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How To Build Your Financial Advisory Business And Sell It At A Profit

Author : Al Depman
ISBN : 9780071621588
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 73.6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Too many financial advisors simply close shop when they decide to exitthe business—squandering untold goodwill and legacy business. Why waste a great opportunity? By applying the advice of Al Depman, a.k.a. “The Practice Doctor,” you can transform your financial services practice into a legacy-focused business that will add substantial wealth to your retirement nest egg. How to Build Your Financial Advisory Business and Sell It at a Profit walks you through the steps of developing, managing, and growing a profitable practice you can sell for enhanced value or bequeath to family members. Depman guides you through the process of forming a sound plan for your financial services business, including how to: Create a team of advocates in marketing and administration Build a sophisticated referral process Develop sales and casedevelopment systems Write a best-practices operations manual Maximize new technology to streamline operations Put a succession plan in place Building a long-term business model is not just good for your future. It will also make you happier and more profitable today. You’ll be able to spend more time with clients. You’llput more energy into finding new ones. You’ll focus more on referral sources. And someone else will do the grunt work. Use How to Build Your Financial Advisory Business and Sell It at a Profit to build your business into more than a simple means to a paycheck—and reap the rewards of your hard work long after you choose to leave the firm.
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The Ensemble Practice

Author : P. Palaveev
ISBN : 9781118209547
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 81.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The book explores the success factors for building ensemble firms and reviews some of the best practices for continued growth.
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Succession Planning For Financial Advisors

Author : David Grau, Sr.
ISBN : 9781118866429
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 45.51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book is going to challenge you and everything you think you know about succession planning. For independent advisors, succession planning is quickly becoming the cornerstone to a strategic growth strategy designed to perpetuate their business and their income streams beyond their own lifetime, while providing a multi-generational service platform that attracts and rewards younger advisors. This makes succession planning one of the most, if not the most, important practice management tools in this industry today. As an independent financial advisor, now is the time to address the question of what will happen to your practice and your clients after you “exit the building.” In most cases, the answers are right in front of you. Thankfully, Succession Planning for Financial Advisors: Building an Enduring Business has arrived to transform today’s practices into businesses designed to endure and prosper and serve generations of clients. Learn how to create a “Lifestyle Succession Plan” that can provide a lifetime of income and benefits to the founder even as he/she gradually retires on the job Unlock the power of equity management – the best planning and building tool an independent advisor owns Learn how to attract and retain the best of the next generation to help you build a great business and to support your succession plans and care for your clients and their families Determine precisely when to start a formal succession plan and related continuity plan so that your business can work for you when you need it most Understand why succession planning and selling your business are completely different strategies, but how they can complement each other when used correctly 95% of independent financial service professionals are one owner practices. To the positive, these practices are among the most valuable professional service models in America. But almost all advisors are assembling their practices using the wrong tools – tools borrowed from historically successful, but vastly different models including wirehouses, broker-dealers, and even OSJ’s and branch managers. Revenue sharing, commission splitting and other eat-what-you-kill compensation methods dominate the independent sector and virtually ensure that today’s independent practices, if left unchanged, will not survive the end of their founder’s career. It is time to change course and this book provides the map and the details to help you do just that. For independent practice owners and staff members, advisors who want to transition to independence, as well as accountants, attorneys, coaches and others involved in the financial services space, there are invaluable lessons to be learned from Succession Planning for Financial Advisors. Written by the leading succession planning expert in the financial services industry, former securities regulator, M&A specialist, and founder of the nationally recognized consulting and equity management firm, FP Transitions, David Grau Sr., JD, has created an unmatched resource that will have an enduring and resounding impact on an entire industry.
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How To Increase The Value Of Your Business Before You Sell

Author : Lorraine McGregor
ISBN : 1618636219
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 87.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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4001 Left Flap Which Future Do You Want? Wealth Generating? Imagine being able to enjoy real wealth from the sale of your business. Imagine seeing your company continue to thrive after your exit. Imagine knowing your employees have a secure place to work in a growing company, after you exit. OR Wealth Wilting? Imagine that it's been too hard for you to let go so there is no exit strategy left for you to claim your wealth. Imagine that you can't find a buyer or someone to takeover the reins. Imagine that you have to let people go as you contemplate having to close the company. If You Own A Business You Have to Choose NOW Which Future You Want Buyers look to acquire companies when they are ready, not when you are ready. Want to enjoy the fruits of your current labours in your next act? Choose now. 90% of businesses are un Saleable despite the fact that they are successful for the current owner. Read this eye opening book cover to cover, then make your choice which future you will take action on."
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Guerrilla Marketing For Financial Advisors

Author : Jay Conrad Levinson
ISBN : 9781412003995
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 35.56 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Through the eyes of two Guerrilla Marketers, this book shows you Guerrilla Marketing ideas to help you build your business and make more as a financial advisor than you ever thought possible. Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the highly successful Guerrilla Marketing series of books has teamed up with financial advisor consultant and coach Grant W. Hicks, CIM, FCSI , to uncover all aspects of marketing for financial advisors. This work is a collection of fourteen years of researching and testing the best ideas for financial advisors. Grant's educational website has additional resources to help any advisor at any level become more successful. This easy to read book will be an abundance of resources advisors need to dramatically change and grow their business. Inside you will find nine chapters including samples and templates to help build your business. The following is a chapter summary that will take the reader through forty business and marketing ideas, principles and examples that have been used successfully and step by step on how to apply them to your business. 1. Build a Better Business and Marketing Plan 2. Getting New Clients from Outside Sources 3. Getting New Clients from Internal Marketing 4. Welcoming New Clients 5. Wowing Clients 6. Mastering Service for All Clients 7. Taking Your Business to the Next Level 8. Marketing Principles for Financial Advisors 9. Guerrilla Marketing Tools and Marketing Action Plan Worksheets If you want to be a successful advisor in your market and improve your client service levels, then Guerilla Marketing For Financial Advisors is your marketing blueprint. It is time for advisors to take action.
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The Purpose Is Profit

