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Author : Rolando Barbucci
ISBN : 8847011043
Genre : Science
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Format : PDF
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The studies on Biohydrogels have had a rapid, exponential evolution in the last decades. This book is the result of an International conference gathering the most recent results in this field.
Category: Science

Biomedical Hydrogels

Author : Steve Rimmer
ISBN : 9780857091383
Genre : Medical
File Size : 54.19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Hydrogels are very important for biomedical applications because they can be chemically manipulated to alter and control the hydrogel’s interaction with cells and tissues. Their flexibility and high water content is similar to that of natural tissue, making them extremely suitable for biomaterials applications. Biomedical hydrogels explores the diverse range and use of hydrogels, focusing on processing methods and novel applications in the field of implants and prostheses. Part one of this book concentrates on the processing of hydrogels, covering hydrogel swelling behaviour, superabsorbent cellulose-based hydrogels and regulation of novel hydrogel products, as well as chapters focusing on the structure and properties of hydrogels and different fabrication technologies. Part two covers existing and novel applications of hydrogels, including chapters on spinal disc and cartilage replacement implants, hydrogels for ophthalmic prostheses and hydrogels for wound healing applications. The role of hydrogels in imaging implants in situ is also discussed. With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Biomedical hydrogels is an excellent reference for biomedical research scientists and engineers in industry and academia, as well as others involved in research in this area, such as research clinicians. Examines the diverse range and use of hydrogels, focusing on processing methods and novel applications Comprehensive book explores the structure and properties of hydrogels and different fabrication technologies Covers important areas such as processing of hydrogels, covering hydrogel swelling behaviour, superabsorbent cellulose-based hydrogels and regulation of novel hydrogel products
Category: Medical


Author : Thakur Raghu Raj Singh
ISBN : 9781351648271
Genre : Medical
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Hydrogels are crosslinked, macromolecular polymeric materials arranged in a three-dimensional network, which can absorb and retain large amounts of water. Hydrogels are commonly used in clinical practice and experimental medicine for a wide range of applications, including drug delivery, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, diagnostics, cellular immobilization, separation of biomolecules or cells, and barrier materials to regulate biological adhesions. This book elucidates the underlying concepts and emerging applications of hydrogels and will provide key case studies and critical analysis of the existing research.
Category: Medical

Reflexive Polymers And Hydrogels

Author : Nobuhiko Yui
ISBN : 0203485351
Genre : Medical
File Size : 53.18 MB
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. Despite their capacity to carry out functions that previously were unobtainable, smart polymers and hydrogels tend to have painfully slow response times. On the other hand biological systems go through phase changes at an extremely fast rate. Reflexive Polymers and Hydrogels examines the natural systems that respond almost instantaneously to environmental stimuli, and thus gives the reader an understanding of the mechanisms that govern these responses. The book includes chapters on approaches and procedures for designing a synthetic ...flash... system based on naturally occurring systems. It also deals with some of the promising potential applications of flash systems in industry.
Category: Medical

Transient Rheology Of Stimuli Responsive Hydrogels Integrating Microrheology And Microfluidics

