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Illuminating The Shadow

Author : David Furlong
ISBN : 9780955979576
Genre : Psychology
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Illuminating the Shadow explores dynamic new ways of understanding the world we inhabit both individually as well as collectively. Our ‘shadow’, a term first coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, contains all the unconscious aspects of our psyches. It holds the potential of all that we might become as well as the hidden patterns that are, so often, the main drivers of our life, by either limiting our self-expression, or propelling us along paths that we would not willingly tread. Because these patterns sit below the level of the conscious mind, we are not normally aware of their subtle yet profound influence upon us. This book will show you how to realise your full potential by bringing these self-limiting shadow elements into the light of consciousness, thereby allowing you to take control of your life and to heal the traumas they hold. Through this process, you will liberate yourself in a most profound way. Divided into three sections, complete with many exercises and activities, the book first looks at the shadow within literature, films, myths and fairy tales. The second section considers the concept of a ‘Cosmic Shadow’, before exploring the ‘personal shadow’ and then its manifestation within ‘the collective’, with its insights into extremism. The final section provides many different techniques for exploring and balancing our own hidden shadow nature. Illuminating the Shadow, in challenging orthodoxy, whether scientific or religious, presents new insights into the fundamental patterns that imbue all aspects of life, such as the evolution of consciousness, the balance of opposites and the relationship between the material and spiritual dimension. As such it will appeal to those with an interest in new ways of thinking.
Category: Psychology

Illuminating The Shadow

Author : Moineddin Jablonski
ISBN : 1530006333
Genre :
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Illuminating the Shadow collects the Sufi writings of Moineddin Carl Jablonski (1942-2001), the spiritual successor of Samuel L. Lewis, founder of the Dances of Universal Peace and originator of a branch of the Chishtia Sufi lineage currently called the Sufi Ruhaniat International. The book weaves autobiography, letters, poems, articles and interviews to provide a unique glimpse of an illuminated Western-born mystic. Jablonski faced enormous inner and outer challenges as he sought to establish an authentic, living Sufi tradition in the West. "A book of subtle messages which will challenge and inspire any serious seeker, regardless of ethnic or religious background." -Muneera Haeri, author of The Chishtis: A Living Light and co-author with Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri of Sufi Links "This book illuminates, in his own words, the life of a gentle and gifted soul. Over the three decades I knew Moineddin Jablonski we enjoyed many intimacies, including countless hours of music-making, the study of Sufism under his guidance, and open, spacious darshans. I thought I knew him well. But in reading Illuminating the Shadow I received a newly clear, coherent picture of the whole man in all his glories and tortures, and I''ve come to love him as never before. Thanks to this savvy presentation of his writings, Moineddin''s vision can now light the way for many more seekers of the realized life." -W. A. Mathieu, author of The Listening Book and Bridge of Waves "Moineddin Jablonski came to a true realization of heart and manifested a capacity for great love. This helped him, in a natural and unassuming way, to guide and hold together the community of Murshid Samuel Lewis'' mureeds, which included various teachers who had been empowered by Murshid Sam or Pir Vilayat. Moineddin realized the need for all of us to acknowledge the psychological realm where we are often at the mercy of our ego-demands. "He took on the difficult task of getting everyone to see that they would be held accountable for their actions. His numerous letters and writings clearly reveal his depth of thought. And while his manner was saintly and refined, at the same time he stood eternally strong in his relationship with his teacher and united with the great blood stream of Oneness, in which we live and move and have our being. He worked for harmony between all the lineages that trace themselves to Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. All this and more made him a highly effective Pir, as this excellent book bears witness." -Wali Ali Meyer, co-author of Physicians of the Heart "...a rich compendium of anecdote and teaching of the eclectic and universalist shaman, Moineddin Carl Jablonski, direct heir to Samuel Lewis, Sufi and Zen master. Illuminating The Shadow is an important read for anyone interested in the Light and Shadow of our human story, and the journey of the soul. Douglas-Klotz adds to the current mystical wisdom stream with this poignant exposition of the life, love and laughter of this Sufi leader and humble practitioner." -Mariam Baker, author of Woman as Divine: Tales of the Goddess "We are indeed entering a new era of humanity, a time of massive inner and outer change and growth. Earth herself is giving birth to what she must become. Upheaval-personal, societal, and geologic-are the labor and birth pangs which will create greater consciousness of spiritual reality for all. As each one of us is moved into Soul-consciousness, and we are being so moved, we will select our own modes of spiritual realization. What we now know as ''Sufism'' will become vastly expanded and transformed. It will be like the reported meeting of Inayat Khan and Nyogen Senzaki. They entered samadhi together, ''and Sufism and Zen became like yesterday''s dream.''" -Moineddin Jablonski

