Imagining Transgender

Author : David Valentine
ISBN : 0822338696
Genre : Social Science
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Imagining Transgender is an ethnographic examination of the emergence and institutionalization of "transgender" as a category of collective identity. Embraced by activists in the early 1990s as a means to advocate for rights and services specific to the needs of gender variant people, the category quickly gained momentum in public health, social service, scholarly, and legislative contexts. Working as a safe-sex activist in Manhattan during the late 1990s, David Valentine conducted ethnographic research, mostly among male-to-female transgender-identified people, across sites including drag balls, support groups, meetings of a cross-dresser organization, clinics, bars, and clubs. He found that while young fem queens were labeled "transgender" by social service agencies and activists, many of them either did not know the term or were fiercely resistant to its use. They self-identified as gay. Valentine analyzes the reasons for and potential consequences of this difference - between how some of the most vulnerable and marginalized gender variant people conceive of themselves and how they are perceived by service providers and others. Valentine argues that "transgender" was so rapidly adopted because it clarifies a model of gender and sexuality that has been gaining traction since the 1970s: a paradigm in which gender and sexuality are distinct arenas of human experience. Prevalent within feminism, psychiatry, and mainstream gay and lesbian politics, this distinction and categories based on it unintentionally exclude some gender variant people - particularly poor persons of color - for whom gender and sexuality are deeply connected experiences. Valentine does not oppose the rise of "transgender" as a category; he appreciates the genuine legal, medical, and social advances it has facilitated. Instead, he advocates a broad, inclusive vision of social justice and an attentiveness to the politics of language.
Category: Social Science

Anne Wird Tom Klaus Wird Lara

Author : Udo Rauchfleisch
ISBN : 9783843604284
Genre : Self-Help
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Nichts scheint so sicher wie der Unterschied zwischen den Geschlechtern. Die Verunsicherung ist daher groß, wenn man eine Frau trifft, die von sich sagt, sie sei ein Mann. Oder wenn der langjährige Kollege Müller ab sofort als "Frau Müller" angesprochen werden will. Und was tun, wenn der eigene Sohn sich plötzlich schminkt und Frauenkleidung trägt? Wie erklärt man seinen Kindern, dass Mama jetzt plötzlich Papa ist? Der Psychotherapeut Udo Rauchfleisch hilft Angehörigen, Freundinnen und Freunden, Kollegen und Vorgesetzten von transsexuellen Menschen, das Phänomen Transsexualität zu verstehen und ohne Berührungsängste mit transsexuellen Menschen umzugehen.
Category: Self-Help

Transgender China

Author : H. Chiang
ISBN : 9781137082503
Genre : Social Science
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This volume brings together experts with diverse disciplinary backgrounds in the China field, from cultural studies to history to musicology, to make a timely intervention—from the historical demise of enuchism to male cross-dressing shows in contemporary Taiwan—to inaugurate a subfield in Chinese transgender studies.
Category: Social Science

Kicker Im Kleid

Author : David Walliams
ISBN : 9783644401365
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Dennis ist ein großer Fußballfan, genau wie alle seine Freunde, wie sein Vater und sein Bruder. Seine zweite Leidenschaft jedoch ist ein großes Geheimnis: Dennis liebt Mode. Jeden Monat kauft er sich eine neue «Vogue». Ein Glück, dass er in Lisa eine Verbündete findet – und eine gute Freundin. Bis Lisa auf eine ziemlich verrückte Idee kommt und Dennis einen noch verrückteren Einfall hat, wie er Fußball und Mode unter einen Hut bringen kann!
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Lives Of Transgender People

Author : Brett Genny Beemyn
ISBN : 9780231512619
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Responding to a critical need for greater perspectives on transgender life in the United States, Genny Beemyn and Susan (Sue) Rankin apply their extensive expertise to a groundbreaking survey—one of the largest ever conducted in the U.S.—on gender development and identity-making among transsexual women, transsexual men, crossdressers, and genderqueer individuals. With nearly 3,500 participants, the survey is remarkably diverse and representational, and with more than 400 follow-up interviews, the data offers limitless opportunities for research and interpretation.
Category: Literary Criticism


Author : Jan Morris
ISBN : 3548303269
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Routledge Handbook Of Sexuality Health And Rights

Author : Peter Aggleton
ISBN : 9781135272883
Genre : Medical
File Size : 76.99 MB
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This handbook surveys the state of the discipline, including examination and discussion of emerging, controversial and cutting edge areas. It is an essential reference for all academics and researchers in the fields of sexuality studies, sexual health and human rights, as well as very useful reading for more advanced students.
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Author : Julie Anne Peters
ISBN : 3423711795
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Crossing Sex And Gender In Latin America

Author : V. Lewis
ISBN : 9780230109964
Genre : Social Science
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Signifying "others" or signs of life? This book critically examines the ways in which crossing sex and gender is imagined in key cultural texts from contemporary Latin America. Unlike previous studies, Crossing Sex and Gender in Latin America does not hold that sexually diverse figures are always and only performative or allegorical and instead places the accent on questions of the presence or absence of an account of subjectivity in contemporary representation. Via analysis of selected films and literary works of Reinaldo Arenas, Mayra Santos-Febres, Pedro Lemebel, among others, the author reflects on the political implications of recent visions (1985-2005).
Category: Social Science

Toms And Dees

Author : Megan Sinnott
ISBN : 0824828526
Genre : Social Science
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A vibrant, growing, and highly visible set of female identities has emerged in Thailand known as tom and dee. A tom (from tomboy) refers to a masculine woman who is sexually involved with a feminine partner, or dee (from lady). The patterning of female same-sex relationships into masculine and feminine pairs, coupled with the use of English derived terms to refer to them, is found throughout East and Southeast Asia. Have the forces of capitalism facilitated the dissemination of Western-style gay and lesbian identities throughout the developing world as some theories of transnationalism suggest? Is the emergence of toms and dees over the past twenty-five years a sign that this has occurred in Thailand? Megan Sinnott engages these issues by examining the local culture and historical context of female same-sex eroticism and female masculinity in Thailand. Drawing on a broad spectrum of anthropological literature, Sinnott situates Thai tom and dee subculture within the global trend of increasingly hybridized sexual and gender identities.
Category: Social Science