In The Company Of Women

Author : Pat Heim
ISBN : 1585422231
Genre : Social Science
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Explains how women can tap the influence and energy of other women to achieve success in the business world by putting aside common workplace behaviors and petty attitudes that only serve to sabotage and hurt.
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In The Company Of Women

Author : Pat Heim
ISBN : 144065025X
Genre : Business & Economics
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In the Company of Women explains how indirect, or "relational," aggression can hurt women and hinder them from achieving success and harmony in their adult lives. Gender studies have shown that when a goal is in sight, men generally use direct action to attain it. Women, on the other hand, have been socialized to express aggressive actions through indirect means-using behavior such as shunning, stigmatizing, and With startling insights into the meaning of our everyday behavior, this book offers straightforward techniques to change conflict among women into cooperation by resolving discords peaceably, building relationships, and making the most of women's unique leadership and communication skills.
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Nwsa Journal

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114620805
Genre : Electronic journals
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Strauss And Mayer S Emergency Department Management

Author : Robert W. Strauss
ISBN : 9780071762397
Genre : Medical
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A Comprehensive, Practical Text on Effectively Running an Emergency Department Emergency Department Management is a real-world, pragmatic guide designed to help emergency department managers efficiently handle the many complex issues that arise in this challenging clinical environment. Written by professionals who have spent their entire careers in the service of emergency department patients, this unique text delivers practical solutions to virtually any problem that may arise in running an emergency department or acute care center. COMPLETE, EXPERT COVERAGE OF EVERY IMPORTANT MANAGEMENT TOPIC, INCLUDING: Leadership Principles Operations Informatics Quality and Service Finance Reimbursement Contracts Legal and Regulatory Issues Malpractice Human Resources Emergency Department Management offers the guidance and expertise required to deliver consistent, rapid, high-quality care. It is the single-best resource available to help you navigate the leadership challenges that arise daily in the emergency department.
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Hardball For Women

Author : Pat Heim
ISBN : 9780142181775
Genre : Business & Economics
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The bestselling guide fully updated for the post-Lean In era For nearly two decades, Hardball for Women has shown women how to get ahead in the business world. Whether the arena is a law firm, a medical group, a tech company, or any other work environment, Hardball for Women decodes male business culture and shows women how to break patterns of behavior that put them at a disadvantage. It explains how to get results when you “lean in” without being thrown off balance. Illustrated with real-life examples Hardball for Women teaches women how to: Successfully navigate middle management to become a leader in your field Be assertive without being obnoxious Display confidence Engage in smart self-promotion Lead both men and women—and recognize the differences between them Use “power talk” language to your advantage
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Mean Girls Meaner Women

Author : Erika Holiday
ISBN : 0981972608
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Why can so many women form wonderfully close connections with each other while some intentionally hurt other women? Why are girls so mean to other girls? What motivates them to betray, backstab, trash-talk, and humiliate one another? Why does this same hurtful behavior continue between women well into adulthood? What can women do to have closer and more authentic connections with one another? Mean Girls, Meaner Women, written by Dr. Erika Holiday and Dr. Joan I. Rosenberg, two well-known psychologists long involved in women's issues, provide answers about this baffling behavior. They take a look at hurtful behavior between women from the perspective of both the target and the victim. The authors use groundbreaking brain research to explain why being the target of a woman's hurtful behavior and being socially excluded can be so excruciatingly painful to women. Holiday and Rosenberg offer compelling information for understanding the hidden dynamics (psychological, biological, social and media influences) that lead women to hurt or oppress women and that comprimise authentic female relationships. Mean Girls, Meaner Women is a riveting read for females interested in understanding women's relationships, building closer and more collaborative bonds with each other, and living authentically. Questions designed to help girls and women increase self awareness and add strength and depth to their relationships with each other are found throughout the book. Readers will also discover: how the female brain is wired to be more relatinal and suffer more hurt; the emotional cost of countless "no-win" situations including the "Original Sin of Being Female," the "Paradox of the Healthy Adult," and "Beauty and the Bind"; the role angry and competitive feelings between women has on authentic and deep connections; how being "different" could make you the target of hurtful behavior; how the media supports and reinforces hostile behavior through the "Money Shot"; behavior that catches the attention of the "Gender Police"; what women can learn from men about communicating with each other; and critical steps for healing and creating closer connections with women.
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In The Company Of Women

Author : Kate Christie
ISBN : 1594934460
Genre : Fiction
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Fort Bliss—it’s anything but. Caroline “CJ” Jamieson gave up studying history and joined the Women’s Army Corps to live it instead. Along with her new WAC friends, she is ready to do her part to help boys like her brothers, fighting in the European and Pacific theaters, make it home sooner. The Army, however, has derailed her plans. Instead of the California post she anticipated, west Texas cacti and an anti-artillery training base are the unexpected sights on her new horizons. Not one to question orders, she’s not sure how her skills in airplane engine maintenance will be of use in this desolate region. But when CJ meets fellow WAC enlistee Brady Buchanan, Fort Bliss might live up to its name.
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Necessary Dreams

Author : Anna Fels
ISBN : 9780679758884
Genre : Social Science
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An analysis of ambition as it is experienced by women draws on case studies and the experiences of accomplished women to explore the ways in which women are conditioned to avoid recognition in favor of more traditional roles, challenging theories about the state of the mind and the needs of men. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.
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Working With Bitches

Author : Meredith Fuller
ISBN : 9780738216591
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 51.99 MB
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What do you do when the queen bee demands to know why you haven’t written the report she never asked for? Or when the colleague who you thought was your friend takes sole credit for the project you worked on together? It’s hard to speak out about catty behavior, especially when it’s insidious or goes on behind your back. But you can usually sense when something’s “off”—particularly if you’re completely stressed out and hate the job you used to love. Let’s face it, ladies: there are plenty of nasty, manipulative, and destructive women in the workplace who fly under the radar while ruthless alpha males get all the bad press. In Working with Bitches, psychologist Meredith Fuller offers practical advice on how to recognize and manage difficult women at work. Dr. Fuller combines actual cases with tips that women can use right away to defuse even the worst situations. Readers will learn how to deal with the eight types of “mean girls” they might face in the office and find powerful reassurance that they are not alone.
Category: Psychology