Romancing The Shadow

Author : Connie Zweig
ISBN : 0345417399
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 20.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In a study of the dark side of the human soul, two psychotherapists draw on Jungian psychology to explain how to work with this darkness to revitalize one's life
Category: Self-Help

The Shadow Effect

Author : Deepak Chopra
ISBN : 9780061998096
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 33.97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this groundbreaking exploration, three New York Times bestselling authors—Debbie Ford (The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Why Good People Do Bad Things), Marianne Williamson (The Age of Miracles, A Return to Love), and Deepak Chopra (Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment)—deliver a comprehensive and practical guide to harnessing the power of our dark side.
Category: Self-Help

Illuminating Shadow Figures In Scripture

Author : Chantal J. Klingbeil
ISBN : 9780828025096
Genre : Bible
File Size : 44.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If youve ever felt unimportantthat your lifes work hasnt made even the tiniest ripple in the grand scheme of thingsyoure not alone. Meet a few of the shadow figures in Scripture who probably felt the exact same way, people who lived out their lives in anonymity except for a few words recorded in the Bible. Explore the lives and times of these minor characterssome silent and passive, others bold and aggressive, still others weak and vacillatingand discover that even those who are nameless in Scripture had a definite place in Gods overarching plan.
Category: Bible

Illuminating Shadows

Author : Geoffrey Hill
ISBN : UOM:39015025015929
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 51.43 MB
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Analyzes seventeen films, ranging from "Its a Wonderful Life" to "Blue Velvet," in a study of film as mythology
Category: Performing Arts

Wild Women Wild Voices

Author : Judy Reeves
ISBN : 9781608682959
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 39.27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Write to Celebrate, Heal, and Free the Wild Woman Within In her years as a writing coach, Judy Reeves has found twin urges in women: they yearn to reclaim a true nature that resides below the surface of daily life and to give it voice. The longing to express this wild, authentic nature is what informs Reeves’s most popular workshop and now this workshop in a book. Here, you will explore the stages that make up your life, from wild child, daughter/sister/mother, and loves and lovers, to creative work, friendships, and how the wise woman encounters death. Both intuitive and practical, Wild Women, Wild Voices responds to women’s deep need for expression with specific and inspiring activities, exercises, and writing prompts. With true empathy, Reeves invites, instructs, and celebrates the authentic expression — even the howl — of the wild in every woman.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Meeting The Shadow

Author : Connie Zweig
ISBN : 087477618X
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 32.31 MB
Format : PDF
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The author offers exploration of self and practical guidance dealing with the dark side of personality based on Jung's concept of "shadow," or the forbidden and unacceptable feelings and behaviors each of us experience.
Category: Psychology

Minor Characters

Author : Joyce Johnson
ISBN : 9781440621246
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 24.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award “Among the great American literary memoirs of the past century. . .a riveting portrait of an era. . .Johnson captures this period with deep clarity and moving insight.” – Dwight Garner, The New York Times In 1954, Joyce Johnson’s Barnard professor told his class that most women could never have the kinds of experiences that would be worth writing about. Attitudes like that were not at all unusual at a time when “good” women didn’t leave home or have sex before they married; even those who broke the rules could merely expect to be minor characters in the dramas played by men. But secret rebels, like Joyce and her classmate Elise Cowen, refused to accept things as they were. As a teenager, Johnson stole down to Greenwich Village to sing folksongs in Washington Square. She was 21 and had started her first novel when Allen Ginsberg introduced her to Jack Kerouac; nine months later she was with Kerouac when the publication of On the Road made him famous overnight. Joyce had longed to go on the road with him; instead she got a front seat at a cultural revolution under attack from all sides; made new friends like Hettie and LeRoi Jones, and found herself fighting to keep the shy, charismatic, tormented Kerouac from destroying himself. It was a woman’s adventure and a fast education in life. What Johnson and other Beat Generation women would discover were the risks, the heartache and the heady excitement of trying to live as freely as the rebels they loved.
Category: Biography & Autobiography