Medieval Studies

Author : James M. Powell
ISBN : 0815625561
Genre : History
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In addition to sections devoted to Latin paleography, diplomatics, computer-assisted research, numismatics, archaeology, problems in chronology, and prospography, this text describes state-of-the-art research methodology and critical approaches to English literature, Latin philosophies, law, science, art and music.
Category: History

Medieval Finds From Excavations In London Set

Author : Boydell & Brewer, Incorporated
ISBN : 1843837145
Genre : Social Science
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Seven volume set of these classic works of reference, essential for students, scholars, archaeologists, re-enactors and historians of material culture, textiles and tools.
Category: Social Science

Knives And Scabbards

Author : J. Cowgill
ISBN : 1843833530
Genre : History
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Catalogue of knives and scabbards found in London excavations, with discussion of date, technology, decoration and function.
Category: History

Daily Life In Medieval Europe

Author : Jeffrey L. Forgeng
ISBN : 0313302731
Genre : History
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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An exploration of both private and public life in the Middle Ages covers society, the life cycle, material culture, life in villages, castles, monasteries, and towns, and the medieval world, plus games, food, and music.
Category: History

The Medieval Horse And Its Equipment C 1150 C 1450

Author : John Clark
ISBN : 1843830973
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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Over 400 recent finds associated with horses and excavated in London, from the utilitarian to the highly decorated, illustrated and discussed.
Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Daily Life In Chaucer S England

Author : Jeffrey L. Forgeng
ISBN : 9780313359514
Genre : History
File Size : 25.35 MB
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An indispensable resource on daily life in medieval England
Category: History

Medieval Life

Author : Roberta Gilchrist
ISBN : 9781843837220
Genre : Social Science
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An examination of daily life in the Middle Ages which reveals the intimate relations between age groups, between the living and the dead, and between people and things.
Category: Social Science

Excavations At Dryslwyn Castle 1980 1995

Author : Chris Caple
ISBN : 9781351194853
Genre : Social Science
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"Excavations at Dryslwyn between 1980 and 1995 uncovered a masonry castle, founded in the late 1220s by Rhys Gryg for his son Maredudd ap Rhys, the first Lord of Dryslwyn. The first castle was a simple round tower and polygonal walled enclosure, within which were constructed a kitchen, prison and wood-framed, clay-floored great chamber beside a great hall. In the mid 13th century a second ward was added and the great chamber rebuilt in stone. This castle was greatly expanded in the period 1283-87 by Rhys ap Maredudd, the second and final Lord of Dryslwyn, who built an Outer Ward and gatehouse. He also rebuilt much of the Inner Ward, adding an extra storey to the great hall and great chamber, apartments and a chapel. At the end of the 13th century a large three-ward castle stretched along the eastern and southern edge of the hill while the rest of the hilltop was occupied by a settlement defended by a wall and substantial ditch with access through a gatehouse. This castle and its associated settlement were besieged and captured in 1287 by an English royal army of over 11,000 men following damage inflicted by a trebuchet and mining of the walls. Throughout the 14th century the English Crown garrisoned and repaired the castle, supervised by an appointed constable, before it was surrendered to Owain Glyn Dwr in 1403. During the early to mid 15th century the castle was deliberately walled up to deny its use to a potential enemy and it was subsequently looted and demolished. By the late 13th century, the castle had a white rendered and lime-washed appearance, creating a very dramatic and highly visible symbol of lordship. Internally, the lord's and guest apartments had decorative wall paintings and glazed windows. Evidence from charred beams still in situ, the sizes, shapes and distribution of nails, sheet lead, slates and postholes recovered during excavation has enabled some of the wooden as well as masonry buildings to be reconstructed. Waterlogged deposits had preserved a rich assemblage of seeds, birds, fish and animal bone which reveal evidence of the dining habits of Welsh lords, their guests and household. Of particular interest are the finds associated with the siege of 1287 which include a knop-headed mace, spearheads and armour-piercing arrowheads which indicates that the longbow was the weapon of choice. Damage and repairs to the castle walls correlate with historic accounts while three stone balls recovered by the excavation were undoubtedly thrown by the trebuchet recorded in contemporary accounts."
Category: Social Science

Medieval Archaeology

Author : Chris Gerrard
ISBN : 9781134566068
Genre : History
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The archaeology of the later Middle Ages is a comparatively new field of study in Britain. At a time when archaeoloy generally is experiencing a surge of popularity, our understanding of medieval settlement, artefacts, environment, buildings and landscapes has been revolutionised. Medieval archaeology is now taught widely throughout Europe and has secured a place in higer education's teaching across many disciplines. In this book Gerrard examines the long and rich intellectual heritage of later medieval archaeology in England, Scotland and Wales and summarises its current position. Written in three parts, the author first discusses the origins of antiquarian, Victorian and later studies and explores the pervasive influence of the Romantic Movement and the Gothic Revival. The ideas and achievements of the 1930s are singled out as a springboard for later methodological and conceptual developments. Part II examines the emergence of medieval archaeology as a more coherent academic subject in the post-war years, appraising major projects and explaining the impact of processual archaeology and the rescue movement in the period up to the mid-1980s. Finally the book shows the extent to which the philosophies of preservation and post-processual theoretical advances have begun to make themselves felt. Recent developments in key areas such as finds, settlements and buildings are all considered as well as practice, funding and institutional roles. Medieval Archaeology is a crucial work for students of medieval archaeology to read and will be of interest to archaeologists, historians and all who study or visit the monuments of the Middle Ages.
Category: History