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Internationalization Of Research And Development

Author : Klaus Brockhoff
ISBN : 9783642589591
Genre : Business & Economics
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Research and development is no longer a headquarters function. More and more companies internationalize their R&D activities. The pros and cons of this approach are discussed in this book. The organizational alternatives for international R&D as well as the consequences that they have for decision making and performing R&D are also of great interest. Furthermore, measuring success of international R&D is a very difficult problem that is not yet fully understood. However, suggestions are made to improve present day practise. They are based on a large body of empirical research and management literature.
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Internationalization Of Research And Development By Multinational Enterprises

Author : Robert D. Pearce
ISBN : 9781349104963
Genre : Business & Economics
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Providing a broadly based survey of existing knowledge of the important emerging phenomenon of internationalized research and development operations by multinational enterprises, this book argues that these enterprises are recognizing the need for a global perspective on the creation of technology.
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Transnational Corporations And The Internationalization Of R D

Author : United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
ISBN : 9211126673
Genre : Business & Economics
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This annual report examines changing trends in foreign direct investment (FDI) flows worldwide, at the regional and country levels and emerging measures to improve its contribution to development. The 2005 edition focuses on the internationalisation of research and development by transnational corporations and its policy implications for innovation, economic growth and development. Findings for the year 2004 show that, after three years of decline in global investment flows, there was a rise of two per cent overall compared to the previous year. This growth was led by the increase in FDI flows to developing countries of 40 per cent, whilst developed countries experienced a 14 per cent drop in their inward FDI. As a result, the share of developing countries in world FDI inflows reached 36 per cent, the highest level since 1997.
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Internationalization Of Research And Development

Author : Alberto Di Minn
ISBN : UCAL:C3507706
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Contrary to expectations, the results clearly support the case for "non-globalization", and suggest that in spite of growing internationalization of operations, there is no convincing evidence to reject the hypothesis that core technology activities remain homebound.

The Role Of Innovations Created In The Internationalization Process For Company Performance

Author : Adam Dymitrowski
ISBN : 9788301179540
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It is commonly believed that innovations are crucial in company's activity. The significance of the role that is assigned to the issue of innovation is confirmed by numerous scientific research studies that indicate the existence of a link between innovativeness and company performance. In terms of the dynamically progressing process of globalization it seems that the relationship between innovation and company performance should be examined in the context of entities participating in international expansion. The process of internationalization may influence the creation of innovations by enterprises and at the same time the achieved results. Despite many literature publications in the field of economics and management, concerning internationalization and innovations, there is a small number of publications describing the influence of internationalization on the innovation activities of enterprises in a comprehensive manner. Likewise, there is no answer to the question on how the innovations created in the process of internationalization influence the results of companies. Due to the identification of a substantial research gap, this book undertakes an attempt at determining the manner in which internationalization affects the process of enterprises creating innovations and ascertaining their impact on company results. The conclusions presented in the book may be used by researchers representing many fields of science and be the subject of interest to the representatives of business practice. In addition, it is one of the few domestic and foreign studies concerning the innovations created in the process of internationalization.

Research And Development Management From The Soviet Union To Russia

Author : Christoph M. Schneider
ISBN : 9783662303726
Genre : Science
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In the past, intensive interest in Soviet research and development has been sporadic both in the West and in the USSR. The end of the 1980s coincided with the demise of the Soviet model of economic development. As a result, a surge of attention has been given to t~e factors driving the motor of Soviet growth and development, as well as R&D. The opening, first, of the Soviet and, subsequently, of the Russian economy, finally exposed it to global stan to scientific dards. The long period of international isolation with respect and technological exchanges made it difficult for scholars and policy makers at home and abroad to measure the status of Soviet advances. Consequently, some overrated the levels, while others underestimated them. Now it comes to light that, although the Soviets put the first satellite in space (Sputnik) and developed their own hydrogen bomb, these were more the exceptions of innovation from research results rather than the rule. Therefore, as the management of the entire economy increasingly malfunctioned, so did the management of R&D in contributing to economic growth and development. There is no denying the incredible investment of the former Soviet state in domestic science and research. The R&D community was one of the largest, if not the largest, in the world during the second half of the twentieth century. Now, Russia has inherited not only this enormous resource, but also the inadequate organization, management, and structure.
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Management Of Technology And Innovation In Japan