Author : Jun Sato
ISBN : 1109871481
Genre :
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Stimuli-responsive hydrogels have diverse potential applications in the field of drug delivery, tissue engineering, agriculture, cosmetics, gene therapy, and as sensors and actuators due to their unique responsiveness to external signals, such as pH, temperature, and ionic strength. Understanding the responsiveness of hydrogel structure and rheology to these stimuli is essential for designing materials with desirable performance. However, no instrumentation and well-defined methodology are available to characterize the structural and rheological responses to rapid solvent changes. In this thesis, a new microrheology set-up is described, which allows us to quantitatively measure the transient rheological properties and microstructure of a variety of solvent-responsive complex fluids. The device was constructed by integrating particle tracking microrheology and microfluidics and offers unique experimental capabilities for performing solvent-reponse measurements on soft fragile materials without applying external shear forces. Transient analysis methods to quantitatively obtain rheological properties were also constructed, and guidelines for the trade-off between statistical validity and temporal resolution were developed to accurately capture physical transitions. Employing the new device and methodology, we successfully quantified the transient rheological and microstructural responses during gel formation and break-up, and viscosity changes of solvent-responsive complex fluids. The analysis method was expanded for heterogeneous samples, incorporating methods to quantify the microrheology of samples with broad distributions of individual particle dynamics. Transient microrheology measurements of fragile, heterogeneous, self-assembled block copolypeptide hydrogels revealed that solvent exchange via convective mixing and dialysis can lead to significantly different gel properties and that commonly applied sample preparation protocols for the characterization of soft biomaterials could lead to erroneous conclusions about microstructural dynamics. Systematic investigations by varying key parameters, like molecular structure, gel concentration, salt concentration, and tracer particle size for microrheology, revealed that subtle variations in molecular architecture can cause major changes in response dynamics. Moreover, the results showed that the method can be applied for studying gel formation and breakup kinetics. The research in this thesis facilitates the design of solvent-responsive soft materials with appropriate microstructural dynamics for in vivo applications like tissue engineering and drug delivery, and can also be applied to study the effect of solvents on self-assembly mechanisms in other responsive soft materials, such as polymer solutions and colloidal dispersions.


Author : Fabricio Vitor Camara
ISBN : 1619428423
Genre : Science
File Size : 37.81 MB
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Hydrogels are polymeric networks with three-dimensional configurations capable of imbibing high amounts of water or biological fluids. The application of hydrogels technology is being widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as drug delivery systems. In this book, the authors present current research in the study of the synthesis, characterization and applications of hydrogels. Topics include the synthesis of protein-based hydrogels for biomedical applications; the role of hydrogels in the development of artificial bone substitutes; protein-based hydrogels from fish industrialization wastes; silk fibroin hydrogels; PVP-Based hydrogels; and the tribological properties of polyvinyl alcohol hydrogels as artifical articular cartilage.
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Hydrogels Of Cytoskeletal Proteins

Author : Yoshihito Osada
ISBN : 9783319273778
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 82.48 MB
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This book describes a new family of bio-polymer gels made from cytoskeletal proteins - actin, microtubule, and tropomyosin. The importance of the gel state with multi-scale hierarchical structure is emphasized to utilize emergent functions in living organisms. Detailed protocol of gel preparation, specified method of structure investigation, and dynamic studies of self-organization, self-healing, synchronized oscillating, and autonomous motility functions are introduced together with biomimetic functions of synthetic hydrogels.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Biodegradable Hydrogels For Drug Delivery

Author : Haesun Park
ISBN : 1439892962
Genre : Medical
File Size : 69.37 MB
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From the Authors' Preface The advances made in the area of controlled drug delivery during the last two decades are remarkable ....Of the many polymeric materials, biodegradable hydrogels present unique advantages and opportunities in the development of ...delivery devices....We have undertaken the challenge of putting together information relevant to biodegradable hydrogels in one place. This book covers the mechanisms of biodegradation, types of biodegradable hydrogels,chemical and physical gels, chemical and enzymatic degradation, and examples of biodegradable drug delivery systems.
Category: Medical

Biomedical Applications Of Hydrogels Handbook

Author : Raphael M. Ottenbrite
ISBN : 144195919X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 72.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Hydrogels are networks of polymer chains which can produce a colloidal gel containing over 99 per cent water. The superabsorbency and permeability of naturally occurring and synthetic hydrogels give this class of materials an amazing array of uses. These uses range from wound dressings and skin grafts to oxygen-permeable contact lenses to biodegradable delivery systems for drugs or pesticides and scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Biomedical Applications of Hydrogels Handbook provides a comprehensive description of this diverse class of materials, covering both synthesis and properties and a broad range of research and commercial applications. The Handbook is divided into four sections: Stimuli-Sensitive Hydrogels, Hydrogels for Drug Delivery, Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering, and Hydrogels with Unique Properties. Key Features: Provides comprehensive coverage of the basic science and applications of a diverse class of materials Includes both naturally occurring and synthetic hydrogels Edited and written by world leaders in the field.
Category: Technology & Engineering