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Iceman Inheritance

Author : Michael Bradley
ISBN : 0613921046
Genre : Science
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Category: Science

Iceman Inheritance

Author : Michael Bradley
ISBN : 091615730X
Genre : Science
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The Iceman Inheritance

Author : Michael Anderson Bradley
ISBN : 0446935069
Genre : Science
File Size : 32.83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Argues that racism, the threat of nuclear war, environmental pollution, and other social problems are the result of the behavior, values, and psychology of the white race
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Chosen People From The Caucasus

Author : Michael Anderson Bradley
ISBN : IND:30000044501603
Genre : History
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In Chosen People From the Caucasus, Bradley extends his iceman theory to a provocative and controversial discussion of the Hebrews. "Given their relatively small numbers, Jews have had an inordinately great influence on Western Civilization", says Bradley. "And given the fact that Western civilization has come to dominate the world over the past five hundred years, Jews have accordingly played a major role in the unfolding drama of all humanity". Is this historical phenomenon merely coincidence, Jewish birthright or are there more plausible explanations? Michael Bradley presents a well-documented work that dares to ask and answer these important questions. Chosen People from the Caucasus focuses on the two separate groups of people who emerged from the Caucasus mountains of the Middle East; those people who comprise the vast majority of Modern Jewry, who converted to Judaism about 740 A.D. and were later pushed into Central and Eastern Europe by Mongol invasions, and the Biblical Hebrews who emerged 2700 years earlier. Both peoples, ironically, are considered to be "Jews" - although they have no direct historical or genetic connection to each other. Bradley commends that people and cultures emerging from the Caucasus mountains (a known refuge of late-lingering Neanderthal populations) in proto-historical and historical times would have remained highly aggressive and psychosexually maladapted. Beneath the mystique of "the chosen people", the cultural fusion of these two separate streams of "Jews" has, since the 16th century, played an important role in the evolution of Western civilization and thus, in the molding of the entire world's present cultural profile. Bradley contends that auniquely high level of lingering Neanderthal aggression has been responsible for the major role played by those calling themselves Jews in the discovery and conquest of the Americas, the transatlantic trade in Black Africans as slaves and cultural colonization of non-Whites by the West. It has been a role too often distorted and disguised by loud lamentations of "anti-Semitism". In his widely acclaimed The Iceman Inheritance, Michael Bradley presented evidence that Ice Age ancestors of modern Europeans exhibited extreme aggression and psychosexual frustration compared to all known ancestors of other "major groups" (races) of modern man. This, he argued, was a significant factor in the unfolding of human history: it explained Western Man's conquest of the world at the expense of other peoples. Since its initial publication in 1978, The Iceman Inheritance has been supported by the work of noted anthropologists and psychologists (including Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Eric Trinkhaus, Dr. T. Dale Stewart and others). Chosen People From the Caucasus, continues Bradley's investigation by focusing on the Hebrews.
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Author : Marimba Ani
ISBN : 086543249X
Genre : History
File Size : 69.49 MB
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Yurugu removes the mask from the European facade and thereby reveals the inner workings of global white supremacy
Category: History

African People In World History

Author : John Henrik Clarke
ISBN : 0933121776
Genre : History
File Size : 69.86 MB
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African history as world history: Africa and the Roman Empire -- Africa and the rise of Islam -- The mighty kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay -- The Atlantic slave trade: Slavery and resistance in South America and the Caribbean -- Slavery and resistance in the United States -- African Americans in the twentieth century.
Category: History

The Ancient Mysteries And Modern Masonry

Author : Charles H. Vail
ISBN : 9781596054622
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 52.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In the early ages occult knowledge was taught openly, as the sciences are taught in our colleges to-day. But in the course of time many allowed their selfishness to rule and so abused their power that it became necessary to withhold such knowledge from the unworthy. This was the condition of religious affairs when the Mysteries were necessarily established by the King-Priests of the Divine Dynasties, in the early days of Atlantis.-from "The Origin of the Mysteries"Though the author cannot, alas, "lift the veil from the secrets of the Order," 32nd-degree Freemason Charles H. Vail endeavors to lead the curious toward a more complete understanding of the ancient knowledge of the eternal truth of the universe of which the Masons are the keepers. From the great antiquity of Masonic symbols and traditions to the formation of the organization with their perpetuation as its goal, this 1909 book is an intriguing glimpse inside one of the most secretive fraternities in existence. It is required reading for those fascinated by arcane wisdom and secret societies.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Plural But Equal

Author : Harold Cruse
ISBN : UOM:39015050180697
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 30.85 MB
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A hardheaded historical evaluation of the struggle for racial equality and why black leadership has failed, from the author of The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual", which sold over 200,000 copies.
Category: Social Science

Grail Knights Of North America

Author : Michael Anderson Bradley
ISBN : 0888822030
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 57.63 MB
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A decade ago, Michael Bradley published the Canadian bestseller, Holy Grail Across the Atlantic (Hounslow Press, 1988), presenting the astounding evidence that a European settlement in Canada had been established in Nova Scotia ninety-four years before Columbus and ninety-nine years before John Cabot. Incredibly, mediaeval documents and maps showed that this settlement had been founded by refugee Knights Templar from Scotland - knights who had been created for the sole purpose of guarding the Holy Grail. Bradley presented evidence that these Grail-believing religious refugees and their knightly protectors had been instrumental in discovering, settling, and influencing the development of New France and, later, the fledgling American Republic. The book was automatically ridiculed by conventional North American historians, while at the same time serving as the model for European works (e.g. The Sword and the Grail by Britain's Andrew Sinclair). Michael Bradley's investigation stimulated some serious professional and academic researchers to join his quest to find further evidence of the Knights Templar in Canada and the United States. Now, in 1998, comes the publication of the long-awaited sequel to Holy Grail Across the Atlantic - Grail Knights of North America. Realizing from mediaeval documents that the initial Nova Scotia refuge of AD 1398 must have harboured many Grail believers, and that the secret colony must have expanded, Bradley began to trace evidence of Grail Knights from Nova Scotia, through New Brunswick to the St. Lawrence River, and on to the Great Lakes as far as Niagara, New York State, and central Pennsylvania. Evidence of their presence has been uncovered on both the Canadian and American sides of this great waterway. Bradley poses compelling questions about his discoveries, and offers plausible and provocative answers as we travel with him and his companions (both academic and amateur) along the trail of the Grail Knights of North America.
Category: True Crime

The Queen S Slave Trader

Author : Nick Hazlewood
ISBN : 9780060935696
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Throughout history, blame for the introduction of slavery in America has been squarely placed upon the slave traders who ravaged African villages, the merchants who auctioned off human lives as if they were cattle, and the slave owners who ruthlessly beat their helpless victims. There is, however, above all these men, another person who has seemingly been able to avoid the blame due her. The origins of slavery -- often described as America's shame -- can actually be traced back to a woman, England's Queen Elizabeth I. During the 1560s, Elizabeth was encouraging a Renaissance in her kingdom but also knew her country's economy could not finance her dreams for it. On direct orders from Her Majesty, John Hawkyns set sail from England. His destination: West Africa. His mission: to capture human lives. After landing on the African coast, he used a series of brutal raids, violent beatings, and sheer terror to load his ships. As the first major slave trader, Hawkyns's actions and attitudes toward his cargo set the precedent for those who followed him for the next two hundred years. In The Queen's Slave Trader, historian Nick Hazlewood's haunting discoveries take you into the mind-set of the men who made their livelihoods trafficking human souls and at long last reveals the man who began it all -- and the woman behind him.
Category: Biography & Autobiography