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Judging Mohammed

Author : Susan J. Terrio
ISBN : 9780804771030
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 77.42 MB
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In October 2005, three weeks of rioting erupted in France following the accidental deaths of two French boys of North African ancestry. Killed while fleeing the police, these boys were deemed dangerous based largely on their immigrant origins. In France, disadvantaged children of immigrant and foreign ancestry represent the vast majority of formal suspects and have increasingly been portrayed as a threat to public safety and as the embodiment of the assault on French values. Despite official rhetoric of protection, Judging Mohammed reveals how the treatment of these children in the juvenile courts system undermines legal guarantees of equality and due process and reinforces existing hierarchies. Based on five years of extensive research in the largest and most influential juvenile court in France, this work follows young people inside the system, from arrest to court trials. Revealing an alarming turn toward accountability, restitution, and retribution, this groundbreaking study uncovers the disquieting reasons behind France's shifting approaches to the identification, treatment, and representation of its delinquent youth.
Category: Social Science

Judging Mohammed

Author : Susan Terrio
ISBN : 9780804759601
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 68.2 MB
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This groundbreaking study goes inside France's juvenile court system and follows young people, largely of foreign ancestry, from arrest to court trials, revealing an alarming shift in the nation's approach to its youth offenders.
Category: Social Science

Laizit T Im Konflikt

Author : Dimitri Almeida
ISBN : 9783658144241
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 21.72 MB
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Ausgehend von einer Analyse der politischen und geistesgeschichtlichen Wurzeln der Trennung von Staat und Kirche in Frankreich beleuchtet Dimitri Almeida die unterschiedlichen Deutungen des Laizitätsprinzips und die Konflikte, die sich beispielsweise in der Frage der Integration des Islam in die Republik ergeben. Das Buch schlägt den Bogen von der kolonialen Islampolitik Frankreichs über die Kontroversen um Kopftuch und Gesichtsschleier bis hin zu den Erfolgen des Front National in der Vereinnahmung republikanischer Prinzipien. Dimitri Almeida weist damit ausführlich nach, welche weitreichenden Folgen die Politisierung von Laizität und Religion auf die französische Gesellschaft hat.
Category: Political Science

Youth Justice And Migration

Author : Olga Petintseva
ISBN : 9783319942087
Genre : Social Science
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This book examines the implications of the professional and judicial discourses on migrant youth in the Belgian youth justice system. Drawing on a detailed study of 55 court case files and in-depth interviews with over forty youth justice professionals, the book explores the problematisations of migrant Roma and Caucasian young people in the youth justice system to argue that they result in ‘discursive harms’. It discusses the assumptions and the effects of explanations of deviant behaviour, ambiguities in representations of young people’s agency and responsibility, differing assumptions about the moral potential of Roma and Caucasian families, and the reframing of assessments in school-based reports as signals of delinquency. The book reflects on how to address the ‘discursive harms’ identified and calls for a review of protection practices and ideals from a fundamental rights perspective. This book contributes to a topic that will have increasing significance for youth justice practice in Belgium as well as the rest of Europe.
Category: Social Science

Migrant Youth Transnational Families And The State

Author : Lauren Heidbrink
ISBN : 9780812209679
Genre : Law
File Size : 71.88 MB
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Each year, more than half a million migrant children journey from countries around the globe and enter the United States with no lawful immigration status; many of them have no parent or legal guardian to provide care and custody. Yet little is known about their experiences in a nation that may simultaneously shelter children while initiating proceedings to deport them, nor about their safety or well-being if repatriated. Migrant Youth, Transnational Families, and the State examines the draconian immigration policies that detain unaccompanied migrant children and draws on U.S. historical, political, legal, and institutional practices to contextualize the lives of children and youth as they move through federal detention facilities, immigration and family courts, federal foster care programs, and their communities across the United States and Central America. Through interviews with children and their families, attorneys, social workers, policy-makers, law enforcement, and diplomats, anthropologist Lauren Heidbrink foregrounds the voices of migrant children and youth who must navigate the legal and emotional terrain of U.S. immigration policy. Cast as victims by humanitarian organizations and delinquents by law enforcement, these unauthorized minors challenge Western constructions of child dependence and family structure. Heidbrink illuminates the enduring effects of immigration enforcement on its young charges, their families, and the state, ultimately questioning whose interests drive decisions about the care and custody of migrant youth.
Category: Law

