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Into The Kill Zone

Author : David Klinger
ISBN : 9781118429761
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 26.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What's it like to have the legal sanction to shoot and kill? This compelling and often startling book answers this, and many other questions about the oft-times violent world inhabited by our nation's police officers. Written by a cop-turned university professor who interviewed scores of officers who have shot people in the course of their duties, Into the Kill Zone presents firsthand accounts of the role that deadly force plays in American police work. This brilliantly written book tells how novice officers are trained to think about and use the power they have over life and death, explains how cops live with the awesome responsibility that comes from the barrels of their guns, reports how officers often hold their fire when they clearly could have shot, presents hair-raising accounts of what it's like to be involved in shoot-outs, and details how shooting someone affects officers who pull the trigger. From academy training to post-shooting reactions, this book tells the compelling story of the role that extreme violence plays in the lives of America's cops.
Category: True Crime

Die Auserw Hlten Kill Order

Author : James Dashner
ISBN : 9783646927566
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 28.79 MB
Format : PDF
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Die Vorgeschichte zur Maze Runner-Trilogie – düster, packend, nervenaufreibend! *** 13 Jahre bevor Thomas ins Labyrinth kam: Unerträgliche Hitze, radioaktive Strahlen und riesige Flutwellen – das Land liegt brach. Jeder Tag ist ein Kampf ums Überleben. Mark und seine Freunde irren durch verlassene Städte auf der Suche nach einem Ort, an dem sie bleiben können. Als sich ein Hubschrauber nähert, glauben sie an Rettung. Doch sie werden beschossen, mit infizierten Pfeilen, die einen Virus verbreiten. Wer tut den Menschen so etwas an? Mark und seiner Truppe bleibt nicht viel Zeit das herauszufinden, denn der Virus mutiert und wird zur tödlichen Gefahr … *** Vorsicht: Spoiler-Alarm für die Trilogie. Alle Bände der weltweiten Bestseller-Serie »Maze Runner«: Die Auserwählten im Labyrinth (Band 1) Die Auserwählten in der Brandwüste (Band 2) Die Auserwählten in der Todeszone (Band 3) Die Auserwählten - Kill Order (Band 4, spielt 15 Jahre vor Band 1) Die Auserwählten - Phase Null (Band 5, spielt unmittelbar vor Band 1)
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Surviving Inside The Kill Zone

Author : Ernest Emerson
ISBN : 1507785968
Genre :
File Size : 25.66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is not a book of techniques. This is a book about what you need to know in order to make any technique work when a real bad guy is trying to kill you. Ernest Emerson is an instructor, author and lecturer. He is a Black Belt Hall of Fame member, owner of the Black Shamrock Combat Academy and one of the most sought after tactical instructors in the world. One of his most popular lectures, is titled "Surviving Inside the Kill Zone." He has often been asked the question, "When are you going to put this in a book?" That question is now answered. In the brutal arena of life and death combat, there are things that you can do and things you can't. There are also things you should always do and there are things you should never do. And the right things that you are able to do in combat are the ones that will enable you to survive a deadly attack. Emerson always starts this lecture with the question; "How many first responders are in this room?" There are always several police, firemen, or paramedics in the audience who raise their hands. And then the lecture starts. In this book you will learn the principles, concepts, strategies, and tactics behind the training methods Ernest Emerson has been teaching to members of Special Operations Units, Government Agencies, and Counter-terrorist Units for over two decades. The book breaks down the subject into seven related but distinct chapters that starts with Education, stressing the importance of learning strategies, tactics, weapons, and methodologies of the bad guys. Emerson then follows with a further exploration and recommendation for choosing the right weapons, how to judge a training system, and how to identify what you really need to know and how to learn it. Emerson explains why half of what you know, won't work in combat and only about half of what really works in combat is what you'll actually be able to do. That only leaves about 25% combat effectiveness, when you're up against someone is who trying to take your life. This book gives you the tools that make that 25% and make it more effective and powerful than the other 75% left behind. The book introduces you to the rules of combat, the important role of goals and the right strategic objectives and how to apply them to both training and combat. Emerson provides valuable insight into the predator/prey relationship and how you can use it to work against a predator and effectively take you off their radar as a potential prey. Learn how to identify and break the sequence of events that leads to a surprise attack. Mr. Emerson also teaches the CIA maxim of Detect, Deny, Destroy, and explains how a system that works so well for their officers can be used to work just as well for you. Knowing that the physical battle is only part of any aggressive or violent confrontation, Emerson devotes an entire chapter to the Warrior Mindset and also the importance of the Will in developing the absolute conviction that you will never quit and never, ever give up, using the same techniques as taught to U.S. Navy SEALs. There is also very valuable information on developing the Mental Trigger, material that until now has never been covered in any other civilian source. And you will learn how functional conditioning and strength play a vital role in your ability to fight and prevail against the attacker. Combat strength conditioning is explained in terms that allow you to reevaluate your training regimen and fine tune it for optimum combat performance. It was mentioned that at the beginning of his lecture, "Surviving Inside the Kill Zone" he asks how many first responders are in the room? Emerson asks the same question at the end of the lecture. This time every hand in the room goes up. Read this book and get ready to raise your hand.

