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Iron Age Households

Author : Leo Webley
ISBN : 8788415511
Genre : Social Science
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Iron Age Households - Structure & Practice in Western Denmark, 500 BC-AD 200
Category: Social Science

Prehistoric Rock Art In Scandinavia

Author : Courtney Nimura
ISBN : 9781785701207
Genre : Art
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Scandinavia is home to prolific and varied rock art images among which the ship motif is prominent. Because of this, the rock art of Scandinavia has often been interpreted in terms of social ritual, cosmology, and religion associated with the maritime sphere. This comprehensive review is based on the creation of a Scandinavia-wide GIS database for prehistoric rock art and reexamines theoretical approaches and interpretations, in particular with regard to the significance of the ship and its relationship to a maritime landscape Discussion focuses on material agency as a means to understanding the role of rock art within society. Two main theories are developed. The first is that the sea was fundamental to the purpose and meaning of rock art, especially in the Bronze Age and, therefore, that sea-level/shoreline changes would have inspired a renegotiation of the relationship between the rock art sites and their intended purpose. The fundamental question posed is: would such changes to the landscape have affected the purpose and meaning of rock art for the communities that made and used these sites? Various theories from within and outside of archaeology are drawn on to examine environmental change and analyze the rock art, led to second theory: that the purpose of rock art might have been altered to have an effect on the disappearing sea. The general theory that rock art would have been affected by environmental change was discussed in tandem with existing interpretations of the meaning and purpose of rock art. Imbuing rock art with agency means that it could be intertwined in an active web of relations involving maritime landscapes, shoreline displacement and communities. Though created in stone and fixed in time and place, rock art images have propagated belief systems that would have changed over time as they were re-carved, abandoned and used by different groups of inhabitants. In the thousands of years rock art was created, it is likely that shoreline displacement would have inspired a renegotiation of the purpose and meaning of the imagery situated alongside the Scandinavian seas. This journey through a prehistoric Scandinavian landscape will lead us into a world of ancient beliefs and traditions revolving around this extraordinary art form.
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Atlantic Europe In The First Millennium Bc

Author : Tom Moore
ISBN : 9780199567959
Genre : History
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This volume of 33 papers on the Atlantic region of Western Europe in the first millennium BC reflects a diverse range of theoretical approaches, techniques, and methodologies across current research, and is an opportunity to compare approaches to the first millennium BC from different national and theoretical perspectives.
Category: History

Burial Society

Author : Claus Kjeld Jensen
ISBN : IND:30000056851102
Genre : Social Science
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These papers encompass the theoretical and methodological aspects of burial archaeology. The contributors to the book are concerned with several trends in modern archaeology, such as: computer analyses for the study of chronological, territorial and social structure; the current re-analysis of old excavations brought on by a renewed interest in artefacts; and the growing importance of the study of family groups, social organisation and political structures. Archaeology today recognises research in burials for its broad portrait of society: the evidence which graves provide can clarify regional, ethnic and political differences, as well as the economic class of the individual. The evidence within a burial site clarifies the ritual life within a culture. Also discussed in the book is foreign influences during the early-medieval and Viking periods, and the impact of Christianity on burial practices.
Category: Social Science

The Heuneburg And The Early Iron Age Princely Seats

Author : Dirk Krausse
ISBN : 9639911844
Genre : History
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The Heuneburg on the Upper Danube is one of the best-studied sites of the European Iron Age. Recent research has radically changed our traditional understanding of this central place, which in the 6th century BC covered an area of about 100 hectares. As we argue in the book, the settlement can be classified as the first city north of the Alps. This volume has two main, interconnected aims: to provide the first synthesis in English on the archaeology of the Heuneburg and its surroundings, including the rich burial evidence and the hillforts in the vicinity; and to set the development of this important Early Iron Age site into the broader context of the centralisation and urbanisation processes of the Late Hallstatt period. The final chapter includes an overview of the main contemporaneous sites in Temperate Europe, from Bourges and Mont Lassois in France to Zavist in the Czech Republic. "
Category: History

