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Humanity In A Creative Universe

Author : Stuart A. Kauffman
ISBN : 9780199390472
Genre : Science
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Format : PDF
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In the hard sciences, which can often feel out of grasp for many lay readers, there are "great thinkers" who go far beyond the equations, formulas, and research. Minds such as Stephen Hawking philosophize about the functions and nature of the universe, the implications of our existence, and other impossibly fascinating, yet difficult questions. Stuart A. Kauffman is one of those great thinkers. He has dedicated his lifetime to researching "complex systems" at prestigious institutions and now writes his treatise on the most complex system of all: our universe. A recent Scientific American article claims that "philosophy begins where physics ends, and physics begins where philosophy ends," and perhaps no better quote sums up what Kauffman's latest book offers. Grounded in his rigorous training and research background, Kauffman is inter-disciplinary in every sense of the word, sorting through the major questions and theories in biology, physics, and philosophy. Best known for his philosophy of evolutionary biology, Kauffman coined the term "prestatability" to call into question whether science can ever accurately and precisely predict the future development of biological features in organisms. As evidenced by the title's mention of creativity, the book refreshingly argues that our preoccupation to explain all things with scientific law has deadened our creative natures. In this fascinating read, Kauffman concludes that the development of life on earth is not entirely predictable, because no theory could ever fully account for the limitless variations of evolution. Sure to cause a stir, this book will be discussed for years to come and may even set the tone for the next "great thinker."
Category: Science

A World Beyond Physics

Author : Stuart A. Kauffman
ISBN : 9780190871338
Genre : Science
File Size : 64.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How did life start? Is the evolution of life describable by any physics-like laws? Stuart Kauffman's latest book offers an explanation-beyond what the laws of physics can explain-of the progression from a complex chemical environment to molecular reproduction, metabolism and to early protocells, and further evolution to what we recognize as life. Among the estimated one hundred billion solar systems in the known universe, evolving life is surely abundant. That evolution is a process of "becoming" in each case. Since Newton, we have turned to physics to assess reality. But physics alone cannot tell us where we came from, how we arrived, and why our world has evolved past the point of unicellular organisms to an extremely complex biosphere. Building on concepts from his work as a complex systems researcher at the Santa Fe Institute, Kauffman focuses in particular on the idea of cells constructing themselves and introduces concepts such as "constraint closure." Living systems are defined by the concept of "organization" which has not been focused on in enough in previous works. Cells are autopoetic systems that build themselves: they literally construct their own constraints on the release of energy into a few degrees of freedom that constitutes the very thermodynamic work by which they build their own self creating constraints. Living cells are "machines" that construct and assemble their own working parts. The emergence of such systems-the origin of life problem-was probably a spontaneous phase transition to self-reproduction in complex enough prebiotic systems. The resulting protocells were capable of Darwin's heritable variation, hence open-ended evolution by natural selection. Evolution propagates this burgeoning organization. Evolving living creatures, by existing, create new niches into which yet further new creatures can emerge. If life is abundant in the universe, this self-constructing, propagating, exploding diversity takes us beyond physics to biospheres everywhere.
Category: Science

Spirits Rejoice

Author : Jason C. Bivins
ISBN : 9780190230920
Genre : Music
File Size : 82.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In Spirits Rejoice! Jason Bivins explores the relationship between American religion and American music, and the places where religion and jazz have overlapped. Much writing about jazz tends toward glorified discographies or impressionistic descriptions of the actual sounds. Rather than providing a history, or series of biographical entries, Spirits Rejoice! takes to heart a central characteristic of jazz itself and improvises, generating a collection of themes, pursuits, reoccurring foci, and interpretations. Bivins riffs on interviews, liner notes, journals, audience reception, and critical commentary, producing a work that argues for the centrality of religious experiences to any legitimate understanding of jazz, while also suggesting that jazz opens up new interpretations of American religious history. Bivins examines themes such as musical creativity as related to specific religious traditions, jazz as a form of ritual and healing, and jazz cosmologies and metaphysics. Spirits Rejoice! connects Religious Studies to Jazz Studies through thematic portraits, and a vast number of interviews to propose a new, improvisationally fluid archive for thinking about religion, race, and sound in the United States. Bivins's conclusions explore how the sound of spirits rejoicing challenges not only prevailing understandings of race and music, but also the way we think about religion. Spirits Rejoice! is an essential volume for any student of jazz, American religion, or American culture.
Category: Music

American Journal Of Islamic Social Sciences 13 3

Author : Tamara Sonn
Genre :
File Size : 69.62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS), established in 1984, is a quarterly, double blind peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal, published by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), and distributed worldwide. The journal showcases a wide variety of scholarly research on all facets of Islam and the Muslim world including subjects such as anthropology, history, philosophy and metaphysics, politics, psychology, religious law, and traditional Islam.

