Hydropolitics Interest Groups And Governance

Author : Richard Meissner
ISBN : 9783319388878
Genre : Political Science
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This book investigates the role that interest groups have played over the years in influencing the government of Namibia, the World Bank, the European Union and project implementation authorities to not construct the proposed Epupa Hydroelectric Power Station on the Kunene River in the Baynes mountains, a region on the border between Namibia and Angola. Some of the issues brought forward by the interest groups are the socio-economic impact the dam would have on the OvaHimba, as well as negative consequences for the river’s aquatic and terrestrial environment. This book argues that interest groups and individuals have the ability to influence the above-mentioned institutions, and to such an extent that water politics and governance are not exclusively the domain of state institutions. As such, it argues that communal interest groups, living in remote parts of the world, can influence state institutions at various political scales.
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Governance Of Water

Author : Vishwa Ballabh
ISBN : 9780761936077
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This book makes an effort to initiate the discourse of governance of water in the Indian context from a variety of angles, such as neo-classical and institutional economics, deliberative democracy, public administration, collective action and political economy perspectives. Reform in water governance not only includes a re-orientation of policy priorities and approaches, but also the restructuring of the institutional framework away from the state and village dichotomy. New ‘intermediate’ institutions are required to allow a negotiated approach to water resource governance, multi-stakeholder participation, and integrated water resource management at various levels: the village, state, and nation as a whole.
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Handbook Of South American Governance

Author : Pia Riggirozzi
ISBN : 9781317339281
Genre : Political Science
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Governance in South America is signified by strategies pursued by state and non-state actors directed to enhancing (some aspect of) their capabilities and powers of agency. It is about the spaces and the practices available, demanded or created to ‘make politics happen’. This framework lends explanatory power to understand how governance has been defined and practiced in South America. Pía Riggirozzi and Christopher Wylde bring together leading experts to explore what demands and dilemmas have shaped understanding and practice of governance in South America in and across the region. The Handbook suggests that governance dilemmas of inequitable and unfulfilled political economic governance in South America have been constant historical features, yet addressed and negotiated in different ways. Building from an introduction to key issues defining governance in South America, this Handbook proceeds to examine institutions, actors and practices in governance focusing on three core processes: evolution of socio-economic and political justice claims as central to the demands of governance; governance frameworks foregrounding particular issues and often privileging particular forms of political practice; and iterative and cumulative processes leading to new demands of governance addressing recognition and identity politics. This Handbook will be a key reference for those concerned with the study of South America, South American political economy, regional governance, and the politics of development.
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Public Opinion And Interest Group Politics

Author : Heather A. Thuynsma
ISBN : 9780798302920
Genre : Political Science
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Pt.1: Public opinion and interest group politics around the world: instructive insight?: Special interests and how they help shape US legislation: interesting possibilities or potential pitfalls -- Fundraising for social change in the US: interest group advocacy in contemporary US elections -- Interest groups in the German political system: advice for South Africa. Pt.2: Public opinion and interest group politics in South Africa: comparing perspectives: Understanding the South African political psyche -- The character of the South African state: the self-understanding of the ANC as government and its impact on the public space -- The methodology of polling public opinion in South Africa: measuring the pulse of the people -- Managing public opinion during the 2009 South African elections -- The possibilities of election campaigns as sites for political advocacy: South Africa in comparative perspective -- Challenges for interest groups and their advocacy campaigns: the case of sustainable medium density housing -- An interest group at work: environmental activism and the case of acid mine drainage on Johannesburg's West Rand. Pt.3: Championing public opinion: a future for interest groups?: Managing campaigns to influence the public policy agenda: putting theory into practice -- Advocacy and financing that shapes and shifts public opinion -- Government and access effects on the use of social networking sites by nationwide NGOs in the US, South Africa and Mexico -- The ability of social movements to affect policy change in South Africa and the United States: comparing and contrasting key elements of HIV/AIDS treatment and welfare entitlement campaigns -- Beyond appeasement: the real business agenda -- Democracy without choice? Interest groups, advocacy and political behaviour in Namibia: a warning for South Africa?
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Water Services Management And Governance