Dead Shot

Author : Jack Coughlin
ISBN : 9783838715377
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 25.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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London. Ein Anschlag erschüttert die Hochzeit des Königshauses. Die Attentäter haben eine Waffe eingesetzt, die selbst dem Geheimdienst Rätsel aufgibt. Die Suche nach den Terroristen stellt den Eliteagenten Kyle Swanson auf eine harte Probe - denn der Drahzieher ist offenbar sein bester Freund...
Category: Fiction

Der Schattenkrieg

Author : Ronen Bergman
ISBN : 9783641095154
Genre : History
File Size : 61.77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Von der Staatsgründung Israels bis heute - die erste umfassende Geschichte der geheimen Tötungskommandos des Mossad Mordanschläge, die dem israelischen Geheimdienst Mossad zugeschrieben werden, sorgen immer wieder für Aufsehen. Doch über die Hintergründe dieser Aktionen war bislang kaum etwas bekannt. In seinem packend geschriebenen Enthüllungsbuch deckt der israelische Geheimdienstexperte Ronen Bergman nun erstmals die ganze Dimension eines Schattenkriegs auf, der seit Jahrzehnten im Geheimen ausgetragen wird. Er beschreibt die Erfolge und Misserfolge der zum Teil unbekannten Attentate, benennt Opfer, Täter und Verantwortliche und fragt, welchen Preis Staat und Gesellschaft in Israel für ihre Sicherheit bezahlen.
Category: History

Kill Zone

Author : CJ Lyons
ISBN : 9781910859674
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 76.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The brutal murder of a teenage girl... The violence is the worst Lucy Guardino has ever seen, the stakes are higher than ever... and things get personal. It’s a vicious crime: the brutal killing of a teenaged girl. When detectives call FBI Agent Lucy Guardino to the scene, their focus is on who and why? Was it the girl’s Afghan father? Her Jewish boyfriend? Someone from Afghanistan settling an old grudge? Or one of the drug cartels the father helped bring down seeking revenge? Meanwhile former Marine Sergeant Andre Stone has been home a month, but has yet to leave the safe haven of his grandmother’s house. Andre’s disfiguring physical scars are the least of his worries. The emotional wounds of seeing his men massacred in a raid gone wrong have left him numb. All he can think about is revenge on Rashid Raziq, the man behind the raid. When Andre is offered a chance at vengeance, the only question is: How far will he go to get it? As Lucy’s hometown is engulfed in flames, a violent narco-terrorist turns the city into a kill zone...In the dark of night Lucy and Andre both learn that secrets hide in shadows. This gripping thriller from CJ Lyons is perfect for readers of Lee Child, Jeffrey Deaver and Lisa Gardner. Filled with heart-stopping suspense, it is a crime thriller that won’t let go. Watch out for more Lucy Guardino Lucy Guardino will do whatever it takes to stop violent predators Snake Skin Blood Stained Kill Zone After Shock Hard Fall Bad Break Beacon Falls Mysteries featuring Lucy Guardino Last Light Devil Smoke Open Grave What people are saying about Kill Zone and CJ Lyons ‘A pulse-pounding adrenalin rush!’ – Lisa Gardner ‘Highly engaging characters, heart-stopping scenes... one great rollercoaster ride that will not be stopping anytime soon.’ – ‘Packed with adrenalin.’ – David Morrell ‘In true CJ Lyons fashion, this book pulls no punches. It's an in-your-face, no-holds-barred story depicting the cruel world of murder and drugs. As with all of her other books, CJ Lyons never disappoints. She is a brilliant writer and storyteller both, which is not often found in an author.’ – ‘CJ Lyons has done it again. This is the latest in the Lucy Guardino mysteries... and I have to say this is the most intense and action packed of all.’ – Carol Hoefs ‘One of the best books I have read in recent years.’ – Marilyn Hiliau ‘Another awesome read, very exciting and full of twists and turns. Keeps you on the edge of your seat from page one!’ – Sheila Faulk ‘Lyons has a fascinating premise: a city taken over by gangs and dope dealers--and she plays it out beautifully. The characters we're come to be intrigued by in previous work are back, but in unexpected ways. Just when I think I'm sure what one will do, he or she surprises me with a move I didn't see coming. Buy it! You won't be sorry.’ – Jerry Harber
Category: Fiction

