I Asked For Wonder

Author : Abraham Joshua Heschel
ISBN : UVA:X001271033
Genre : Philosophy
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Considered by many to be one of the most significant Jewish theologians of the 20th century, Abraham Heschel finds just the right words to startle the mind and delight the heart. He addresses and challenges the whole person, portraying that rarest of human phenomena—the holy man.
Category: Philosophy

From Faith To Faith

Author : Marie Hunter Atwood
ISBN : 9781490873367
Genre : Religion
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From Faith to Faith, As We Live in the Spirit is a spiritual message to those who love God. He loves us and yearns for our hearts to be one with His and gives us opportunity to participate in the fulfillment of that desire by choosing the path of spiritual growth that will draw us closer to His presence and to His Holy nature. Based on the loving nature of His every activity as He ministered to us on this planet, and intent on our own goal of becoming like Him, God gradually changes us into the glorious, spiritual person He wants us to be.
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Interreligi Se Theologie

Author : Ephraim Meir
ISBN : 9783110433418
Genre : Philosophy
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This book is the first greater attempt to construct a dialogical theology from a Jewish point of view. It contributes to an emerging new theology that promotes the interrelatedness of religions in which encounter, openness, and permanent learning are central. Meir analyses and critically discusses the writings of great contemporary Jewish dialogical thinkers and argues that the values of interreligious theology are moored in their thoughts.
Category: Philosophy

Human God S Ineffable Name

Author : Abraham Joshua Heschel
ISBN : 0615652409
Genre : Poetry
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Although Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972) is well-known today-as a philosopher, a Jewish theologian and a social activist-Heschel the poet is not. Nevertheless, those who have read his writings in English, spiritual classics like The Sabbath and Man is Not Alone, and have been moved by the power of his prose and the subtlety of his expression, will not be surprised to find that in his youth he had actually published a volume of Yiddish poetry in the heyday of Yiddish literature before the Holocaust. The 66 precious poems of Der Shem Ham'forash-Mentch, published by Indsel Verlag in Warsaw in 1933, remained close to Heschel's heart all of his life, though few people knew of their existence. It was more than a decade after his passing before most of his admirers learned of them, being treated to a few tantalizing snippets in Samuel Dresner's anthology, I Asked for Wonder (a line taken from the dedication of Der Shem Ham'forash-Mentch). But what was unknown to most of Heschel's readers was that a complete translation of his poetry in English already existed in his lifetime; and still more amazing, it had been made by his younger contemporary, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (b. 1924), who would himself become a towering figure in Jewish and world spirituality, but who at the time was just coming into his own and looked to the older Heschel as a mentor. As we learn in the introduction, the first drafts of these translations were given as gifts to Heschel after his heart attack in 1969 to cheer him through his convalescence (sometimes accompanied by recordings of Schachter-Shalomi reading both the Yiddish originals and the English translations!) Schachter-Shalomi notes that Heschel was satisfied with some of these early drafts and unsatisfied with others. The poems were deeply personal to him and the translations would need to be revised. Unfortunately, Heschel died before he and Schachter-Shalomi could come together to discuss a revision and the translations were put on a shelf. But now, in honor of the 40th anniversary of Heschel's passing, Schachter-Shalomi has taken them down again and completed his own revision for the modern reader of sacred poetry. Thus, we have in this volume something truly unique-the combined work and vision of two of the 20th century's greatest Jewish spiritual luminaries and master's of Yiddish!
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Spiritual Resilience

Author : Robert J. Wicks
ISBN : 9781616368876
Genre : Religion
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We've all had times when bouncing back from the ordinary stress of daily life or an unexpected tragedy seems to be an insurmountable challenge. We need a way to recover resilience. If you're facing difficult times, Dr. Robert Wicks is here to help you regain your balance by discovering resources you may have been taking for granted. Through 30 daily reflections, you can gradually find your way back to a place of serenity and renewed energy. Wicks draws on the wisdom and insight of great teachers and healers throughout the ages, as well as the wealth of insight from the Scriptures to show how a renewed spiritual life can bring you to a place of psychological strength.
Category: Religion

Frontiers In Spiritual Leadership

Author : Scott T. Allison
ISBN : 9781137580818
Genre : Social Science
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Abraham Lincoln's iconic phrase, 'the better angels of our nature', revealed his belief that the noblest qualities of humanity would heal a divided nation. In Frontiers in Spiritual Leadership, an interdisciplinary group of leading scholars from the University of Richmond explore these noble qualities and how leaders such as Lincoln make that expression possible. They review the landscape of spiritual leadership and the spiritual principles that are fundamental to effective and inspired leadership, emphasizing the values of love, forgiveness, purpose, trust, sacrifice, equality, and liberty, among others. Through an analysis of historical examples and contemporary issues, this book celebrates the many gifted and enlightened individuals whose leadership embodies the most exquisite qualities of humanity. It outlines the conceptual linkage between leadership and spirituality within groups and organizations and will appeal to students and scholars of leadership, ethics, religion, philosophy, psychology, and human growth potential.
Category: Social Science

Aging And The Meaning Of Time

Author : Susan McFadden, PhD
ISBN : 0826103820
Genre : Social Science
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As we confront our own mortality, we might ask, "What has my long life meant and how have the years shaped me?" or "How long must I suffer?" Such questions reflect time-consciousness, the focus of this classic volume. The authors, from diverse disciplines in gerontology, act as guides in the exploration of the realms of time in later life and their meanings. As they examine how the study of time can give new meanings to aging, they also consider the religious and spiritual questions raised when human beings consider the temporal boundaries of life. This volume honors Melvin Kimble's contributions to gerontology and represents a new direction in the study of religion, spirituality, and aging.
Category: Social Science

Earth Honoring Faith

Author : Larry L. Rasmussen
ISBN : 9780199986842
Genre : Philosophy
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Grand Winner of the 2014 Nautilus Book Awards Thoughtful observers agree that the planetary crisis we now face-climate change; species extinction; the destruction of entire ecosystems; the urgent need for a more just economic-political order-is pushing human civilization to a radical turning point: change or perish. But precisely how to change remains an open question. In Earth-honoring Faith, Larry Rasmussen answers that question with a dramatically new way of thinking about human society, ethics, and the ongoing health of our planet. Rejecting the modern assumption that morality applies to human society alone, Rasmussen insists that we must derive a spiritual and ecological ethic that accounts for the well-being of all creation, as well as the primal elements upon which it depends: earth, air, fire, water, and sunlight. He argues that good science, necessary as it is, will not be enough to inspire fundamental change. We must draw on religious resources as well to make the difficult transition from an industrial-technological age obsessed with consumption to an ecological age that restores wise stewardship of all life. Earth-honoring Faith advocates an alliance of spirituality and ecology, in which the material requirements for planetary life are reconciled with deep traditions of spirituality across religions, traditions that include mysticism, sacramentalism, prophetic practices, asceticism, and the cultivation of wisdom. It is these shared spiritual practices that can produce a chorus of world faiths to counter the consumerism, utilitarianism, alienation, oppression, and folly that have pushed us to the brink. Written with passionate commitment and deep insight, Earth-honoring Faith reminds us that we must live in the present with the knowledge that the eyes of future generations will look back at us.
Category: Philosophy

Music Of Silence

Author : Brother David Steindl-Rast
ISBN : 9781569751206
Genre : Religion
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Author : Abraham Joshua Heschel
ISBN : 3788713968
Genre : Jewish philosophers
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Category: Jewish philosophers