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Hugo Ch Vez And The Bolivarian Revolution

Author : Richard Gott
ISBN : 1844675335
Genre : Political Science
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Places the Venezuelas controversial and charismatic president in historical perspective, and examines his plans and programs.
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Revolutionary Has No Clothes

Author : A.C. Clark
ISBN : 9781594034459
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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During the forty or so years that preceded Hugo Chavez’s seizing of power, Venezuela had the most stable democracy in Latin America, the fastest-growing economy and the highest standard of living in the region. After Chavez seized power in 1999, however, things have changed radically. Today, Venezuela can no longer be seen as a democracy and rather than attracting immigrants as it once did, Venezuelans themselves are fleeing the country. Yet, somehow, the vast majority of contemporary references to Venezuela and to Chavez’s rule are laudatory. In The Revolutionary Has No Clothes: Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian Farce, A.C. Clark corrects this warped take on Hugo Chavez and the “Bolivarian Revolution” in Venezuela and skewers those grotesquely admiring portraits of Mr. Chavez painted by panegyrists from Noam Chomsky to Sean Penn. Clark explores Chavez’s embarrassing public displays, perilous policy platforms and close relationships with rogue states to reveal Chavez for what he truly is: a dangerous “buffoon” leading a once prosperous nation down a path to ruin. Most shockingly, Clark exposes both Chavez’s ambitions for asymmetrical warfare against the United States and Venezuela’s insidious lobbying network within our own borders. In the end, The Revolutionary Has No Clothes is the definitive portrait of one of the world’s depraved leaders and a disturbing chronicle of Venezuela’s decline from a prosperous democracy to an autocratic bully-state.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Revolution In Venezuela

Author : Thomas Ponniah
ISBN : 0674061381
Genre : History
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Is Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution under Hugo Chávez truly revolutionary? Most books and articles tend to view the Chávez government in an either-or fashion. Some see the president as the shining knight of twenty-first-century socialism, while others see him as an avenging Stalinist strongman. Despite passion on both sides, the Chávez government does not fall easily into a seamless fable of emancipatory or authoritarian history, as these essays make clear. A range of distinguished authors consider the nature of social change in contemporary Venezuela and explore a number of themes that help elucidate the sources of the nation’s political polarization. The chapters range from Fernando Coronil’s “Bolivarian Revolution,” which examines the relationship between the state’s social body (its population) and its natural body (its oil reserves), to an insightful look at women’s rights by Cathy A. Rakowski and Gioconda Espina. This volume shows that, while the future of the national process is unclear, the principles elaborated by the Chávez government are helping articulate a new Latin American left.
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Venezuelan People Of Black African Descent

Author : Source: Wikipedia
ISBN : 1233066684
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 26. Chapters: Hugo Ch vez, Endy Ch vez, Jorge Julio, Melvin Mora, Morella Mu oz, Oscar D'Le n, Magdalena S nchez, Ad n Ch vez, Pedro Camejo, Norkys Batista, Arist bulo Ist riz, Hugo de los Reyes Ch vez, Susan Carrizo, Jictzad Vi a, Carolina Indriago, An bal Jos Ch vez Fr as, Antonio Rodr guez San Juan, Claudio Ferm n. Excerpt: Hugo Rafael Ch vez Fr as (Spanish pronunciation: born July 28, 1954) is the 56th and current President of Venezuela, having held that position since 1999. He was formerly the leader of the Fifth Republic Movement political party from its foundation in 1997 until 2007, when he became the leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). Following his own political ideology of Bolivarianism and "Socialism for the 21st Century," he has focused on implementing socialist reforms in the country as a part of a social project known as the Bolivarian Revolution, which has seen the implementation of a new constitution, participatory democracy and the nationalisation of several key industries. Born into a working class family in Sabaneta, Barinas, Ch vez became a career military officer, and after becoming dissatisfied with the Venezuelan puntofijismo political system which he viewed as corrupt and undemocratic, he founded the secretive Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement-200 (MBR-200) in the early 1980s to work towards overthrowing it. After the Democratic Action government of President Carlos Andr?'s P rez ordered the violent repression of protests against spending cuts, Ch vez led the MBR-200 in an unsuccessful coup d' tat against the government in 1992, for which he was imprisoned. Getting out of prison after two years, he founded a social democratic political party, the Fifth Republic Movement, and was elected president of Venezuela in 1998. He subsequently introduced a new constitution which increased ri...

The Silence And The Scorpion

Author : Brian A. Nelson
ISBN : 9781458777768
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On April 11, 2002, nearly a million Venezuelans marched on the presidential palace to demand the resignation of President Hugo Chvez, Led by Pedro Carmona and Carlos Ortega, the opposition represented a cross-section of society furious with Chvez's economic policies, specifically his mishandling of the Venezuelan oil industry. But as the day progressed, the march turned violent, sparking a military revolt that led to the temporary ousting of Chvez. Over the ensuing, turbulent 72 hours, Venezuelans would confront the deep divisions within their society and ultimately decide the best course for their country - and its oil - in the new century. An exemplary piece of narrative journalism, The Silence and the Scorpion provides rich insight into the complexities of modern Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Revolution

