranks and pets, playful and diligent. For over two decades in their Ojai California haven, where Aldous Huxley and other pacifists found respite during the war years,’Krinsh’ developed his philosophical message. He also placed himself at the centre of her parents’ Rosalind and Rajagopal’s marriage. In a spirit of tenderness, fairness, objective inquiry, and no little remorse, the author traces the rise of Krishnamurti from obscurity in India by selection of the Theosophical Society to be the vehicle of a new incarnation of their world teacher. Breaking from Theosophy, Krishnamurti inspired his own following, retaining the dedication of his longtime friend Rajagopal, himself highly educated, to oversee all practicalities and the editing and publication of his writings. How this bond of trust was breached and became clouded in confusion with a new wave of devoteeism lies at the heart of this extraordinary story. So does a portrait of intense romantic intimacy and the conundrum of Krishnamurti’s own complex character.
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