Author : Tapio S. Katko
ISBN : 9781780400228
Genre : Science
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Water Services Management and Governance focuses on water services (water supply, wastewater services) and deals with connections between water resources and services and water resources. It covers water supply mainly in urban communities, sanitation and pollution control and water resources and their linkages to water services.
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Water Policy Entrepreneurs

Author : Sander Meijerink
ISBN : 9781849803366
Genre : Nature
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Unsurpassed in the scope of its coverage, this book explores like no other the roles of policy entrepreneurs and the causes of policy change across diverse political systems ranging from the developing world to the largest western democracies. The studies show how entrepreneurs work with outside donors, take advantage of windows of political opportunity, create those windows, and push the policy process in the direction they hope. They also show the limits to these strategies, and strategies that tend to fail. The book dramatically advances our understanding not only of change and stability in water policy, but of the policy process more generally. Frank R. Baumgartner, University of North Carolina, US This book is a theoretically and empirically grounded analysis of one of the world s most pressing problems: the management of water resources. The editors have assembled a remarkable collection of authors with a truly global outlook and an excellent grasp of contemporary water issues as well as modern theories of public policy and decision-making. The volume also demonstrates excellent applications of policy theory to current and pressing matters. It is a must-read for students and practitioners in water resources and will be influential to water policy and in environmental resource management and policy for years to come. Thomas A. Birkland, North Carolina State University, US This volume is a major achievement. It advances our knowledge of stability and change in water policy through case studies from around the world. Its focus on transitions instances of really major shifts in policy is particularly welcome at a time when challenges such as climate change force water policy makers to reconsider the very foundations of their regulatory frameworks and infrastructural policies. The volume goes beyond water policy, however. It makes a major contribution to the study of policy dynamics in general by offering an empirically grounded comparative analysis of policy entrepreneurs as change agents in policy networks. There has been much loose talk about policy entrepreneurs in the fields of public administration and public policy, but a dearth of empirical work underpinning the various claims made. This volume goes a long way towards filling that gap. Highly recommended for water experts and policy scientists alike. Paul t Hart, Australian National University, Australia and Utrecht University, the Netherlands This major volume focuses on the role of policy entrepreneurs in revolutionizing water management worldwide. Adopting an international comparative perspective, the authors explore the changes taking place in water policy across fifteen countries, at both the global level and within the European Union. Their analysis highlights the importance of groups and individuals in stimulating progress and reveals the crucial part played by policy entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs use various strategies to initiate and implement change, including the framing and reframing of issues, the assembly of coalitions, venue shopping and the exploitation of windows of opportunity. In showcasing the role of entrepreneurs in achieving transitions and explaining their approach, this groundbreaking book presents an optimistic message for those who desire improvements in the way water is managed. This book will not only make a unique contribution to the current literature on transition management, but will also prove an invaluable tool for those keen to influence water policy management at the regional, national and international level. It will be of great interest to students and scholars of water resources and environmental management and governance, as well as practitioners in the fields of water and climate policy.
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Handbook On Water Security

Author : Claudia Pahl-Wostl
ISBN : 9781782548010
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Water security has received increasing attention in the scientific and public policy communities in recent years. The Handbook on Water Security is a much-needed resource that helps the reader navigate between the differing interpretations of water security. It explains the various dimensions of the topic by approaching it both conceptually and thematically, as well as in relation to experiences in different regions of the world. The international contributors explore the various perspectives on water security to show that it has multiple meanings that cannot easily be reconciled. Topics discussed include: challenges from human security to consumerism, how trade policies can help to achieve water security in a transboundary setting, the potential of risk-based governance arrangements and the ecology of water security. Scholars and postgraduate students in the social sciences working on water-related issues will find this book to be of substantial interest. It will strongly appeal to policymakers and practitioners looking at the strengths and limitations of water security.

Water Politics And Development Cooperation

Author : Waltina Scheumann
ISBN : 9783540767077
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The importance of the political sphere for understanding and solving water sector problems is the basic rationale of this book, which is the outcome of the Fifth Dialogues on Water, organised at the German Development Institute, Bonn. These dialogues, unlike earlier ones, focused on the political processes of policy formulation and the strategic behaviour of the actors involved. Specific attention is devoted to implications for development cooperation.
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Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105123425352
Genre : Political science
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English and Afrikaans with abstracts in English.
Category: Political science