Kennedy S Last Stand

Author : Michael E. Salla
ISBN : 0982290268
Genre : History
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Just before beginning his first term on January 20, 1993, President-Elect Clinton made a very strange request to close family friend and lawyer Webster Hubbell: "If I put you over there in justice I want you to find the answer to two questions for me: One, who killed JFK. And two, are there UFOs." According to Hubbell, "Clinton was dead serious." The key to unlocking the mystery of President Kennedy's assassination and a possible UFO connection lie in events that occurred 18 years earlier in post-war Germany. In 1945 John F. Kennedy was a guest of Navy Secretary James Forrestal, where he personally witnessed technological secrets that have still not been disclosed to the world. These secrets stemmed from extraterrestrial technologies that Nazi Germany had acquired and were attempting to use in their weapons programs. In searching for answers to who killed President Kennedy we need to start with the death of his mentor, James Forrestal in 1949. Forrestal became the first Secretary of Defense in 1947, a position he held until March, 1949. Forrestal was a visionary who thought Americans had a right to know about the existence of extraterrestrial life and technologies. Forrestal was sacked by President Truman because he was revealing the truth to various officials, including Kennedy who was a Congressman at the time. Forrestal's ideals and vision inspired Kennedy, and laid the seed for what would happen 12 years later. After winning the 1960 Presidential election, Kennedy learned a shocking truth from President Eisenhower. The control group set up to run highly classified extraterrestrial technologies, the Majestic-12 Group, had become a rogue government agency. Eisenhower warned Kennedy that MJ-12 had to be reined in. It posed a direct threat to American liberties and democratic processes. Kennedy followed Eisenhower's advice, and set out to realize James Forrestal's vision. The same forces that orchestrated Forrestal's death, opposed Kennedy's efforts at every turn. When Kennedy was on the verge of succeeding, by forcing the CIA to share classified UFO information with other government agencies on November 12, 1963, he was assassinated ten days later. Kennedy's Last Stand is the story of how an American President tried to realize his friend and mentor's vision of a world where humanity openly knows about extraterrestrial life; and of the government officials responsible for denying that vision.
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The Omniverse

Author : Alfred Lambremont Webre
ISBN : 9781591432166
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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A tour through the new science of the Omniverse, its spiritual and physical dimensions, and its incalculable intelligent civilizations • Reveals the key travel and communication technologies of the Omniverse: time travel, teleportation, and telepathy • Unveils newly disclosed state secrets about these technologies, about the findings of the NASA Mars rover missions, and about a secret colony and life on Mars • Explains through science how souls are holographic fragments of God and how they help create planets, solar systems, galaxies, and universes in the multiverse We are all citizens of the Omniverse, the overarching matrix of energy, spirit, and intelligence that encompasses all that exists: all universes within the multiverse as well as the spiritual dimensions centered on the divine Source that many call God. In this scientific guide to the Omniverse, Alfred Lambremont Webre reveals startling replicable evidence about extraterrestrial and extra-universal life, the intelligent civilizations created by souls in the afterlife, top-secret alien technology, and the existence of a secret base as well as life on Mars. The author explains how our souls are holographic fragments of God/Source and how souls and Source are co-creating planets and galaxies as virtual realities for soul development. He addresses Grey alien control over soul reincarnation and also sheds light on the presence of invisible hyperdimensional controllers known as the Archons, who feed off negative energy. Revealing the key technologies of the Omniverse, the author explains how hyperdimensional civilizations communicate telepathically, teleport interdimensionally, and travel through time. He unveils newly disclosed state secrets about government possession of these technologies, the findings of the NASA Mars rover missions, and the secret Mars colony whose permanent security personnel is age-reversed and shot back through time to their specific space-time origin points--with their memories blocked. Integrating science and spirituality, this map of the dimensions of the Omniverse sounds the call for scientific inquiry into the holographic origins of the soul, the potential of time travel, and our role as divine co-creators with Source.
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Ufo Faq

Author : David J. Hogan
ISBN : 9781495082870
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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(FAQ Pop Culture). Since the famed Kenneth Arnold "flying saucer" sighting of 1947, the world has been fascinated and unnerved by these mysterious objects in the sky. Millennia of recorded human history report UFOs, and everything from the extinction of dinosaurs to the origins of humankind have been attributed to them but what exactly are UFOs? Featuring material from a treasure trove of UFO/Project Blue Book archives declassified in 2015, UFO FAQ is an all-inclusive guide to UFO lore hard science and hoaxes, sightings and abductions, noted UFO proponents and skeptics, and sanctioned research and purported government cover-ups. Readers will meet cultists and explore worldwide UFO "hot spots." They'll learn about UFOs in World War II, the Cold War, and the age of terrorism. And they'll zip along with UFOs in movies, comics, TV, and other popular media. Also featured are an international UFO timeline and a valuable UFO checklist that includes step-by-step suggestions on how to prepare and make the most of your UFO sightings while ensuring your credibility. Dramatically illustrated with nearly 100 photographs and drawings, UFO FAQ combines historical accuracy, provocative speculation, and compulsive readability in one handy volume.
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Die Geheime Geschichte Von Twin Peaks

Author : Mark Frost
ISBN : 9783462315806
Genre : Fiction
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Endlich: Nach 25 Jahren die Wahrheit über Twin Peaks Das Buch, auf das Millionen Fans in aller Welt warten
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Ufos Die Kontakte

Author : Michael Hesemann
ISBN : 3931652378
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Das Omniversum

Author : Alfred Lambremont Webre
ISBN : 9783954472499
Genre : Science
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Der wahre Aufbau unseres Universums. Ein atemberaubendes Buch, das alle Grenzen sprengt! Das Omniversum ist die umfassende Matrix aus Energie, Geist und Intelligenz, die alle Universen im Multiversum sowie die spirituellen Dimensionen mit der Quelle im Zentrum vereint. Der Autor zeigt, wie unsere Seelen als holografische Fragmente der göttlichen Quelle für die eigene Entwicklung gemeinsam Planeten und Galaxien erschaffen. Er zeigt, wie die Greys die Kontrolle über die Reinkarnation erlangten, und erklärt die Anwesenheit der Archonten auf unserer Welt, die sich von negativer Energie ernähren. Außerdem enthüllt er - durch Whistleblower zugetragen - geheime Unterlagen über die Marskolonie der NASA, der Ureinwohner des Mars und die Rolle, die CIA-Agent Barack Obama bei den Zeitreise-Missionen der NASA spielte ... A. L. Webre studierte als Fulbright-Stipendiat Ökonomie und Jura an der Yale University und University of Texas. Er leitete die Rechtsabteilung der New Yorker Umweltschutzbehörde sowie eine Studie des Weißen Hauses über Alien-Kontakte, war NGO-Delegierter bei der UN und Richter beim Kriegsverbrechertribunal von Kuala Lumpur. 2000 begründete er die Exopolitik, die sich mit den Beziehungen zwischen intelligenten Zivilisationen im Multiversum befasst.
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Die Br Cken Am Flu

Author : Robert James Waller
ISBN : 3800092158
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In seinem Romandebüt beschreibt der amerikanische Schriftsteller eine intensive, aber aussichtslose Liebesaffäre: Der Fotograf Kincaid, 52 Jahre alt, hat die ganze Welt gesehen. Mutig genug, lässt er sich auf die verheiratete Farmersfrau Francesca ein.