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Institutional Economics In France And Germany

Author : Agnes Labrousse
ISBN : 9783662044728
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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German Ordoliberalism and French Regulation theory, two institutionalist theories born in different national contexts, show striking convergences and complementarities. Based on an original comparison, Institutional Economics in France and Germany analyses the basic concepts, the development and the present relevance of both schools, the way they deal with the crucial methodological issue of complexity and with transformation in post-socialist Europe. It underlines the specificity and fruitfulness of these European approaches to institutional economics, often unfortunately ignored in the English-language literature. Written by leading scholars, this book is a clear presentation of both theories, with numerous illustrations and in-depth analysis of recent research developments. This theoretical, methodological and thematic comparison raises central issues in the growing field of socioeconomic and institutionalist theory.
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The Evolution Of Economic Theory

Author : Volker Caspari
ISBN : 9781136821318
Genre : Business & Economics
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Bertram Schefold is recognized internationally as an outstanding economist. He has made major contributions to the development of economic theory and particularly to economic thought. His contributions to economic theory include his work on Sraffian economics and its implications for the theory of value and distribution, capital theory, growth and technical progress. This book consists of ten papers by distinguished economists from Europe, the United States and Japan. The papers cover a range of topics chosen according to Bertram Schefolds main fields of research, from Wicksell’s principle of just taxation to Sraffa and the Universal Basic Income to Marx’s Theory of Value. Covering Schefold's main areas of academic interest, this is an important and comprehensive volume which is a fitting tribute to one of the foremost economic thinkers of our age.
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The Historicity Of Economics

Author : Heino H. Nau
ISBN : 9783540248248
Genre : Business & Economics
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In this volume, continuities and discontinuities between Historical School of Economics and Old Institutional Economics are examined with regard to common research objectives and methods. Similarly, those between these two economic movements and New Institutional Economics as well as new economic sociology are discussed. The following questions functioned as a guideline for the contributing economists, sociologists, historians, and philosophers: Can we meaningfully speak of the Historical School of Economics (HSE) as an economic research program? What are the commonalities between the HSE and American old economic institutionalism? Does the HSE represent a part of the "lost anteroom" of New Institutional Economics and new economic sociology? How and why should the HSE matter to how we do economic and social theory today?
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Author : Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung
ISBN : STANFORD:36105113597509
Genre : Economic history
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Social Justice And Individual Ethics In An Open Society

Author : Frank Vandenbroucke
ISBN : 3540416366
Genre : Political Science
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Can the need for incentives justify inequality? Starting from this question, Frank Vandenbroucke examines a conception of justice in which both equality and responsibility are involved. In the first part of the inquiry, which explores the implementation of that conception of justice, the justification of incentives assumes that agents make personal choices based only upon their own interests. The second part of the book challenges the idea that a normative conception of distributive justice can be based on that traditional assumption, i.e. that personal choices are not the subject matter of justice. Thus, Vandenbroucke questions the Rawlsian idea that the primary subject of a theory of justice is the basic structure of society, and not the individual conduct of its citizens. For a society to be really just, the ethos of individual conduct has to serve justice. Non-mathematical readers can skip the formal model proposed in Chapter 3 and understand the rest of the book.
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Naisscance De La Biopolitique Cours Au College De France 1978 1979

Author : Michel Foucault
ISBN : 9780312203412
Genre : Philosophy
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A sixth compilation of lectures delivered at the Collège de France between 1970 and 1984 continues the speaker's coverage of 18th-century political economy, evaluating its role in the origins of a liberal governmental rationality that is at the heart of current debates about the role and status of neo-liberalism today. 10,000 first printing. Reprint.
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The Limits Of Neoliberalism

Author : William Davies
ISBN : 9781526411617
Genre : Social Science
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"Brilliant... explains how the rhetoric of competition has invaded almost every domain of our existence” - Evgeny Morozov, author of To Save Everything, Click Here “In this fascinating book Davies inverts the conventional neoliberal practice of treating politics as if it were mere epiphenomenon of market theory, demonstrating that their version of economics is far better understood as the pursuit of politics by other means” - Professor Philip Mirowski, University of Notre Dame "A sparkling, original, and provocative analysis of neoliberalism. It offers a distinctive account of the diverse, sometimes contradictory, conventions and justifications that lend authority to the extension of the spirit of competitiveness to all spheres of social life…This book breaks new ground, offers new modes of critique, and points to post-neoliberal futures” - Professor Bob Jessop, University of Lancaster Since its intellectual inception in the 1930s and its political emergence in the 1970s, neo-liberalism has sought to disenchant politics by replacing it with economics. This agenda-setting text examines the efforts and failures of economic experts to make government and public life amenable to measurement, and to re-model society and state in terms of competition. In particular, it explores the practical use of economic techniques and conventions by policy-makers, politicians, regulators and judges and how these practices are being adapted to the perceived failings of the neoliberal model. By picking apart the defining contradiction that arises from the conflation of economics and politics, this book asks: to what extent can economics provide government legitimacy? Now with a new preface from the author and a foreword by Aditya Chakrabortty.
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The Foundations Of Economics

Author : Walter Eucken
ISBN : 9783642773181
Genre : Business & Economics
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THE FIRST GERMAN edition of this book appeared in 1940. Since then the book has gone through five more editions and has been translated into Spanish and Italian. The present English translation is based on the sixth German edition. The author was Professor of Economics at the University of Freiburg, Germany. Professor Eucken was a student at a time when the Historical School dominated the teaching of econo mics at the German universities. Although, at the beginning of his career, he did some work along the lines of the Historical School, neither the ~ims nor the methods of historical research the field of economics as practised by the representatives in of the Historical School satisfied him; and the fact that the members of this school were unable to explain the causes of economic events such as the German inflation after World War I was an added reason for him to turn to economic theory. He became, among German economists, the foremost opponent of the Historical School, which he criticised in several publica tions. Through his wrItings and his teaching he contributed his share to the revival of interest in economic theory which was noticeable in the 'twenties. And he was one of the few economists left in Germany who helped to keep this interest alive during the 'thirties and during World War II. During this time he published Kapitaltheoretische Untersuchungen (1936), and the present volume, which immediately gave rise to an extensive discussion in German economic journals.
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