Evidential Reasoning In Archaeology

Author : Robert Chapman
ISBN : 9781472528933
Genre : Social Science
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How do archaeologists work with the data they identify as a record of the cultural past? How are these data collected and construed as evidence? What is the impact on archaeological practice of new techniques of data recovery and analysis, especially those imported from the sciences? To answer these questions, the authors identify close-to-the-ground principles of best practice based on an analysis of examples of evidential reasoning in archaeology that are widely regarded as successful, contested, or instructive failures. They look at how archaeologists put old evidence to work in pursuit of new interpretations, how they construct provisional foundations for inquiry as they go, and how they navigate the multidisciplinary ties that make archaeology a productive intellectual trading zone. This case-based approach is predicated on a conviction that archaeological practice is a repository of considerable methodological wisdom, embodied in tacit norms and skilled expertise Â? wisdom that is rarely made explicit except when contested, and is often obscured when questions about the status and reach of archaeological evidence figure in high-profile crisis debates.
Category: Social Science

Pathways To Power

Author : T. Douglas Price
ISBN : 1441963006
Genre : Social Science
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There are few questions more central to understanding the prehistory of our species than those regarding the institutionalization of social inequality. Social inequality is manifested in unequal access to goods, information, decision-making, and power. This structure is essential to higher orders of social organization and basic to the operation of more complex societies. An understanding of the transformation from relatively egalitarian societies to a hierarchical organization and socioeconomic stratification is fundamental to our knowledge about the human condition. In a follow-up to their 1995 book Foundations of Social Inequality, the Editors of this volume have compiled a new and comprehensive group of studies concerning these central questions. When and where does hierarchy appear in human society, and how does it operate? With numerous case studies from the Old and New World, spanning foraging societies to agricultural groups, and complex states, Pathways to Power provides key historical insights into current social and cultural questions.
Category: Social Science

Organizing Bronze Age Societies

Author : Timothy Earle
ISBN : 0521748356
Genre : Social Science
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The Bronze Age was a formative period in European history when the organization of landscapes, settlements, and economy reached a new level of complexity. This book presents the first in-depth, comparative study of household, economy, and settlement in three micro-regions: the Mediterranean (Sicily), Central Europe (Hungary), and Northern Europe (South Scandinavia). The results are based on ten years of fieldwork in a similar method of documentation, and scientific analyses were used in each of the regional studies, making controlled comparisons possible. The new evidence demonstrates how differences in settlement organization and household economies were counterbalanced by similarities in the organized use of the landscape in an economy dominated by the herding of large flocks of sheep and cattle. The eight chapters in this book provide a new, contextualized understanding of the social and economic complexity of the Bronze Age. Its innovative theoretical and methodological approaches will be of relevance to all researchers of landscape and settlement history.
Category: Social Science

Warfare And Society In The Barbarian West 450 900

Author : Guy Halsall
ISBN : 9781134553877
Genre : History
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Guy Halsall relates warfare to many aspects of medieval life, economy, society and politics.This book recovers its distinctiveness, looking at warfare in a rounded context in the British Isles and Western Europe between the end of the Roman Empire and the break-up of the Carolingian Empire. Examining the raising and organization of early medieval armies and looks at the conduct of campaigns, the survey also includes a study of the equipment of warriors and the horrific experience of battle as well as an analysis of medieval fortifications and siege warfare. Warfare and Society in the Barbarian West uses historical and archaeological evidence in a rigorous and sophisticated fashion. It stresses regional variations but also places Anglo-Saxon England in the mainstream of the military developments in this era, and in the process, provides an outstanding resource for students of all levels.
Category: History

Math Proofs Demystified

Author : Stan Gibilisco
ISBN : 9780071469920
Genre : Mathematics
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Almost every student has to study some sort of mathematical proofs, whether it be in geometry, trigonometry, or with higher-level topics. In addition, mathematical theorems have become an interesting course for many students outside of the mathematical arena, purely for the reasoning and logic that is needed to complete them. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have philosophy and law students grappling with proofs. This book is the perfect resource for demystifying the techniques and principles that govern the mathematical proof area, and is done with the standard “Demystified” level, questions and answers, and accessibility.
Category: Mathematics