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Italo Calvino S Architecture Of Lightness

Author : Letizia Modena
ISBN : 9781136730603
Genre : Architecture
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This study recovers Italo Calvino's central place in a lost history of interdisciplinary thought, politics, and literary philosophy in the 1960s. Drawing on his letters, essays, critical reviews, and fiction, as well as a wide range of works -- primarily urban planning and design theory and history -- circulating among his primary interlocutors, this book takes as its point of departure a sweeping reinterpretation of Invisible Cities. Passages from Calvino's most famous novel routinely appear as aphorisms in calendars, posters, and the popular literature of inspiration and self-help, reducing the novel to vague abstractions and totalizing wisdom about thinking outside the box. The shadow of postmodern studies has had a similarly diminishing effect on this text, rendering up an accomplished but ultimately apolitical novelistic experimentation in endless deconstructive deferrals, the shiny surfaces of play, and the ultimately rigged game of self-referentiality. In contrast, this study draws on an archive of untranslated Italian- and French-language materials on urban planning, architecture, and utopian architecture to argue that Calvino's novel in fact introduces readers to the material history of urban renewal in Italy, France, and the U.S. in the 1960s, as well as the multidisciplinary core of cultural life in that decade: the complex and continuous interplay among novelists and architects, scientists and artists, literary historians and visual studies scholars. His last love poem for the dying city was in fact profoundly engaged, deeply committed to the ethical dimensions of both architecture and lived experience in the spaces of modernity as well as the resistant practices of reading and utopian imagining that his urban studies in turn inspired.
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Literary Ghosts From The Victorians To Modernism

Author : Luke Thurston
ISBN : 9780415509664
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This book resituates the ghost story as a matter of literary hospitality and as part of a vital prehistory of modernism, seeing it not as a quaint neo-gothic ornament, but as a powerful literary response to the technological and psychological disturbances that marked the end of the Victorian era. Linking little-studied authors like M. R. James and May Sinclair to such canonical figures as Dickens, Henry James, Woolf, and Joyce, Thurston argues that the literary ghost should be seen as no mere relic of gothic style but as a portal of discovery, an opening onto the central modernist problem of how to write 'life itself'. Ghost stories should be seen as a distinctly neo-gothic genre, and as such are split between an ironic, often parodic reference to Gothic style and an evocation of 'life itself, ' an implicit repudiation of all literary style. Reading the ghost story as both a guest and a host story, this book traces the ghost as a disruptive figure in the 'hospitable' space of narrative from Maturin, Poe and Dickens to the fin de siecle, and then on into the twentieth century. --
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The Epic Trickster In American Literature

Author : Gregory E. Rutledge
ISBN : 9781136194832
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Just as Africa and the West have traditionally fit into binaries of Darkness/Enlightenment, Savage/Modern, Ugly/Beautiful, and Ritual/Art, among others, much of Western cultural production rests upon the archetypal binary of Trickster/Epic, with trickster aesthetics and commensurate cultural forms characterizing Africa. Challenging this binary and the exceptionalism that underlies anti-hegemonic efforts even today, this book begins with the scholarly foundations that mapped out African trickster continuities in the United States and excavated the aesthetics of traditional African epic performances. Rutledge locates trickster-like capacities within the epic hero archetype (the "epic trickster" paradigm) and constructs an Homeric Diaspora, which is to say that the modern Homeric performance foundation lies at an absolute time and distance away from the ancient storytelling performance needed to understand the cautionary aesthetic inseparable from epic potential. As traditional epic performances demonstrate, unchecked epic trickster dynamism anticipates not only brutal imperialism and creative diversity, but the greatest threat to everyone, an eco-apocalypse. Relying upon the preeminent scholarship on African-American trickster-heroes, traditional African heroic performances, and cultural studies approaches to Greco-Roman epics, Rutledge traces the epic trickster aesthetic through three seminal African-American novels keenly attuned to the American Homeric Diaspora: Charles Chesnutt’s The Marrow of Tradition, Richard Wright’s Native Son, and Toni Morrison’s Beloved.
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Locating Gender In Modernism

Author : Geetha Ramanathan
ISBN : 9781136291272
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This book visits modernism within a comparative, gendered, and third-world framework, questioning current scholarly categorisations of modernism and reframing our conception of what constitutes modernist aesthetics. It describes the construction of modernist studies and argues that despite a range of interventions which suggest that philosophical and material articulations with the third world shaped modernism, an emphasis on modernist "universals" persists. Ramanathan argues that women and third-world authors have reshaped received notions of the modern and revised orthodox ideas on the modern aesthetic. Authors such as Bessie Head, Josiane Racine, T.Obinkaram Echewa, Raja Rao, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Sembene Ousmane, Salman Rushdie, Ana Castillo, Attia Hossain, Bapsi Sidhwa, and Sahar Khalifeh, are visited in their specific cultural contexts and use some form of realism, a mode that western modernism relegates to the nineteenth century. A comparative methodology and extensive research on intersecting topics such as post-coloniality and the articulation between gender and modernist aesthetics facilitates readings of the modern in twentieth century literature that fall outside standards of western modernism. Considering the relationship between aesthetics and ideology, Ramanathan lays out a critical apparatus to enhance our understanding of the modern, thus suggesting that form is not universal, but that the history of forms, like the history of colonialism and of women, indicates very specific modalities of the modern.
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Author : Mike Crang
ISBN : 9990601674
Genre : Human geography
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Author : أمير تاج السر
Genre : Fiction
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في عشش الكرتون، أحقر حيّ سكني في منطقة أنزارا، جنوب السودان، يكبر لويس نوا على وقع طفولة بائسة. الشاب الذي يعمل في مصنع للنسيج، يقرّر الزواج بأول فتاة يراها تبتسم، تينا بائعة الماء في الشوارع، ستصبح زوجته. لكن العامل البسيط ما يلبث أن يخونها مع خادمة الغرف في نزل للفقراء، في كينشاسا. وفي ظهر يوم حارّ، سيلاحق "إيبولا"، الفيروس القاتل الذي ضرب الكونغو، جسد نوا ليسكن دمه. يغادر الفتى الأفريقي إلى بلاده، بعد رحلة حزن إلى الكونغو، ليصبح من دون أن يدري جسراً يعبر عليه المرض المميت إلى أنزارا. عبر فكرة القتل المحتمل، يرصد أمير تاج السر عوالم غرائبية، محاولاً إيجاد مدينة عادية، فيها شوارع ومتاجر، وملاهٍ ومواخير، وزيجات وطلاقات وقصص حب كاملة وناقصة.
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Author : جاك لندن
Genre : Literary Collections
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العقب الحديدية هي رواية ديستوبية للكاتب الأمريكي جاك لندن، نشرت لأول مرة في عام 1908. تعتبر الرواية من أولى روايات الديستوبيا الحديثة، وتروي قصة صعود طبقة طاغية في الولايات المتحدة. ويمكن القول بإن الرواية تعتبر أكثر الروايات صراحة فيما يتعلق بأفكار جاك لندن الاشتراكية. وهي من الأعمال السباقة في مجال أدب الخيال العلمي السهل، حيث يركز الكتاب على التغيرات المستقبلية في المجتمع والسياسة مع إعطاء اهتمام أقل للتغيرات التكنولوجية. لا يعتبر الكتاب عاديا بين كتابات لندن (وأدب ذاك الزمن بشكل عام (في كونه يروى من منظور الشخص الأول من امرأة في قصة كتبها رجل. تقع الكثير من الأحداث في منطقة خليج سان فرانسيسكو، بما في ذلك الأحداث في سان فرانسيسكو ومقاطعة سونوما.
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