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Human Cloning And Human Dignity

Author :
ISBN : 1586481762
Genre : Medical
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A council of leading scientists and philosophers offers wise and provocative insights into the ethical implications of one of the most momentous developments of all--cloning.
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Human Dignity In Bioethics And Law

Author : Charles Foster
ISBN : 9781847318602
Genre : Law
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Dignity is often denounced as hopelessly amorphous or incurably theological: as feel-good philosophical window-dressing, or as the name given to whatever principles give you the answer that you think is right. This is wrong, says Charles Foster: dignity is not only an essential principle in bioethics and law; it is really the only principle. In this ambitious, paradigm-shattering but highly readable book, he argues that dignity is the only sustainable Theory of Everything in bioethics. For most problems in contemporary bioethics, existing principles such as autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, justice and professional probity can do a reasonably workmanlike job if they are all allowed to contribute appropriately. But these are second order principles, each of which traces its origins back to dignity. And when one gets to the frontiers of bioethics (such as human enhancement), dignity is the only conceivable language with which to describe and analyse the strange conceptual creatures found there. Drawing on clinical, anthropological, philosophical and legal insights, Foster provides a new lexicon and grammar of that language which is essential reading for anyone wanting to travel in the outlandish territories of bioethics, and strongly recommended for anyone wanting to travel comfortably anywhere in bioethics or medical law.
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Recht Moral Und Ethik

Author : Silja Vöneky
ISBN : 3161504852
Genre : Law
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English summary: Silja Voneky studies how norms can be established and enforced in a democracy if these norms affect areas which raise ethical and moral questions. She shows the demands made by the constitutional order of the Federal Republic of Germany on the existence of democratic legitimation and explains when and under which certain narrow conditions ethics committees are justified and required. German description: Gerade in Gesellschaften und Ordnungen, fur die bestimmte Grade der Pluralitat faktisch bestehen und normativ anerkannt sind, muss die Erorterung gemeinsamer Werte erfolgen, damit auf deren Basis Normsetzung und Normanwendung erfolgen konnen. Silja Voneky zeigt, unter welchen Voraussetzungen Ethikgremien durch ihre Stellungnahmen in gerechtfertigter Weise einen Korridor ethischer Normsetzung aufzeigen konnen, der von Rechtsetzungs- und Entscheidungsorganen genutzt werden kann. Im Mittelpunkt ihrer Argumentation steht dabei das Verstandnis der Demokratie der Bundesrepublik Deutschland als materiell-ethische. Nur solange und soweit die Gremien ihre Erorterungen in den Grenzen und auf der Grundlage der rechtlich massgeblichen Prinzipien fuhren, kann verhindert werden, dass deren Ethisierung des Diskurses den vorrangig menschenrechtlich gepragten Rechtsdiskurs unzulassig untergrabt.
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Legal Perspectives In Bioethics

Author : Ana S. Iltis
ISBN : 9781135991999
Genre : Philosophy
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Issues in bioethics often turn, at least in part, on the law and regulatory requirements. Consisting of chapters that address particular bioethics topics from the law’s perspective, this fascinating book includes: an introduction to the American legal system papers identifying the principal ways in which the law influences discussions and decisions concerning each of the topics highlighted supplemental papers on certain areas that address the influence and status of the law in countries other than the United States. Covering traditional topics in bioethics, such as determinations of death and health care decisions for vulnerable groups, this study also explores emerging areas such as conflicts of interest in research, genetics, and privacy and confidentiality in the electronic age. Incisive and thought-provoking, this volume provides readers with a rich context for understanding the intersection between the law on bioethics and the central issues in bioethics.
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Genethics And Religion

