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Author : Moises Naim
ISBN : 9781407058658
Genre : Political Science
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Format : PDF
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From Moses Naim, the author of The End of Power, which was Mark Zuckerberg's first ever Facebook book club selection. Any newspaper anywhere in the world, any day, carries news about illegal migrants, drug busts, smuggled weapons, laundered money, or counterfeit goods The intense media coverage devoted to the war on terrorism has helped to obscure the other new wars of globalisation.Illicit international trade pits governments against agile, well-financed networks of highly dedicated individuals. Religious zeal or political goals drive terrorists, but profit is no less a motivator for murder, mayhem, and global insecurity than religious fanaticism. Illicit is the first book to reveal the full scale of this dark underground. It uncovers the connections between illegal industries and shows how they join forces to breed new lines of business, feed off political instability, foster violence and enable terrorism. How do pirated movies or CD's find their way to illegal markets worldwide even before they are released? And how, in our free, modern world, have over 30 million women and children - in South East Asia alone - been trafficked in the past ten years?
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Der Tod Das Verbrechen Und Der Staat

Author : Monica Fahmy
ISBN : 9783280039045
Genre : Social Science
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Al Capone und Pablo Escobar sind Geschichte. Die heutige organisierte Kriminalität operiert globaler, vernetzter, schlagkräftiger. Sie hat komplette Volkswirtschaften unterwandert und bedroht den Bestand ganzer Nationen. Die Akteure der organisierten Kriminalität sind Persönlichkeiten auf dem öffentlichen Parkett, sind mit Wirtschaft und Politik eng verbunden. Die italienische Mafia kooperiert inzwischen mit südosteuropäischen Kriminellen, lateinamerikanischen Drogenkartellen, asiatischen Wettpaten und afrikanischen Wilderern. Und sie alle haben das eine oder andere Standbein in der Schweiz, Deutschland und Österreich. Die Gewaltbereitschaft ist enorm, Ehrenkodizes sind passé, selbst Frauen und Kinder werden nicht mehr verschont. Anhand aktueller Beispiele und auf der Basis von Hintergrundgesprächen mit Insidern aus der Finanzwelt, der Strafverfolgung, aus den Nachrichtendiensten und der Politik sowie mit Informanten aus dem Umfeld der OK selbst, beschreibt dieses Buch das verborgene Tun osteuropäischer Unterweltbosse und italienischer Mafiosi; es zeigt, wie chinesische Triaden, lateinamerikanische Drogenkartelle und islamistische Terroristen operieren, wie sie hierzulande aktiv sind und was es so schwer macht, ihnen das Handwerk zu legen. Das ebenso sachkundige wie atemberaubende Porträt einer weltweiten Bedrohung.
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The Economics Of Counterfeit Trade

Author : Peggy E Chaudhry
ISBN : 3540778357
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49.95 MB
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The expansion of world trade has brought with it an explosive growth in counterfeit merchandise. Estimates put the world total for counterfeit products at about one half trillion dollars annually, although it is impossible to accurately determine the true size of the counterfeit market. What is known is that this illicit trade has infected nearly every industry from pharmaceuticals to aircraft parts. Software and music piracy are easy targets widely reported in the media. In 2007, the Business Software Alliance (BSA) estimated that 38% of personal computer software installed worldwide was illegal and the losses to the software industry were $48 billion worldwide. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) reported a 58% increase in the seizures of counterfeit CDs. Overall, a wide range of industries agree that there is a severe problem with the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) throughout the world, yet there have been virtually no attempts to describe all aspects of the problem. This work aims to give the most complete description of various characteristics of the IPR environment in a global context. We believe a holistic understanding of the problem must include consumer complicity to purchase counterfeit products, tactics of the counterfeiters (pirates) as well as actions (or inaction) by home and host governments, and the role of international organizations and industry alliances. This book establishes the full environmental aspects of piracy, describes successful anti-counterfeiting actions and then prescribes measures IPR owners should take to protect their intellectual property.
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Counterfeit Crime

Author : R.T. Naylor
ISBN : 9780773590649
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 59.38 MB
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In Counterfeit Crime, economist, historian, and criminologist R.T. Naylor dissects the costs - economic, social, and political - of the seemingly never-ending wars on the grossly exaggerated menaces of Crime and Terror and how most things politicians do to combat them make matters worse - for the public and the public good. He explains how the post-World War II welfare state, with its commitment to building public infrastructure, maintaining social security, and providing accessible education, gave way to the modern executive state, with its focus on guaranteeing corporate welfare, dropping bombs on countries too weak to fight back, and manipulating the thoughts and actions of populations kept in line by the carrot of glitzy toys and the stick of ever-heavier legal sanctions. He dissects how the canons of free-market fundamentalism, backed by the cannons of state power, paved the road toward a soft form of totalitarianism, which march hand in hand with millennial Christianity and a military-security-industrial complex in search for new - mostly imaginary - enemies. Counterfeit Crime is savage in its critique of the political and judicial status quo and outraged at an economy rife with corruption.
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Encyclopedia Of Social Deviance

Author : Craig J. Forsyth
ISBN : 9781483364698
Genre : Social Science
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Social deviance does not involve just criminal behavior—it’s any behavior that violates a cultural norm, and that can involve something as minor as consistently and deliberately wearing lively mismatched socks. Moreover, whether a crime, a sin, or simply unique taste, what’s considered deviant at one time and place can change, as when extensive tattooing and "body art" evolved from a sideshow carnival spectacle to a nearly universal rite of passage within U.S. culture. Drawing contributions from across the social and behavioral sciences, including sociology, anthropology, criminology, politics, psychology, and religion, the Encyclopedia of Social Deviance introduces students to this lively field of rule-making and rebellion that strikes at the core of what it means to be an individual living in a social world. Key Features: More than 300 articles are organized A-to-Z in two volumes available in both electronic and print formats. Articles, authored by key figures in the field, conclude with cross-reference links and further readings. Although organized A-to-Z, a thematic “Reader’s Guide” groups related articles by broad areas (e.g., Concepts; Theories; Research Methodologies; Individual Deviance; Organizational Deviance; etc.) as one handy search feature on the e-Reference platform, which also includes a comprehensive index of search terms.
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Harper S Bazaar

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Business Week

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