Knowledge Ltd

Author : Randy Martin
ISBN : 9781439912249
Genre : Business & Economics
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Catastrophes ranging from the travesties of financial markets and the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil well to the tsunami that struck northern Japan and the levees breaking in New Orleans are examples of the limits of knowledge. Author Randy Martin insists that the expertise erected to prevent these natural and social disasters failed in each case. In Knowledge LTD, Martin explores how both the limits of knowledge and the social constructions of culture reflect the way we organize social life in the face of disasters and their aftermath. He examines this crisis of knowledge as well as the social movements that rose up in its wake. Martin not only treats derivatives as financial contracts for pricing risk, but also shows how the derivative works in economic terms, where the very unity of the economy is undone. Knowledge LTD ultimately points to a more comprehensive reordering of the once separate spheres of economy, polity, and culture. Martin provides a new way of understanding the social significance of the all-pervasive derivative logic.
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The Routledge Companion To Art And Politics

Author : Randy Martin
ISBN : 9781317567806
Genre : Art
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The Routledge Companion to Art and Politics offers a thorough examination of the complex relationship between art and politics, and the many forms and approaches the engagement between them can take. The contributors - a diverse assembly of artists, activists, scholars from around the world – discuss and demonstrate ways of making art and politics legible and salient in the world. As such the 32 chapters in this volume reflect on performing and visual arts; music, film and new media; as well as covering social practice, community-based work, conceptual, interventionist and movement affiliated forms. The Companion is divided into four distinct parts: Conceptual Cartographies Institutional Materialities Modalities of Practice Making Publics Randy Martin has assembled a collection that ensures that readers will come away with a wider view of what can count as art and politics; where they might find it; and how it moves in the world. The diversity of perspectives is at once challenging and fortifying to those who might dismiss political art on the one hand as not making sufficient difference and on the other to those embracing it but seeking a means to elaborate the significance that it can make in the world. The Routledge Companion to Art and Politics brings together a range of issues and approaches and encourages critical and creative thinking about how art is produced, perceived, and received.
Category: Art

The Oxford Handbook Of Dance And Politics

Author : Rebekah J. Kowal
ISBN : 9780190654733
Genre : Performing Arts
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In recent decades, dance has become a vehicle for querying assumptions about what it means to be embodied, in turn illuminating intersections among the political, the social, the aesthetical, and the phenomenological. The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics edited by internationally lauded scholars Rebekah Kowal, Gerald Siegmund, and the late Randy Martin presents a compendium of newly-commissioned chapters that address the interdisciplinary and global scope of dance theory - its political philosophy, social movements, and approaches to bodily difference such as disability, postcolonial, and critical race and queer studies. In six sections 30 of the most prestigious dance scholars in the US and Europe track the political economy of dance and analyze the political dimensions of choreography, of writing history, and of embodied phenomena in general. Employing years of intimate knowledge of dance and its cultural phenomenology, scholars urge readers to re-think dominant cultural codes, their usages, and the meaning they produce and theorize ways dance may help to re-signify and to re-negotiate established cultural practices and their inherent power relations. This handbook poses ever-present questions about dance politics-which aspects or effects of a dance can be considered political? What possibilities and understandings of politics are disclosed through dance? How does a particular dance articulate or undermine forces of authority? How might dance relate to emancipation or bondage of the body? Where and how can dance articulate social movements, represent or challenge political institutions, or offer insight into habits of labor and leisure? The handbook opens its critical terms in two directions. First, it offers an elaborated understanding of how dance achieves its politics. Second, it illustrates how notions of the political are themselves expanded when viewed from the perspective of dance, thus addressing both the relationship between the politics in dance and the politics of dance. Using the most sophisticated theoretical frameworks and engaging with the problematics that come from philosophy, social science, history, and the humanities, chapters explore the affinities, affiliations, concepts, and critiques that are inherent in the act of dance, and questions about matters political that dance makes legible.
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Libidin Se Konomie

