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Jesus Symbol Of God

Author : Roger Haight
ISBN : 9781608332564
Genre : Religion
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Already hailed as a landmark in contemporary Catholic theology, Jesus Symbol of God surveys scriptural data, the key moments in the development of doctrine, and the distinctive horizons of our contemporary world to develop a comprehensive and systematic christology for our time. The task of christology is to explain what it means to say that Jesus is the bearer and revealer of God in the Christian community, the decisive mediation of God's salvation -- or, in other words, the symbol of God.
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The Future Of Christology

Author : Roger D. Haight
ISBN : 9781441199584
Genre : Religion
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In a strongly worded "notification," in February of 2005, the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith denounced Jesuit Roger Haight's award-winning, best-selling book Jesus Symbol of God as containing "grave doctrinal errors." Like a number of theologians before him-Hans Küng, Charles Curran, Anthony de Mello, Tissa Balasuriya, and Jacques Dupuis-Haight has been banned from teaching as a Catholic theologian. In its overall criticism of the book, the Congregation, still under the direction of the then Cardinal Ratzinger, charged that Haight "subordinates the contents of the faith to their plausibility and intelligibility in post-modern culture." For his part, Haight says: "I look at American Catholicism with a population more and more educated in the faith. Many college and university students are used to religious pluralism, and are asking how they can square it with the Catholic faith. I try to put critical words to their experience and keep their experience in touch with the tradition. My fear is that educated Catholics will walk out if there isn't space for an open attitude to other religions." The Future of Christology covers much the same ground as Jesus Symbol of God, though in a much more accessible and compact format. The earlier book was written as a textbook; this one, with a wider audience in mind. In the final chapter, Haight responds to the numerous reviews Jesus Symbol of God received, both pro and con.
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Symbols Of Jesus

Author : Robert C. Neville
ISBN : 0521003539
Genre : Art
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This is a systematic theology focusing on what makes Jesus important in Christianity. Robert Cummings Neville, a leading philosophical theologian, presents and illustrates a theory of religious symbols according to which God is directly engaged in symbolically shaped thinking and practice.Christian symbolism is shown to be wholly compatible with a late-modern scientific world view. This major work re-shapes the way we think about Jesus, and will be of value to students, academics, clergy with theological training, and others grappling with the meaning and importance of religious symbols in our age.
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Jesus Symbol Of Christ

Author : Justin M. Yankech
ISBN : OCLC:826183347
Genre :
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The present study investigates the means by which Raimon Panikkar negotiates between the traditional principles of Catholic theology and Christology and the goals and needs of his conceptions of religious pluralism and interreligious dialogue. During the last half of the 20th century Raimon Panikkar was a major figure in the field of comparative religion, interreligious dialogue and theology of religions. Based upon his work in those fields, Panikkar came to develop an account of the person and office of Christ. What resulted was a conception of Christ that began with the traditional principles of Catholic Christology and ultimately resulted in an account of Christ that stands in tension with some of those principles. This study examines the Christology of Raimon Panikkar, as it developed in response to his work in religious pluralism and interreligious dialogue, in light of the Christological principles outlined by the Council of Chalcedon in AD 451. As an ecumenical council, Chalcedon established certain principles necessary for any orthodox account of Christ. Also, this study consults the Christological documents of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in order to establish how those principles were being maintained and interpreted in current debates over Christological accounts. In particular, the principle of the communicatio idiomatum, the communication of idioms, certified at Chalcedon, and utilized by the CDF, has played a major role in establishing the boundaries of Christology in contemporary Catholic theology. As a result of these sources, the conclusion of this study is that while Panikkar faithfully begins with the traditional principles of Catholic Christology, his concerns for religious pluralism and interreligious dialogue lead him to an account of Christ which stands in tension with Catholic Christological principles established by Chalcedon and overseen by the CDF; in particular, the communicatio idiomatum.

Dynamics Of Theology

Author : Roger Haight
ISBN : 9781608332557
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72.87 MB
Format : PDF
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Roger Haight reflects on the foundations upon which all theological statements rest, exploring how theologians go about the task of theology. His goal is to provide the fundamental grounds for the retrieval of traditional doctrine in new creative interpretations that come to bear upon life in our world today. In a new Afterword, Haight looks ahead from his methodological principles here to their application in his acclaimed Jesus Symbol of God. Book jacket.
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Jesus Christ In World History

Author : Jan A. B. Jongeneel
ISBN : 363159688X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33.75 MB
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Jesus of Nazareth influenced - and continues to influence - the human community more than anybody else. This study describes and analyzes the perceptions and receptions of Jesus as the Messiah/Christ in six continents from the beginning of the Common Era until today. He appears to be present both within and beyond the traditional borders of Christianity. Individuals and peoples represent him and/or misrepresent him in their cyclical and/or linear settings.
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An Alternative Vision

Author : Roger Haight
ISBN : 0809126796
Genre : Religion
File Size : 22.15 MB
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Presents liberationist materials under some of the basic Christian doctrines including God, christology, Church and sacraments to show that this vision of truth has wide applications.
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The Experience And Language Of Grace

Author : Roger Haight
ISBN : 0809122006
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72.41 MB
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A new approach to the idea of grace. The author isolates certain common themes consistently present in the traditional language of grace and reinterprets them in terms of the concept of liberation.
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Christian Community In History Volume 1

Author : Roger Haight
ISBN : 9780826416308
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39.36 MB
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Drawing upon the methodology developed in his Dynamics of Theology (1990) and exemplified in Jesus Symbol of God (1999), Roger Haight, in this magisterial work, achieves what he calls an historical ecclesiology, or ecclesiology from below. In contrast to traditional ecclesiology from above, which is abstract, idealist, and ahistorical, ecclesiology from below is concrete, realist, and historically conscious. In this first of two volumes, Haight charts the history of the church's self-understandings from the origins of the church in the Jesus movement to the late Middle Ages. In volume 2 Haight develops a comparative ecclesiology based on the history and diverse theologies of the worldwide Christian movement from the Reformation to the present. While the ultimate focus of the work falls on the structure of the church and its theological self-understanding, it tries to be faithful to the historical, social, and political reality of the church in each period.
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