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Islamic Exceptionalism

Author : Shadi Hamid
ISBN : 9781466866720
Genre : Political Science
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In Islamic Exceptionalism, Brookings Institution scholar and acclaimed author Shadi Hamid offers a novel and provocative argument on how Islam is, in fact, "exceptional" in how it relates to politics, with profound implications for how we understand the future of the Middle East. Divides among citizens aren't just about power but are products of fundamental disagreements over the very nature and purpose of the modern nation state—and the vexing problem of religion’s role in public life. Hamid argues for a new understanding of how Islam and Islamism shape politics by examining different models of reckoning with the problem of religion and state, including the terrifying—and alarmingly successful—example of ISIS. With unprecedented access to Islamist activists and leaders across the region, Hamid offers a panoramic and ambitious interpretation of the region's descent into violence. Islamic Exceptionalism is a vital contribution to our understanding of Islam's past and present, and its outsized role in modern politics. We don't have to like it, but we have to understand it—because Islam, as a religion and as an idea, will continue to be a force that shapes not just the region, but the West as well in the decades to come.
Category: Political Science

Oasis N 24 Beetween Immigration And Islam Ed Inglese

Author : Fondazione Internazionale Oasis
ISBN : 9788831730402
Genre : Religion
File Size : 65.65 MB
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The Coming Economic Implosion Of Saudi Arabia

Author : David Cowan
ISBN : 9783319747095
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 44.70 MB
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The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at a crossroads economically, and faces the challenge of a weakening economy that could implode before 2030, the year set as a timetable by the kingdom in its Vision 2030. How it navigates its way out of these economic troubles demands understanding a complex of religious, political and economic factors, which currently makes it one of the most unpredictable states in the world and, by the same token, one of the most fascinating. The problem of the Saudi economy cannot simply be argued economically, it needs political and religious solutions as well. Cowan takes a behavioural approach to analysing the Saudi economy. Predicting an implosion under the weight of its own ideologically-fuelled economy if it does not reset its agenda, this interdisciplinary book provides important insights into Saudi Arabia's position in the Islamic world and global economy.
Category: Business & Economics

Digital World War

Author : Haroon Ullah
ISBN : 9780300210231
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 90.85 MB
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The role of social media in the events of the Arab Spring and its aftermath in the Muslim world has stimulated much debate, yet little in the way of useful insight. Now Haroon Ullah, a scholar and diplomat with deep knowledge of politics and societies in the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, draws the first clear picture of the unprecedented impact of Twitter, Facebook, and other means of online communication on the recent revolutions that blazed across Muslim nations. The author carefully analyzes the growth of social media throughout the Muslim world, tracing how various organizations learned to employ such digital tools to grow networks, recruit volunteers, and disseminate messages. In Egypt, where young people rose against the regime; in Pakistan, where the youth fought against the intelligence and military establishments; and in Syria, where underground Islamists had to switch alliances, digital communications played key roles. Ullah demonstrates how social media have profoundly changed relationships between regimes and voters, though not always for the better. Looking forward he identifies trends across the Muslim world and the implications of these for regional and international politics.
Category: Political Science