Beyond Original Sin

Author : O'Murchu, Diarmuid
ISBN : 9781608337521
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29.35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The wisdom of paleontology is creating a revolution that is likely to shake many inherited Christian beliefs, including the doctrine of Original Sin. This book does not set out to dispel the notion of Original Sin, but rather it makes a compelling case for fundamental goodness and our human foundational creative urge as the bases for faith and spirituality.
Category: Religion

The Event In Science History Philosophy And Art

Author : Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon
ISBN : 9781602648814
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 21.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this book, Dr. Ben-Aharon demonstrates how the transformation of human consciousness in modern times is expressed in the fields of Science, History, Philosophy, and Art. He shows how creative concepts have been discovered and applied in physics, biology, genetics, and artificial intelligence. In the Philosophy chapter, Ben-Aharon traces the thought of Deleuze and Guattari, Foucault, Derrida, Badiou and Levinas and shows that this radical thinking is no longer abstract, theoretical reasoning or mere speculation. Rather, it is an exercise in generating real cognitive and moral substance, taking the human beyond the traditional boundaries of body, subjectivity, and identity. The chapter on Art demonstrates how contemporary artistic work joins together with science and thinking to create a new stream of real becoming and evolution. The historical decision of our time is then: Are we going to apply this new creativity in social life or will we reverse it into its destructive opposite?
Category: Social Science

Wake Up Humanity

Author : Christa Sira
ISBN : 9781469199245
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 47.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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One of the disturbing trends which have developed in recent times is the uncaring attitudes and violence of people towards their fellow human beings, the animals and the environment, and the gradual decay of western civilizations! This has brought about a situation where humanity can no longer afford to ignore the present dangers and continue living in the old ways. We must make changes in the way they live to avoid a potential disaster unfolding through the collapse of the global economies, the environment pollution and the poisoning of food, land, rivers and oceans and all life form in them by taking our duty of care more seriously. The books contents are based on real events and spiritual principles, along with personal experiences. It describes the general state of affairs of our society and children and highlights the increasing need for humanity to change the way we live and start to take greater care of the planet that sustains our lives and how Gods fury is unleashed through the splitting of the atom. Simple exercises describe and help the reader how to create a light-field for personal protection around them and how to send it around the world. It urges the reader to use the violet flame and pink rays together with meditations, decrees and affirmations to remove unwanted situations and conditions from their lives. The book is based on the authors [email protected] personal experiences, spiritual principles and teachings and events to help the reader to reach a higher state of awareness. . Wake up Humanity- and take Responsibility is available from,,, and all good book stores. The author has a background in spiritual training courses, facilitating workshops and has designed her own Angel and Universal Card Sets.
Category: Self-Help

The Human Pathway Find The Truth A Guide To Cosmic And Spiritual Elightenment That Will Transform Humanity From Unconsciousness To

