In The Language Of Kings

Author : Miguel Leon-Portilla
ISBN : 0393324079
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The first anthology in any language to represent the full trajectory of this remarkable literature.
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The Language Of Kings

Author : E. James Logan
ISBN : 1462011209
Genre : Religion
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In a culture marked by rap music, texting, and e-mail, the art of language is being reduced to short symbols, quick concepts, and melodic tones. As communicators, we are not using the power of language to shape the culture as was accomplished in much earlier cultures. In The Language of Kings, author E. James Logan examines the language spoken in the Bible and makes parallels to today’s world. Using biblical quotations and follow-up examples, The Language of Kings analyzes the role of language between those favored by God and those who were disfavored. Bishop Logan shows how kings spoke di?erently than tyrants and dictators and describes the impact of those words on others. The Language of Kings explores the possibility of reincarnating the faith-?lled language spoken by kings during the time of the Bible in order to bring about a more civilized, polite, and caring world. Bishop Logan advocates using kinder, gentler language that strengthens, encourages, and teaches the power of the spoken word. “By speaking the language of kings one to another; we will release, share and impart our love to each other. By doing so, people will know that Christ has disciplined us ... taught us to again speak the language of Kings!” (EJL)
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The Code Of Kings

Author : Linda Schele
ISBN : 9780684852096
Genre : History
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This highly informative tour of a lost civilization discusses Mayan history and culture and focuses on seven sites that exemplify the Mayan tradition of using public places to record their history and belief system. Maps, drawings & photos.
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The Language Of Kings

Author : Eryk Anglin
ISBN : 1542592380
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In the beginning of time, God created the world in which we live in. Everything that exists, whether visible or invisible, God is responsible for its entry. The fish of the sea, the fowl of the air and every creeping thing, He created them all. He also created the sun, moon and the stars, dry land and the trees. But, the most interesting thing about creation is that out of all of the wonderful things He created, never did he use any tools or machinery. He had no scaffolds, hammers, nails, or computers. It required no physical strength, nor did it require inspection from code enforcement. As beautiful as the birds, the clouds and the ocean, the uniqueness about it all is, they all were created by a spoken word. And, finally after speaking everything in existence, He said everything I made it was good. To top it all off, the Bible says God used a mist to water the earth, because there was no man to till the ground. Then, God created man in HIS image and after HIS likeness and gave THEM dominion over the fish of the sea the fowls of the air and every creeping thing that crept upon the earth. In fact, if MAN is created in His image and after His likeness, he is then ordered to operate like God in the earth realm. So, his assignment was to name the animals. In other words, start working with your mouth. His authority was SWEAT less and came from his mouth. What he said was law. After being so persistent and tenacious, God decided that he would give man a helpmeet. One day, while she was in the garden, the serpent came and began to introduce her to another language called deception. Then, she gave that same deception to her husband. That language was so deceiving that it made them feel naked and stripped them from a God understanding. Their mind and understanding was different, their culture changed and it also decreased their ability to have sweat less success. When God showed up, they ran and hid from their own image. That deception stripped them of identity, fellowship with God and made them aware of their nakedness, in which God hid from them. Then, God asked him, "Adam where art thou?"His reply was a language or an understanding that God never taught him. He said, "I heard thy voice in the garden and I was afraid. Because I was naked; and I hide myself."Watch Gods reply. WHO TOLD THEE, THAT THOU WAST NAKED? Every day, the VOICE of God came walking through the garden. The very language of God walked in the garden. So, God cursed his ability to reap without sweat, now he has to work from the sweat of his brow. The journey of God was to get man back to his original place. Throughout the history of the Bible, we saw man attempt to walk back into the place of vocal authority. In Joshua 10 verse 12, Joshua spoke to the sun and it stood still. Elijah spoke to the rain and it could not rain for 3 years. Ezekiel spoke to the wind and the dry bones and the dry bones came back to life. Jesus spoke to the storm and said peace be still and it stood still. After Jesus rose from the dead, He restored us back to our original place of authority. Revelation 1 and 6 says, "He made us to be Kings and Priests." A King works with his mouth and not his hands. So, one of the primary functions of church is speech therapy. It's design to teach us how to speak those things that are not as though they were. So, this is a book of confessions. Every day, when you rise like Job 38 and 12 says, "Have you commanded the morning since your days so the dayspring may know its place." Rise, you Kings and command your morning, with daily confessions!


Author : Robert Hillenbrand
ISBN : 9781351548922
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Shahnama: The Visual Language of the Persian Book of Kings presents the first comprehensive examination of the interplay between text and image in the celebrated Persian national epic, the Shahnama, written by the poet Firdausi of Tus. The Shahnama is one of the longest poems ever composed and recounts the history of Iran from the dawn of time to the Muslim Arab conquests of the seventh century AD. There is no Persian text, in prose or poetry, which has been so frequently and lavishly illustrated. Offering fresh insights through a range of varied art-historical approaches to the Shahnama, the essays in this volume reveal how the subtle alterations in text and image serve to document changes in taste and style and can be understood as reflections of the changing role of the national epic in the imagination of Iranians and the equally changing messages - often political in nature - which the familiar stories were made to convey over the centuries.
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Language System Translation Technique And Textual Tradition In The Peshitta Of Kings

Author : Janet W. Dyk
ISBN : 9789004256583
Genre : Religion
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In this MPIL volume, Janet Dyk and Percy van Keulen implement computer science, linguistic analysis, and text-historical insights in treating the differences between the Hebrew and Syriac versions of Kings. Applying the distinct disciplines helped in arriving at a more balanced assessment of the nature and provenance of the deviations observed.
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Israel In The Book Of Kings

Author : James Richard Linville
ISBN : 9780567516916
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Linville argues that a new approach to the book of Kings is needed because of the failings of the usual historical-critical methods. He adopts a holistic approach which sees the book as a Persian-era text intended to articulate politically and religiously significant symbols within the book's monarchic history. These express the producer's reactions to important issues of Jewish identity in the continuing Diaspora and in Jerusalem. In the story of the schisms and apostacies of Israel's defunct monarchies both the Diaspora and cultural pluralism are legitimized. Rival versions of Israelite heritage are reconciled under an overarching sense of a greater Israelite history and identity.
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The Persian Book Of Kings

Author : B. W. Robinson
ISBN : 9781136870309
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The Shahnama, written in the tenth century by Firdawsi, is the national epic poem of Persia. It chronicles at great length (nine volumes in the full English translation, currently out of print) the reigns and deeds of the earliest Persian kings, over fifty of them, in four dynasties - the Pishdadians, Kayanians, Ashkanians, and Sasanians. This book, illustrated with early Persian paintings which depict the deeds described, presents in easily accessible language a summary and re-telling of the Shahnama. It covers the entire epic in one volume, includes an introduction, together with lists of kings and dynasties, and thereby provides a concise overview of, and introduction to, this key work.
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