Author : Jean-François Lyotard
ISBN : 3037340118
Genre :
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Derivatives And The Wealth Of Societies

Author : Benjamin Lee
ISBN : 9780226392837
Genre : Business & Economics
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The contributors to this volume draw upon their deep backgrounds in finance, the social sciences, arts, and the humanities to create a new way of understanding derivative capitalism that does justice to its technical, social, and cultural dimensions. The financial crisis of 2008 demonstrated both that derivatives are capable of producing great wealth and that their deregulation and privatization cannot control the risks that they produce. A popular reaction is to focus on the regulation or abolition of derivative finance. These authors take a different tack and instead raise the question: if we should want access to the wealth that derivatives are capable of producing, what kind of social institutions and policies would be needed to make such wealth production work for the benefit of all of us? Since this question goes to the very heart of what kind of society is most desirable, the volume argues that we need both a social understanding of the derivative and a derivative understanding of the social. The derivative reading of the social employs a small set of financial concepts to understand certain defining dimensions of contemporary reality. The central concept is that of volatility and its relations to risk, uncertainty, hedging, optionality, and arbitrage. The social reading of the derivative involves anthropological discussions of the gift, ritual, play, and performativity and provides us with frames of embodiment for analyzing, through action and event, the ways derivatives do their work.
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Banking On Words

Author : Arjun Appadurai
ISBN : 9780226318776
Genre : Business & Economics
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In this short but ambitious book, Arjun Appadurai argues that the failure of the financial system in 2007-08 in the United States was primarily a failure of language. This argument does not deny that greed, ignorance, weak regulation, and irresponsible risk-taking were important factors in the collapse. But the new role of language in the marketplace, for Appadurai, is the condition of possibility for all these more easily identifiable flaws. Attempts to rectify the social pathologies of contemporary finance must address that failure of language. "Banking on Words "focuses on derivatives as the distinctive innovation of our financial era. Derivatives are written promises concerning the uncertain future prices of financial assets and the substance of these contracts is expressed in terms of money. The recent failure of derivatives markets was systematic and should be understood as failed promises. While it is well-known that derivatives pile risk on risk with little basis in real production and trade, Appadurai reveals this process in a fresh light from which some policy conclusions may be drawn. While critical of derivative finance s present social infrastructure and supporting ideology, Appadurai acknowledges its capacity for creating vast new forms of wealth and asks the crucial question: if we want access to that wealth, what kind of social arrangements would we need to make sure that it benefits all of society rather than reinforcing a system that benefits the few who are already well off? His bold answer involves not the repair of the force of promises but rather the repair and reconstruction of the idea of the individual to enable new sorts of solidarity between dividuals, agents whose very partiality may allow for new aggregations of aspiration, interest and affiliation. This amounts to nothing less than a new ideology of sociality."
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Author : Gerald Raunig
ISBN : 9781584351801
Genre : Philosophy
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Raunig develops a philosophy of dividuality as a way of addressing contemporary modes of production and forms of life.
Category: Philosophy

Homo Ludens

Author : Johan Huizinga
ISBN : 3499554356
Genre : Civilization
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Ein grundlegendes Element unserer Kultur ist das Spiel. Der Mensch ist ein Spieler - und ohne seine Lust und Fähigkeit zum Spielen hätten sich ganze Bereiche seiner Kultur nicht entwickelt: die Dichtung, das Recht, die Wissenschaft, die bildende Kunst, die Philosophie und viele andere. Johan Huizinga, der grosse holländische Historiker und Kulturphilosoph, hat in diesem Buch eine Theorie der Kultur entworfen, in der er dem Denker (homo sapiens) und dem Tätigen (homo faber) den Menschen als Spieler (homo ludens) an die Seite stellt. Ein klassischer Essay der Kulturgeschichte und Anthropologie.
Category: Civilization