Whose Child Am I

Author : Susan J. Terrio
ISBN : 9780520281486
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 75.22 MB
Format : PDF
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In 2014, the arrest and detention of thousands of desperate young migrants at the southwest border of the United States exposed the U.S. government's shadowy juvenile detention system, which had escaped public scrutiny for years. This book tells the story of six Central American and Mexican children who are driven from their homes by violence and deprivation, and who embark alone, risking their lives, on the perilous journey north. They suffer coercive arrests at the U.S. border, then land in detention, only to be caught up in the battle to obtain legal status. Whose Child Am I? looks inside a vast, labyrinthine system by documenting in detail the experiences of these youths, beginning with their arrest by immigration authorities, their subsequent placement in federal detention, followed by their appearance in deportation proceedings and release from custody, and, finally, ending with their struggle to build new lives in the United States. This book shows how the U.S. government got into the business of detaining children and what we can learn from this troubled history.
Category: Social Science

Illegal Encounters

Author : Deborah A. Boehm
ISBN : 9781479887798
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 27.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The impact of the U.S. immigration and legal systems on children and youth In the United States, millions of children are undocumented migrants or have family members who came to the country without authorization. The unique challenges with which these children and youth must cope demand special attention. Illegal Encounters considers illegality, deportability, and deportation in the lives of young people—those who migrate as well as those who are affected by the migration of others. A primary focus of the volume is to understand how children and youth encounter, move through, or are outside of a range of legal processes, including border enforcement, immigration detention, federal custody, courts, and state processes of categorization. Even if young people do not directly interact with state immigration systems—because they are U.S. citizens or have avoided detention—they are nonetheless deeply affected by the reach of the government in its many forms. Contributors privilege the voices and everyday experiences of immigrant children and youth themselves. By combining different perspectives from advocates, service providers, attorneys, researchers, and young immigrants, the volume presents rich accounts that can contribute to informed debates and policy reforms. Illegal Encounters sheds light on the unique ways in which policies, laws, and legal categories shape so much of daily life for young immigrants. The book makes visible the burdens, hopes, and potential of a population of young people and their families who have been largely hidden from public view and are currently under siege, following their movement through complicated immigration systems and institutions in the United States.
Category: Social Science

Amnesty International Report 2016 17

Author : Amnesty International Sektion der Bundesrepublik
ISBN : 9783104904337
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 42.93 MB
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Der ›Amnesty International Report 2016/17‹ ist das essentielle Handbuch zur weltweiten Lage der Menschenrechte. Bewaffnete Konflikte, Terror und mangelnder staatlicher Schutz haben 65 Millionen Menschen weltweit in die Flucht getrieben. Doch immer mehr Staaten riegeln ihre Grenzen ab und verwehren den Geflüchteten ihre Rechte auf Leben, Freiheit und Sicherheit. Gleichzeitig gefährden Zensur, Repressionen und autoritäre Praktiken die vermeintlich sicheren zivilisatorischen Errungenschaften. Der ›Amnesty International Report‹ gibt anhand von circa 160 Länderberichten – unter anderem aus der Volksrepublik China, Nigeria, der Türkei und den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika – einen Überblick über die weltweite Situation der Menschenrechte und ist eine wichtige Grundlage für alle, die sich für die Menschenrechte interessieren und sie durch politische Entscheidungen oder freiwilliges Engagement verändern wollen.
Category: Political Science


Author : Edward W. Said
ISBN : 3100710088
Genre : Europa - Orientbild - Kultur - Geschichte 1800-2000
File Size : 59.50 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Europa - Orientbild - Kultur - Geschichte 1800-2000