Author : Andrea Dworkin
ISBN : 9781458723772
Genre : Social Science
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Intercourse is a book that moves through the sexed world of dominance and submission. It moves in descending circles, not in a straight line, and as in a vortex each spiral goes down deeper. Its formal model is Dante's Inferno; its lyrical debt is to Rimbaud; the equality it envisions is rooted in the dreams of women, silent generations, pioneer voices, lone rebels, and masses who agitated, demanded, cried out, broke laws, and even begged. The begging was a substitute for retaliatory violence: doing bodily harm back to those who use or injure you. I want women to be done with begging. The public censure of women as if we are rabid because we speak without apology about the world in which we live is a strategy of threat that usually works. Men often react to women's words - speaking and writing - as if they were acts of violence; sometimes men react to women's words with violence. So we lower our voices. Women whisper. Women apologize. Women shut up. Women trivialize what we know. Women shrink. Women pull back. Most women have experienced enough dominance from men - control, violence, insult, contempt - that no threat seems empty. Intercourse does not say, forgive me and love me. It does not say, I forgive you, I love you. For a woman writer to thrive (or, arguably, to survive) in these current hard times, forgiveness and love must be subtext. No. I say no. Intercourse is search and assertion, passion and fury; and its form - no less than its content - deserves critical scrutiny and respect.---- PREFACE
Category: Social Science

Unveiling Mysteries In Sexual Intercourse

Author : Timothy P. Ngwana
ISBN : 9781462811144
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Sex education, for long, has been a taboo subject in our societies. Most parents are always shy to give their children any little information they know about sexual intercourse. Many schools give that which they know but in a wrong way. Instead, they somehow condone to students indulging in sexual intercourse as an adventure. The church that could give the truth, gives it poorly. This lack of communication has given the enemy the opportunity to manipulate people through sex that leads to their doom. I say lack of communication because despite the education many have acquired so far, sexually related diseases and disasters have led and are still leading many people quickly to their graves and many married couples do not enjoy God’s ordained purpose of sexual intercourse in their homes. We cannot afford to ignore this, knowing that sex is one of the fundamental issues of life. Amongst the ten major stimulus of the body, scientifically, it has been proven that sexual drive is the greatest. Due to too many sexual disasters in our societies today, many people may ask; why is it that God created sexual intercourse? Let me tell you. Any thing created by God is for the good of man, but only becomes bad when misused. Through this book, I will attempt to wipe away indulgence in ignorance from you by unveiling God’s purpose for sexual intercourse. There is a mystery about sexual intercourse that many people have not yet known. God says: my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Reading this book will clear that ignorance and you will not enter into sexual activities for the sake of adventure or experiment. You will also know the consequences of wrong sexual relationships and the solutions to liberate yourself if you are in such bondages. This book is a product of many years of experience and research.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Intercourse Of Knowledge

Author : Athalya Brenner
ISBN : 9004101551
Genre : Religion
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This groundbreaking book, which builds on the author's earlier work in "On Gendering Texts," studies how, by what means and to what extent human love, desire and sex, and possibly even 'sexuality', are gendered in the Hebrew Bible. Following a classification and gendering of the linguistic and semantic data, the investigation looks into the construction of male and female bodies in language and ideologies; the praxis and ideology of sex, procreation and contraception; deviation from socio-sexual boundaries (e.g. incest, rape, adultery, homosexuality, prostitution); eroticism and "pornoprophetics." Finally, the work discusses some of the wider sociological and theological implications of the findings.
Category: Religion

The Catholic Church On Marital Intercourse

Author : Robert Obach
ISBN : 0739130897
Genre : Religion
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The Catholic Church on Marital Intercourse traces the development of the Church's theology of marital sexuality from New Testament times to the present day. The early ecclesial leaders promoted a theology of sexuality based on Stoicism's biological perception that sexual activity was solely for the purpose of reproduction. Only in the early twentieth century did a few theologians begin to move beyond discussing 'the purposes of marital intercourse' to discussing the meaning that the marital act might have for the spouses themselves. With the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), a new and positive view of marital sexuality emerged recognizing the Pauline view that the couple's marital acts express their love for each other along the lines of Christ's love for his church (Ephesians 5). In sum, The Catholic Church on Marital Intercourse treats the way in which the Catholic Church has moved away from an attitude of conditional acceptance of marital intercourse on the basis of its utility to recognition that the dynamics of sexual union are both good and holy, not only because that is the way children are conceived, but also because the marital act enhances the love of husband and wife for each other.
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Inventive Intercourse

Author : Stephen R. Yarbrough
ISBN : 0809327163
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Applying interactionist discourse theory to show how we create novel beliefs Inventive Intercourse: From Rhetorical Conflict to the Ethical Creation of Novel Truth offers a theory of discursive interaction, illustrating how we can understand human communication without resorting to the notion of language. Using the perspective of interactionist discourse theory, author Stephen Yarbrough investigates how we create novel beliefs, beliefs we could not have inferred from our established beliefs. The volume considers a central dilemma of post-modern thought: If language is a system of conventions and rules that limit what we can say and think, how can we deliberately produce anything truly novel? While postmodernism concludes that linguistic and conceptual change within our incommensurable worlds is driven by contingency and blind mechanical forces, Yarbrough argues that this view is wrong because the notion that language mediates our perception is wrong. Beginning with philosopher Donald Davidson's assertion that "there is no such thing as language" in the sense of a system of conventions and rules, Yarbrough develops an interactionist theory of discourse and uses it to revise the major elements of Aristotelian rhetoric to explain how we deliberately invent novel concepts that we come to believe. Yarbrough suggests that all conceptual change is initiated by a shift in our ethical apperception of elements of a situation and that an ethical change will have emotional consequences. Changes in our emotional responses to things will change the ways we interact with them, he says, and changes in our interaction with things will create new technical relations which we can communicate to others only by altering our habitual shared way of using signs, metaphors, and other tropes.
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Textual Intercourse

Author : Laura Saba
ISBN : 9781458779779
Genre :
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Forget instant messaging and e-mail - we are undergoing a text message revolution! Text messaging is the newest and preferred wave of communication for the younger demographic and the number one application of cell phones. The market is ripe for this relationship guide for texters! With this new trend come all kinds of questions and confusion concerning textual communication and protocol within relationships girls never would have imagined a generation ago. Tantalizing topics include: The dos and don'ts of texting your significant other; Interpreting exactly what his text messages mean; Finding the right balance between texting and in-person communication; The ins and outs of building textual confidence; The art of textual flirtation; And so much more! This revealing and useful book demonstrates exactly how those tiny text messages you send today can create big success for your love life tomorrow.

Textual Intercourse

Author : Jeffrey Masten
ISBN : 0521589207
Genre : Drama
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Shows how the writing of Renaissance drama was conceptualised in the language of eroticism.
Category: Drama

Sexual Intercourse

Author : Rose Boyt
ISBN : STANFORD:36105000267596
Genre : Fiction
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Isobel's decision to become pregnant by mama's boy Norman in order to win her father Anthony's love results in tragedy when Anthony prefers his granddaughter to his daughter and Norman takes his relationship with Isobel seriously
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