In Search Of The Miraculous

Author : P. D. Ouspensky
ISBN : 0156007460
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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A new edition of the groundbreaking spiritual treasure, with a foreword by bestselling author Marianne Williamson . Since its original publication in 1949, In Search of the Miraculous has been hailed as the most valuable and reliable documentation of G. I. Gurdjieff's thoughts and universal view. This historic and influential work is considered by many to be a primer of mystical thought as expressed through the Work, a combination of Eastern philosophies that had for centuries been passed on orally from teacher to student. Gurdjieff's goal, to introduce the Work to the West, attracted many students, among them Ouspensky, an established mathematician, journalist, and, with the publication of In Search of the Miraculous, an eloquent and persuasive proselyte. Ouspensky describes Gurdjieff's teachings in fascinating and accessible detail, providing what has proven to be a stellar introduction to the universal view of both student and teacher. It goes without saying that In Search of the Miraculous has inspired great thinkers and writers of ensuing spiritual movements, including Marianne Williamson, the highly acclaimed author of A Return to Love and Illuminata. In a new and never-before-published foreword, Williamson shares the influence of Ouspensky's book and Gurdjieff's teachings on the New Thought movement and her own life, providing a contemporary look at an already timeless classic.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Emotions And Spirituality In Religions And Spiritual Movements

Author : Erika Wilson
ISBN : 9780761859512
Genre : Religion
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Applying recent psychological and neuropsychological studies of emotions, Erika Wilson explores the role of emotions in major Eastern, Western, and primal religions, as well as in some contemporary spiritual movements. The book tries to answer the following questions: What kinds of emotions and spiritual experiences arise in individuals and groups during prayer, conversions, rituals, meditations, and other spiritual practices? Which positive emotions are valued most in a particular religion or spiritual movement? How do these attitudes relate to their respective historical context? And finally, how does each religious or spiritual teaching recommend handling negative emotions?
Category: Religion

Evolutionary Witchcraft

Author : T. Thorn Coyle
ISBN : 1101143703
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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A learned and serious manual to Witchcraft for the mature practitioner, by one of the craft's leading teachers.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Transforming Power Of Suffering

Author : Peter Denbo Haskins
ISBN : 9780982760970
Genre : Religion
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This work of love is an examination of a God-centered view of life through the eyes of a modern-day mystic by the name of Dr. Charles Bozidar Ashanin. His is a story of the evolutionary effect which suffering can have on the human psyche when it is a suffering which is accepted as an opportunity for spiritual awakening. Like the saints of the Early Church before him, Dr. Ashanin demonstrated with his life how transformative and powerful suffering can be when it is received as a part of one's relationship with God and therefore with one's relationship with the universe.
Category: Religion

A Practical Handbook For Unlimited Spiritual Ability

Author : Donald A. Dahlin, D.C.
ISBN : 9781481744812
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Donald A. Dahlin, a retired chiropractor, decided that people may be greatly helped by the knowledge he had acquired of natural healing and the use of life energy; from training and experience in psychotherapy and a system by Russian mystic G.I. Gurdjieff, that helped him resolve past hypnosis, and through insights he had gained from his psychic experiences as well as his challenge of the Christian faith. Optimum Self-Government means becoming able to have greater spiritual awareness and control over one’s postulates: mind, health and behavior. You will also be guided to explore life energy and use it to examine and treat your body, to monitor your health with instant biofeedback, examine your spiritual mind and your animal mind (blue print of the body), to explore the world of extra-sensory perception to converse with people, plants and animals, the power of prayer, etc. You will find a new reality that is priceless!
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Die Maschine Mensch

Author : Julien Offray de la Mettrie
ISBN : 9783787332618
Genre : Philosophy
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Der französische Arzt und Philosoph La Mettrie (1709–1751) entwickelte in seiner berühmt-berüchtigten Kampfschrift von 1748 das Bild des auf die mechanischen Funktionsabläufe reduzierten Menschen und begründete damit eine materialistische Anthropologie. Die Ausgabe bietet neben dem kritisch edierten französischen Original eine vollständig neue Übertragung, die sich am Wortgebrauch der Zeit orientiert.
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Author : Toni Morrison
ISBN : 3499244209
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