Author : Georg Pfleiderer
ISBN : 9783805589734
Genre : Medical
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Human gene and cell technology is a diverse and rapidly evolving field of research. As genes represent the 'blueprint' of an organism, their analysis and manipulation is a challenge to our understanding of human nature. Stem cell research, genetic testing, gene therapy, therapeutic and reproductive cloning -- all these fields of application have been raising fundamental ethical and religious-theological questions: When does human life begin? Should human beings be allowed to interfere with natural procreation or to manipulate the genome of their own species? Is genetic engineering tantamount to 'playing God'? Based on the symposium 'GenEthics and Religion' held in Basel, Switzerland in May 2008, this volume examines the role religion can play in establishing ethical guidelines to protect human life in the face of rapid advances in biology and especially gene technology. It does so in a multidisciplinary way with contributions by philosophers, theologians, human geneticists, and several bioethicists representing the Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Buddhist perspectives. The essays illustrating a diversity of views and expressing the problems and self-critical reflectiveness of religious ethicists have been brought up to date and discuss the importance of religious ethics in society's discourse on gene technology.
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Human Dignity And Bioethics

Author : President's Council on Bioethics (U.S.)
ISBN : 0160800714
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NOTE: NO FURTHER DISCOUNT FOR THIS PRINT PRODUCT--OVERSTOCK SALE -- Significantly reduced list price while supplies last Contains a collection of essays exploring human dignity and bioethics, a concept crucial to today's discourse in law and ethics in general and in bioethics in particular. This publication gives some examples of how human dignity can be a difficult concept to apply in bioethical controversies, explores some of the complex roots of the modern notion of human dignity, in order to shed light on why its application to bioethics is so problematic, and suggests, tentatively, that a certain conception of human dignity--dignity understood as humanity-- has an important role to play in bioethics, both now and especially in the future. Related products: Ethics and Code of Conduct resources collection can be found here:
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Human Cloning

Author : Kerry Lynn Macintosh
ISBN : 9781139852104
Genre : Law
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Since Dolly the sheep was born, controversy has swirled around the technology of cloning. We recoil at the prospect of human copies, manufactured men and women, nefarious impersonators and resurrections of the dead. Such reactions have serious legal consequences: lawmakers have banned stem cell research along with the cloning of babies. But what if our minds have been playing tricks on us? What if everything we thought we knew about human cloning is rooted in intuition rather than fact? Human Cloning: Four Fallacies and their Legal Consequences is a rollicking ride through science, psychology and the law. Drawing on sources ranging from science fiction films to the Congressional Record, this book unmasks the role that psychological essentialism has played in bringing about cloning bans. It explains how hidden intuitions have caused conservatives and liberals to act contrary to their own most cherished ideals and values.
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Embryo Politics

Author : Thomas Banchoff
ISBN : 0801461073
Genre : Political Science
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Since the first fertilization of a human egg in the laboratory in 1968, scientific and technological breakthroughs have raised ethical dilemmas and generated policy controversies on both sides of the Atlantic. Embryo, stem cell, and cloning research have provoked impassioned political debate about their religious, moral, legal, and practical implications. National governments make rules that govern the creation, destruction, and use of embryos in the laboratory-but they do so in profoundly different ways. In Embryo Politics, Thomas Banchoff provides a comprehensive overview of political struggles aboutembryo research during four decades in four countries-the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Banchoff's book, the first of its kind, demonstrates the impact of particular national histories and institutions on very different patterns of national governance. Over time, he argues, partisan debate and religious-secular polarization have come to overshadow ethical reflection and political deliberation on the moral status of the embryo and the promise of biomedical research. Only by recovering a robust and public ethical debate will we be able to govern revolutionary life-science technologies effectively and responsibly into the future.
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Die Boys Aus Brasilien

Author : Ira Levin
ISBN : 9783942261708
Genre : Fiction
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"Ohne Zweifel das spannendste Buch des Jahres." – New York Times. Die sechs Männer mit den Diplomatenkoffern haben präzise Anweisungen – termingerechte Liquidation. Und sie werden sich hüten, zu viele Fragen zu stellen. Ein Mann jedoch möchte den Auftraggeber der Killer schon seit Jahrzehnten finden: der Nazijäger Jakob Liebermann, der durch einen Zufall von dem Plan erfährt. Seine Nachforschungen bleiben zunächst ohne Erfolg, aber dann dämmert ihm, was es mit der gnadenlosen Mördermission auf sich hat. Es geht nicht nur um das Schicksal von vierundneunzig unauffälligen Bürgern, sondern um die Zukunft der ganzen Welt ...
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