Author : Cornelius Herstatt
ISBN : 9783540312482
Genre : Business & Economics
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What Makes this Book Unique? No crystal ball is required to safely predict, that in the future – even more than in the past – mastered innovativeness will be a primary criterion distinguishing s- cessful from unsuccessful companies. At the latest since Michael Porter’s study on the competitiveness of nations, the same criterion holds even for the evaluation of entire countries and national economies. Despite the innumerable number of p- lications and recommendations on innovation, competitive innovativeness is still a rare competency. The latest publication of UNICE – the European Industry - ganization representing 20 million large, midsize and small companies – speaks a clear language: Europe qualifies to roughly 60% (70%) of the innovation strength of the US (Japan). The record unemployment in many EU countries does not c- tradict this message. A main reason may be given by the fact that becoming an innovative organi- tion means increased openness towards the new and more tolerance towards risks and failures, both challenging the inherently difficult management art of cultural change. Further, lacking innovativeness is often related to legal and fiscal barriers which rather hinder than foster innovative activities. Yet another reason to explain Europe’s notorious innovation gap refers to insufficient financial R&D resources on the company as well as on the national level. As a result, for example, hi- ranking decisions on the level of the European Commission are taken to increase R&D expenditures in the European Union from roughly 2% to 3% of GNP.
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New Perspectives On Internationalization And Competitiveness

Author : Eskil Ullberg
ISBN : 9783319119793
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 90.40 MB
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​This volume showcases contributions from leading academics, educators and policymakers derived from two workshops hosted by the Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science (ICES) at George Mason University on internationalization and competitiveness. It aims to present key areas of current research and to identify basic problems within the field to promote further discussion and research. This book is organized into two sections, focusing on: science and economics and innovation policy and its measurement, with an underlying emphasis on exploring connections across disciplines and across research, practice and policy. The first workshop was held at George Mason University (GMU) in Arlington, VA, USA in March 2013 and a second, building on the key results from the first, was held at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2013. A variety of problems were discussed and several interdisciplinary concepts in internationalization and competitiveness have already emerged from these workshops. For example, many of the presentations emphasized a need for productivity, which is a key goal of economic development. It was proposed to shift the emphasis from productivity towards creativity by examining property right regimes and their measurement to provide incentives for creative idea generation. These regimes span across higher education, invention, labor markets, and many other markets and institutions. Addressing fundamental issues along four dimensions--economics, higher education, strategic collaboration, and new research methods--this book provides a multidimensional, interdisciplinary perspective on the challenges and opportunities for future development.​ This excellent collection of essays provides new insights as to how the development and diffusion of knowledge are facilitating convergence in the structure of research organizations across the globe -- a process that has enormous implications for how actors in all parts of the world compete with one another in an increasing array of arenas. The essays have valuable implications for understanding how producers of all kinds of knowledge across the globe are competing with one another and how geographical space and nation states are less important in the competition for novelty. Rogers Hollingsworth University of Wisconsin (Madison) University of California San Diego
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Handbook Of Research On Internationalization Of Entrepreneurial Innovation In The Global Economy

Author : Carvalho, Luisa Cagica
ISBN : 9781466682177
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.56 MB
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Globalization demands the creation of new business approaches to achieve high levels of competitiveness. Cultural differences factor into policies as companies expand their businesses in different countries and seek to collaborate with international entrepreneurs. The Handbook of Research on Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Innovation in the Global Economy brings together research on international business, entrepreneurship, and innovation in order to present a comprehensive publication for business professionals. This volume is an essential reference source for practitioners, academicians, researchers and upper-level students interested in learning about internationalization and innovation in a global market.
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