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In Search Of Another Country

Author : Joseph Crespino
ISBN : 0691122091
Genre : History
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In the 1960s, Mississippi was the heart of white southern resistance to the civil-rights movement. To many, it was a backward-looking society of racist authoritarianism and violence that was sorely out of step with modern liberal America. White Mississippians, however, had a different vision of themselves and their country, one so persuasive that by 1980 they had become important players in Ronald Reagan's newly ascendant Republican Party. In this ambitious reassessment of racial politics in the deep South, Joseph Crespino reveals how Mississippi leaders strategically accommodated themselves to the demands of civil-rights activists and the federal government seeking to end Jim Crow, and in so doing contributed to a vibrant conservative countermovement. Crespino explains how white Mississippians linked their fight to preserve Jim Crow with other conservative causes--with evangelical Christians worried about liberalism infecting their churches, with cold warriors concerned about the Communist threat, and with parents worried about where and with whom their children were schooled. Crespino reveals important divisions among Mississippi whites, offering the most nuanced portrayal yet of how conservative southerners bridged the gap between the politics of Jim Crow and that of the modern Republican South. This book lends new insight into how white Mississippians gave rise to a broad, popular reaction against modern liberalism that recast American politics in the closing decades of the twentieth century.
Category: History

Another Country

Author : Christopher Camuto
ISBN : 0820322377
Genre : Nature
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The southern Appalachians encompass one of the most beautiful, biologically diverse, and historically important regions of North America. In the widely acclaimed Another Country: Journeying toward the Cherokee Mountains, Christopher Camuto describes the tragic collision of natural and cultural history embedded in the region. In the spirit of Thoreau’s “Walking,” Camuto explores the Appalachian summit country of the Great Smoky Mountains--the historical home of the Cherokee--searching for access to the nature, history, and spirit of a magnificent, if diminished, landscape. As the author takes the reader through old-growth forests and ancient myths, he tells of the attempted restoration of Canis rufus, the controversial red wolf, to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He details the impact of European occupation, and his meditations on the enduring relevance of Cherokee language, thought, and mythology evoke an appreciation of what were once sacred rivers, forests, and mountains. Through this attempt “to catch glimpses of the Cherokee Mountains beyond the veil of the southern Appalachians,” Camuto forges a new consciousness about the complex, conflicted past hidden there and leaves us with an important, thought-provoking book about a haunting American region.
Category: Nature

Another Country

Author : James Baldwin
ISBN : 9780141186375
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.44 MB
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Published in 1962, this is an emotionally intense novel of love, hatred, race and liberal America in the 1960s. Set in Greenwhich Village, Harlem and France, ANOTHER COUNTRY tells the story of the suicide of jazz-musician Rufus Scott and the friends who search for an understanding of his life and death, discovering uncomfortable truths about themselves along the way.
Category: Fiction

Another Country

Author : Mary Bray Pipher
ISBN : 0756759218
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 22.59 MB
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Therapist Pipher turns her keen eye to a troubled passage -- the journey into old age. She writes about parents and grandparents, because as they grow older, the relationships among us become more complex and difficult just when they need to be the closest and strongest. And the aging process can be just as painful for daughters and sons, granddaughters and grandsons as for them. Drawing from interviews, she offers us scenarios to bridge the communication gap. Includes stories of real children, adults, and elders who are the secrets to mutual understanding. Gets inside the minds, hearts, and bodies of men and women in their 70s, 80s, and 90s. Shows us new ways of sharing our time, energy and love.
Category: Family & Relationships

For King And Another Country

Author : Shrabani Basu
ISBN : 9789385436499
Genre : History
File Size : 58.39 MB
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Over a million Indian soldiers fought in the First World War, the largest force from the colonies and dominions. Their contribution, however, has been largely forgotten. Many soldiers were illiterate and travelled from remote villages in India to fight in the muddy trenches in France and Flanders. Many went on to win the highest bravery awards. For King and another Country tells, for the first time, the personal stories of some of these Indians who went to the Western Front: from a grand turbanned Maharaja rearing to fight for Empire to a lowly sweeper who dies in a hospital in England, from a Pathan who wins the Victoria Cross to a young pilot barely out of school. Shrabani Basu delves into archives in Britain and narratives buried in villages in India and Pakistan to recreate the War through the eyes of the Indians who fought it. There are heroic tales of bravery as well as those of despair and desperation; there are accounts of the relationships that were forged between the Indians with their British officers and how curries reached the frontline. Above all, it is the great story of how the War changed India and led, ultimately, to the call for independence.
Category: History

In Another Country

Author : David Constantine
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60.3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Featuring the story, 'In Another Country', that inspired the motion picture, 45 Years. Also featuring selected stories from David Constantine's Comma Press back catalogue : Under The Dam (2005); The Shieling (2009); Tea at the Midland (2012). Released one day before 45 Years, which will be released as a major film (Film4 / BFI) starring Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay. Directed by Andrew Haigh (Weekend , HBO’s Looking).
Category: Fiction

In Another Country

Author : Susan Kenney
ISBN : UCAL:B4464365
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sara, a woman whose life has been marked by tragedy--her father's death, her mother's madness, and her husband's illness--finds new strength and understanding in her roles as daughter, wife, and mother
Category: Fiction

Another Country

Author : Scott Herring
ISBN : 9780814737194
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Half-Life of Policy Rationales argues that the appropriateness of policy depends on the state of technology, and that the justifications for many public policies are dissolving as technology advances. As new detection and metering technologies are being developed for highways, parking, and auto emissions, and information becomes more accessible and user-friendly, this volume argues that quality and safety are better handled by the private sector. As for public utilities, new means of producing and delivering electricity, water, postal, and telephone services dissolve the old natural-monopolies rationales of the government. This volume includes essays on marine resources, lighthouses, highways, parking, auto emissions, consumer product safety, money and banking, medical licensing, electricity, water delivery, postal service, community governance, and endangered species. The editors have mobilized the hands-on knowledge of field experts to develop theories about technology and public policy. The Half-Life of Policy Rationales will be of interest to readers in public policy, technology, property rights, and economics.
Category: Social Science

Music From Another Country

Author : Jeremy Fisher
ISBN : 9780959035032
Genre : Australian fiction
File Size : 60.50 MB
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Recounts three generations of a family, but primarily concerned with war veteran grandfather and grandson with AIDS and a theme of the humility of survival.
Category: Australian fiction

In Another Country And Besides

Author : Maxwell Jacobs
ISBN : 9781683505327
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 59.59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In Another Country, and Besides, tells the confessional story of Harry Hoffman, an expatriate living in post-war continental Europe. During a time of moral bankruptcy, dissolution, and unrealized love, Harry is a lost soul with a sinister past. Our story begins in Venice, where our protagonist meets Cleo, who offers him an unexpected love affair and a chance to start over. But when this newfound happiness is threatened and their affair is strained by new passions, jealousies and other men, Harry slips back to his old ways and plots his revenge. This takes him on a great variety of adventures and experiences -from Zurich, and the Swiss Alps, to the Cote d’Azur and finally to Paris, irresistibly drawn back to the great, sprawling city he had once fled in bitterness and disgust. From its violence, ignorance and cruelty, to its joy and mystery, In Another Country, and Besides is told in a language of great simplicity and power of loyalty and courage, love and defeat and the tragic death of an ideal that shows vividly Jacobs own expatriate experiences and by doing so, has created a story with the mass and movement of an epic novel.
Category: Fiction