Author : Ed "Skip" McLaughlin
ISBN : 9781626342910
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 29.43 MB
Format : PDF
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Do you feel the pull to start your own business? Tired of working for others and dealing with office politics, eager for control and more money, Ed “Skip” McLaughlin certainly felt it. When he left his high-level corporate position to start not one but two new businesses, his colleagues’ reaction was disbelief: People told me I was crazy. “You are going to fail!” One of his businesses did fail, but the other thrived. Ed bootstrapped it into an Inc. 500 company and later sold it to a Fortune 100 company. Now, you can learn from his experience—what to do and what not to do—to create your own successful startup. The Purpose Is Profit eliminates the mystery of becoming an entrepreneur. You will learn— Why distinctive competence trumps passion Where and when to get funding without losing control How to build an entrepreneurial brand that lasts Why profit should be factored into every business decision How ethical behavior breeds trust and unlocks profit As a bonus, The Purpose Is Profit includes two manuals: The Startup Roadmap details the 21 steps you should take to build a profitable business. The Startup Funding Guide delivers the tools you need to fund your business.
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Tax Strategies For The Small Business Owner

Author : Russell Fox
ISBN : 9781430248439
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 78.20 MB
Format : PDF
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Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner: Reduce Your Taxes and Fatten Your Profits will help the small business owner increase profits while feeling more comfortable dealing with taxes. It begins by looking at the often overlooked critical decision small business owners face when they start a business: the choice of business entity. The book then examines all the deductions that a business owner can take legally to reduce taxes. It also provides advice business owners need to make good tax-related decisions: Should I lease or buy? Should I hire an employee or outsource the task? How much will buying a building reduce my taxes and for how long? Many people freeze up when they are forced to prepare or even think about taxes. Some receive a notice from the IRS and put it aside: They’re too scared to open it! Yet taxes for the most part follow common sense rules. You just need to know what they are and how they affect your decisions. In this book, readers will learn about the different business entities, the different taxes you must deal with (primarily income taxes), documentation procedures, how to work with a tax professional, how to handle an audit, and, in general, how to use the U.S. Tax Code to your advantage. Among other things, readers learn to take full advantage of tax benefits and avoid potholes hidden in things like: Startup and ongoing expenses Cost of goods sold Depreciation Payroll Retirement plans In short, Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner will not only help you relax when you deal with your taxes—it’ll show you how to use tax law to your financial benefit.
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What Your Financial Advisor Isn T Telling You

Author : Liz Davidson
ISBN : 9780544633346
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 32.77 MB
Format : PDF
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Protect your money with this “accessible and practical” guide to hiring and working with financial advisors (Publishers Weekly, starred review). Hiring a trained expert to safeguard and grow your wealth seems like a foolproof decision, but it can go awry for many people. You should never blindly trust that your advisor has your best interests at heart—and while there are many benefits to working with a financial pro, there are some things you should know first. Drawing on her insider’s knowledge of how the financial advice profession really works, Liz Davidson shows how to judge whether an advisor is going to help or harm your savings. This no-nonsense guide covers questions such as: How should you decide if you really need an advisor? What financial moves can you make without their help? What important questions should you ask before trusting them with your money? What are the red flags you should run from? What does all their jargon really mean? Learn how to take control of your financial well-being—either with a financial advisor or without one. “This book is mandatory reading for anyone who wants a better understanding of how to manage their money.” —Mary Beth Franklin, InvestmentNews “Valuable tools for managing one’s personal finances for maximum results.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review
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Breaking Through

Author : John J. Bowen, Jr.
ISBN : 0615199283
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.80 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The financial services industry offers enormous opportunities for financial advisors who are determined to build highly profitable businesses while serving their clients well. Despite this potential, many advisors never achieve the kind of success they have always wanted. Breaking Through provides a clear road map for these financial advisors. Leveraging extensive empirical research and the authors’ combined decades of experience in the financial services industry; the book presents a comprehensive set of proven business-building strategies. Advisors will first learn how to build a thriving wealth management practice by focusing on the right affluent clients and next implementing a consultative process that will delight and keep those clients for life. They will then learn how to build on this foundation through systematic asset- and client-acquisition techniques, effective strategic alliances with other professional advisors, and sound business management principles. Engaging, informative and thoroughly practical, Breaking Through will serve as a valuable guide to financial advisors seeking to take their businesses to a new and dramatically higher level of success.
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How To Value Buy Or Sell A Financial Advisory Practice

Author : Mark C. Tibergien
ISBN : 0470884983
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 31.57 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Financial planning is a young industry. The International Association of Financial Planning—one of the predecessors to the Financial Planning Association—was formed less than forty years ago. But as the profession's first tier of advisers reaches maturity, the decisions that may be part of transition planning for their firms loom large. A sale? A partner buyout? A merger? No matter what the choice, its viability hinges on one critical issue—the value of the firm. Unfortunately, many advisers--whether veteran or novice—simply don't know the worth of their practice or how to influence it. That's why How to Value, Buy, or Sell a Financial-Advisory Practice is such an important book. It takes advisers carefully through the logic and the legwork of coming to a true assessment of one of their most important personal assets—their business. Renowned for their years of experience helping advisers tackle the daunting challenges related to the valuation, sale, and purchase of advisory firms, Mark C. Tibergien and Owen Dahl offer guidance that's essential and solutions that work.
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