Kill Decision

Author : Daniel Suarez
ISBN : 9783644495715
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36.9 MB
Format : PDF
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Sie leben nicht. Aber sie töten. Blutiger Drohnenangriff auf eine Pilgerstätte im Irak. Ein weiterer Angriff trifft eine kalifornische Universität. Die Biologin Linda McKinney ahnt nichts davon: Sie erforscht gerade eine besonders aggressive Spezies afrikanischer Ameisen, als sie mitten im Dschungel gekidnappt wird. Ihr Entführer heißt Odin, und er hat ihr offenbar das Leben gerettet. Wer sind die Mächte, die Lindas Forschungen zur Schwarmintelligenz unterdrücken wollen? Während sich in den USA grauenhafte Bombardements häufen und in den hintersten Winkeln des Planeten Millionen fliegender Tötungsmaschinen vom Band laufen, macht sich das Team um Odin und McKinney daran, die Menschheit vor der Vernichtung durch ihren eigenen technologischen Fortschritt zu retten ... Der neue Roman vom «Jules Verne des digitalen Zeitalters» (Frank Schirrmacher): visionär, verstörend, einzigartig. «Eine exemplarische Spitzenleistung eines kaum analysierten Genres. Übertreibung braucht Suarez kaum.» (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) «Mit diesem perfekten Mix aus nervenzerfetzender Spannung und verständlicher Wissenschaftlichkeit etabliert sich Daniel Suarez in diesem spannenden Thriller als der legitime Erbe von Michael Crichton.» (Publishers’ Weekly) «Ein souverän geschriebener Thriller, bei dem wir uns am Ende nicht fragen, ob diese Fiktion eines Tages Wirklichkeit wird, sondern wann.» (Kirkus Reviews) «Dieser Roman ist näher an der Wirklichkeit, als die meisten Menschen glauben.» (Wired)
Category: Fiction

Into The Killing Zone

Author : Sean Rayment
ISBN : IND:30000110583733
Genre : Afghan War, 2001-
File Size : 41.66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Leading commentator, Sean Rayment, has followed the conflict in Afghanistan from the first moment and tells the story of the rise and fall of the British effort in Afghanistan.The current conflict in Afghanistan is unlike any other war in the world. Since 2006 British soldiers have been living in impossible conditions, under the searing desert sun (on occasions reaching 50°C) and facing continual fire from elusive Taliban forces. With access to many members of the Parachute Regiment, the Royal Marines, and The Royal Anglian Regiment as well as the undercover operations of special forces, Sean Rayment recounts the lives and battles of the British forces at the centre of the most difficult conflict of our times.Included here is the dramatic two-week siege of Sangin in August 2006, in which 120 members of the Parachute regiment stood against an unseen desert force: in the turmoil, under heavy fire, Corporal Bryan Budd of the Paras headed off a Taliban assault and was killed; he won a posthumous VC. During the most dangerous periods solders were forced to sleep standing at their battle positions.Sean Rayment_s dispatches from the campaign, also cover the battles of Musa Quala and Nawzad and form a compelling and gruelling account of what_s really been happening in a war that is often conducted beyond the lenses of the media.He reveals a riveting portrait of courage and endurance amongst the ordinary men and women of the modern British Army.
Category: Afghan War, 2001-

Eiskalt Am Abzug

Author : Christopher Whitcomb
ISBN : 3442151929
Genre :
File Size : 41.14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Die Auserw Hlten Im Labyrinth

Author : James Dashner
ISBN : 9783646921014
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 52.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 363
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Sein Name ist Thomas. An mehr kann er sich nicht erinnern. Und er ist an einem bizarren Ort gelandet – einer Lichtung, umgeben von einem riesigen Labyrinth. Zusammen mit fünfzig Jungen, denen es genauso geht wie ihm, sucht Thomas einen Weg in die Freiheit. Der führt durch das Labyrinth, dessen gewaltige Mauern sich Nacht für Nacht verschieben, und in dem mörderische Kreaturen lauern. Doch gibt es wirklich einen Weg hinaus? Und wer hat sich dieses grauenvolle Szenario ausgedacht? Den Jungen bleibt nicht viel Zeit, um es herauszufinden ... Ein tödliches Labyrinth ohne Ausweg - Spannung pur! Die Erfolgsserie zu den Kinofilmen Alle Bände der weltweiten Bestseller-Serie »Maze Runner«: Die Auserwählten im Labyrinth (Band 1) Die Auserwählten in der Brandwüste (Band 2) Die Auserwählten in der Todeszone (Band 3) Die Auserwählten - Kill Order (Band 4, spielt 15 Jahre vor Band 1) Die Auserwählten - Phase Null (Band 5, spielt unmittelbar vor Band 1)
Category: Juvenile Fiction