Author : Jim Knut Larsson
ISBN : 9780615413877
Genre : Religion
File Size : 54.31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Jim Knut Larsson establishes that the foundation for freewill, meaning and purpose is anchored in the latest findings in quantum mechanics and cosmology-empowering us to create the future. The Human Pathway is destined to become the catalyst for a transformation in politics, justice, government, economics and spiritualism. What choices does humanity need to make now, in order to avoid destruction? What goals can we set up to maximize meaning and purpose both for the individual and also for all of humanity? The Human Pathway might be the most important, inspiring and interesting book you will ever read. Our future depends upon your participation! Also included as an addendum: "What to do in case of arrest!" It could save your life or ... someone close to you! A must read! Some more questions ... What is "enlightenment"? Why the earth created humans? What would be the ultimate goals for humanity? How can you unleash your creative powers and create your own future? Why every act, movement and thought is a manifestation of freewill and why it affects the evolution of the universe? Why the living standard in the US declines daily? Why there are more than 3 million people in jail and more than 50 million with a criminal record? People in America always talk about "they." "Back then, 'they' castrated people who were homosexuals. "They" had strict laws against sodomy." They" did radiation experiments on the population. The question is; who are "they"? Revelation: Does it matter if you are resurrected at some point in the future? It is your desire to know the "truth" that drives your desire for resurrection. You will live forever as long as humanity-or if human intelligence lives on forever-because what is living, even if your ego is dead, is you being one with humanity. Individuals only manifest by their "clinging" to their egos. This "clinging" prevents you from becoming creative, happy and blissful. If you get rid of your ego, which should be everybody's goal, you will dedicate yourself to the eternal "now" and to serve humanity. A great quest is to help humanity reach its highest potential and to achieve "absolute" knowledge, "finish" the creation of the universe and acquire the power to recreate everything that existed forever. Then, at that point, you will be resurrected! However there is a final revelation and, if it is revealed to you, it will give you "absolute" knowledge and peace. This final revelation is the logical conclusion of this book. Understand what is written and the truth will be revealed to you. When it is, you will understand that it cannot be directly communicated and understood by others unless they have the same revelation! You will know that you have the final knowledge when you get the revelation and you don't need to seek validation for it! However, you want to share it with others! Study the revelations in this book and hopefully you will get it. You will know it when you do. We need to dismantle many laws and make society free again. We must get the government out of our lives. The benefit you get from reading my book is that you will be able to see through the myths. When you read my book, you will become an enlightened person. Actually after you read this book you will say, "I'm enlightened now." You will have revelations that will make you enjoy life more and become a happier person, but also you will no longer be seduced by propaganda. This, in the end, is a book of cosmic and spiritual enlightenment and enlightenment with regard to politics, economics and justice. What does it mean to be an enlightened person who helps secure the future prosperity and excitement of living for yourself and for humanity as a whole? Another bonus from this book is that you may no longer fear death. You will become a participant in the conversation and the future goals and aspirations of humanity.
Category: Religion

International Intervention In A Secular Age

Author : Audra Mitchell
ISBN : 9781134504657
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 79.33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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International intervention is not just about ‘saving’ human lives: it is also an attempt to secure humanity’s place in the universe. This book explores the Western secular beliefs that underpin contemporary practices of intervention—most importantly, beliefs about life, death and the dominance of humanity. These beliefs shape a wide range of practices: the idea that human beings should intervene when human lives are at stake; analyses of violence and harm; practices of intervention and peace-building; and logics of killing and letting die. Ironically, however, the Western secular desire to ensure the meaningfulness of human life at all costs contributes to processes of dehumanization, undercutting the basic goals of intervention. To explore this paradox, International Intervention in a Secular Age engages with examples from around the world, and draws on interdisciplinary sources: anthropologies of secularity and IR, posthumanist political philosophy, ontology and the sociology of death. This book offers new insight into perennial problems, such as the reluctance of intervenors to incur fatalities, and international inaction in the face of escalating violence. It also exposes new dilemmas, such as the dehumanizing effects of quantifying casualties, Western secular logics of killing, and the appropriation of lives and deaths through peace-building processes. It will be of great interest to students and scholars of international relations, political philosophy, international ethics and social anthropology.
Category: Political Science

Why Are We Created

Author : Sir John Templeton
ISBN : 9781932031294
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77.75 MB
Format : PDF
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While many books strive to stimulate thinking through provocative anecdotes and theories, Why Are We Created? takes a different path. It begins with a question and continues with a multitude of questions like these: •What is the importance of recognizing the presence of the sacred within us and around us? •How can individuals create a purposeful and fruitful way of life? •How does happiness relate to one's purpose? The intent of these questions is to encourage thoughtfulness, observation, and research that enlarges understanding while offering a sense of direction. The goal is to help individuals live a more useful and happy life. Sir John and Reverend Dunlap use the questions to help readers explore the role of humility as a key to knowledge and progress. They look at the creative power of purposeful thinking and ask how life might be changed if we refuse to dwell on any thought we would not want objectified in our life. They pose questions related to consciously directing one's life. Helping to shed light on the possible connection between spiritual principles and human concepts is commentary from a wide range of sources: the scriptures, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Edward O. Wilson, Emanuel Swedenborg, Emmet Fox, A. H. Maslow, Sir Isaac Newton, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, among many others. Author Information
Category: Religion