Author : Daniel S. Benveniste, Ph.d.
ISBN : 1517359449
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He arrived in Venezuela in March 1999, just one month after the newly elected president, Hugo Chávez, took office. With plans to start a new life in Venezuela, Daniel Benveniste, a clinical psychologist from San Francisco, would soon become intimately acquainted with Venezuela's collapsing social, economic and political life under the Chávez regime. Written specifically for the North American reader, The Venezuelan Revolution: A Critique from the Left takes a critical look at the Bolivarian Revolution, the Venezuelan opposition, the North American Left that has supported the Chávez regime, and United States foreign policy as it relates to Venezuela. After years of being hidden under the rhetoric of a so-called "leftist revolution," news of Venezuela's soaring murder rate, food and medicine shortages, deteriorating economy, political prisoners, corruption, and gross violations of civil rights is finally coming to light. This illuminating report of the Chávez and Maduro government's corrupt, violent, antidemocratic reign of power for the past seventeen years is profoundly disquieting and thought provoking but it also includes suggestions for US foreign policy going forward.

Latin America In The Post Chavez Era

Author : Luis Fleischman
ISBN : 9781612346014
Genre : History
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Hugo Chavez passed away in March 2013 after a two-year battle with cancer, prompting much speculation about the impact of his death. What will a post-Chavez future look like, not only in Venezuela but also in the region? In Latin America in the Post-Chavez Era, Luis Fleischman examines Chavez's highly controversial Bolivarian revolution, which has expanded beyond Venezuela to other countries in South America and whose sphere of influence also extends to Central America and the Caribbean. In this context, the author systematically shows how an emerging authoritarianism in the region plays an important role in defining the geo-political context of the region.
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Latin American Revolutionaries

Author : Charles River Charles River Editors
ISBN : 1548278203
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*Includes a list of Chavez's most colorful and controversial quotes. *Includes pictures of Chavez and important people, places, and events in his life. "Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum, the president of the United States, the gentleman to whom I refer as the devil, came here, talking as if he owned the world. Truly. As the owner of the world." - Hugo Ch�vez, Address to the United Nations, September 20, 2006. The above quote is quintessentially Ch�vez - controversial, shocking, and designed to cause a stir. He shared his words with the entire United Nations General Assembly at a time when the United States was embroiled in two failing war efforts and its banks were inching ever closer towards the economic crisis of 2008. Yet Ch�vez shared his beliefs fearlessly, confident enough with his presidency and his role on the world's stage to criticize the US president in a way that had never been done before at the UN. Understandably, Ch�vez is one of the most divisive and controversial political figures in Latin American history. He has been in power since 1999 and is South America's longest serving head of state. The leader of the movement towards Twenty-first Century Socialism, Ch�vez has sought to bring socialist reform to Venezuela through what he calls the Bolivarian Revolution. His goal has been to shift power from the nation's traditional oligarchy to the neglected poor. Ch�vez's past is a complicated one, rife with military coups, troubled relationships, and political betrayal. During his presidency, he has written and implemented a new constitution, instituted democratic councils, and nationalized important industries. His admirers worship him as if he were Venezuela's very own messiah, while his critics view him as a monstrous, power-hungry demagogue who has trampled on human rights and the freedom of expression while fomenting class warfare. Latin American Revolutionaries: The Life and Legacy of Hugo Ch�vez chronicles the controversial life and rule of Ch�vez , objectively portraying the man who is a savior to some and a demagogue to others. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events in his life, you will learn about Hugo Ch�vez like you never have before, in no time at all.

The Threat Closer To Home

Author : Douglas Schoen
ISBN : 9781439101735
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 33.72 MB
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A chilling account of Hugo Chávez's shadow war on the United States The American government has shrugged off South American politics for nearly forty years. In the meantime, our neighbor to the south has grown into an unprecedented threat. Hugo Chávez, the current president of Venezuela and a self-proclaimed enemy of the United States, commands what even Osama bin Laden only dreams of -- but few Americans see him as a true danger to this country. This book argues that we should. Chávez has the means and the motivation to harm the United States in a way that few other countries can, and he has declared an "asymmetric war" against America. He runs a sovereign nation that is the fourth largest supplier of oil to the United States. He enjoys annual windfall oil profits that equal the net worth of Bill Gates. He has more modern weapons than anyone in Latin America. He has strategic alliances with Iran, North Korea, and other enemies of America, yet he has duped many Americans -- from influential political and cultural leaders to ordinary citizens who benefit from his oil largess through his state-owned oil company -- into believing that he is a friend. Drawing on two decades of experience working at the highest level of Venezuelan and American politics, Schoen and Rowan go behind the scenes to examine Chávez's efforts to subvert both the American economy and his own country's stability. Not only did he help drive the price of oil from ten dollars a barrel to more than a hundred dollars a barrel, he's sponsored and become increasingly involved in civilian massacres, drug running, money laundering, nuclear weapons proliferation, and terrorist training. Schoen and Rowan have both the insight and the access to make a case not yet made in the American media. Over the course of the past decade while living and working in Venezuela as writers and political consultants, they've investigated Ch‡vez's past, explored his family connections, and gone up against him in a series of elections. Their startling revelations about Ch‡vez's rise to power and his reach into American politics make this the kind of urgent, newsbreaking narrative that will spark vital debate in the corridors of power.
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