Infinity Faith And Time

Author : John Spencer Hill
ISBN : 0773516611
Genre : Literary Criticism
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In Part 1 Hill examines the effect of the idea of spatial infinity on seventeenth-century literature, arguing that the metaphysical cosmology of Nicholas of Cusa provided Renaissance writers, such as Pascal, Traherne, and Milton, with a way to construe the vastness of space as the symbol of human spiritual potential. Focusing on time in Part 2, Hill reveals that, faced with the inexorability of time, Christian humanists turned to St Augustine to develop a philosophy that interpreted temporal passage as the necessary condition of experience without making it the essence or ultimate measure of human purpose. Hill's analysis centres on Shakespeare, whose experiments with the shapes of time comprise a gallery of heuristic time-centred fictions that attempt to explain the consequences of human existence in time. Infinity, Faith, and Time reveals that the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were a period during which individuals were able, with more success than in later times, to make room for new ideas without rejecting old beliefs.
Category: Literary Criticism

Dimensions Of Faith

Author : William Breyfogel Kimmel
ISBN : UCAL:$B690216
Genre : Religion
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Category: Religion

A Brilliant Madness

Author : Patty Duke
ISBN : PSU:000059009429
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Chapters about the author's own experience with manic-depression alternate with informative chapters by an award-winning medical writer to reach out to those suffering from manic-depressive illness
Category: Biography & Autobiography

A Touch Of Infinity

Author : Howard Fast
ISBN : 9781453235362
Genre : Fiction
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A collection of thirteen stunning stories by one of the most celebrated American writers of the twentieth century A follow-up to his 1970 science fiction collection, The General Zapped an Angel, Fast’s book of thirteen new science fiction stories is brisk and engrossing. In “The Hoop,” a scientist builds a portal to an unknown destination, which the mayor of New York City hijacks to use as a garbage dump until the location’s surprising, and hilarious, revelation. And in “The Egg,” set three thousand years in the future, a research team discovers an egg, something they have never seen before, cryogenically frozen in a nuclear bunker. These thirteen stories are bizarre, hilarious, poignant, and sure to entertain. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Howard Fast including rare photos from the author’s estate.
Category: Fiction

Cycles Of Time

Author : Louis Komzsik
ISBN : 9781426953361
Genre : History
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In "Cycles of Time, " author Louis Komzsik offers a comprehensive study of time, its relation to astronomy, and its relative nature. He reviews interesting tidbits of the historical evolution of our understanding of time and discusses some philosophical ideas about the topic. He explores the history of time, its origins in the celestial cycles observed by ancient cultures, and the expansion of our time horizon into cosmic cycles. He examines and debunks the doomsday predictions about the year 2012, and discusses the large scale measuring of time, gradually refined by humankind with medium scale instruments of calendars bringing time to the horizon of a human lifetime. While investigating the physical aspects of time, "Cycles of Time" examines time's relativity and ponders the possibility of time travel. Influencing one's past, an attractive idea to all of us and the potential cause of the grandfather paradox, may not be theoretically possible, but also merits speculation. "Cycles of Time" explains time's very strong trichotomy of past, present, and future in their simplest definitions: the past we remember, the present we experience now, and the future we anticipate.
Category: History

Hegel Faith And Knowledge

Author : G.W.F. Hegel
ISBN : 088706826X
Genre : Philosophy
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As the title indicates, Faith and Knowledge deals with the relation between religious faith and cognitive beliefs, between the truth of religion and the truths of philosophy and science. Hegel is guided by his understanding of the historical situation: the individual alienated from God, nature, and community; and he is influenced by the new philosophy of Schelling, the Spinozistic Philosophy of Identity with its superb vision of the inner unity of God, nature, and rational man. Through a brilliant discussion of the philosophies of Kant, Fichte, and other luminaries of the period, Hegel shows that the time has finally come to give philosophy the authentic shape it has always been trying to reach, a shape in which philosophy’s old conflicts with religion on the one hand and with the sciences on the other are suspended once for all. This is the first English translation of this important essay. Professor H. S. Harris offers a historical and analytic commentary to the text and Professor Cerf offers an introduction to the general reader which focuses on the concept of intellectual intuition and on the difference between authentic and inauthentic philosophy.
Category: Philosophy

8 Ocean Angels The Road To Infinity For The Gifted

Author : Grant King
ISBN : 9781628386158
Genre : Religion
File Size : 89.33 MB
Format : PDF
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Who are ocean angels? What distinguishes them from other people? Are you one of them? In 8 Ocean Angels, the author, Grant King, presents notable characters he considers as real-life ocean angels—such as Francois-Marie Arouet, Massimo Bontempelli, William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Ezra Pound, and Socrates—and describes how they ultimately represent these entities in how they see life and relate to nature and the entire cosmos. The narrative uses repetition of words, lines, and ideas to create a meditative tone, effectively drawing you into mantric reading as you go through each chapter. A book on enlightenment and discoveries, it beckons for introspection, guiding you to the awareness of your real capabilities, of the real nature of life, and of the truth about our relationship with a higher power. Spiritual and personal, the book paves the way for the understanding that we are not solitary entities but are interconnected elements in a majestic and grand design.
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Author : Christian Pettit
ISBN : 9780595158157
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54.9 MB
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Welcome to Infinity, the world of marvelous reality, the world of immeasurable love, and complete happiness, a world where that which was is, and a world where that which is will be. A nameless child, lost in a sea of mystery, trying so hard to become something that this child so wants to be but simply cannot. An idea, floating around the child like air, whispering messages into his ears. A place, one like no other, a city of forever, the city of Utopia, and the angels, the Elites, who march the earth and spread forth heart, put together to help heal the world of a thousand bruises. Enter the world of Infinity, where things are bound to purity, and the souls of no one can hide any longer. Welcome to the marvelous world of Infinity.
Category: Fiction