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How Greek Philosophy Corrupted The Christian Concept Of God

Author : Richard R. Hopkins
ISBN : 9780882907826
Genre : Religion
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How Greek Philosophy Corrupted the Christian Concept of God brings profound new insights to the Trinitarian doctrines of orthodox Christianity. with clear and precise documentation, the book shows how these doctrines migrated into early Christianity from Greek philosophy. the various aspects of Trinitarian belief are isolated, linked to their Greek sources, and carefully analyzed to show they differ radically from biblical teaching. the writings of early church fathers, portrayed in their historical context, show that during the second century, theological concepts taught in Platonism were adopted as Christianity struggled to end Roman persecution. Emperor Marcus Aurelius, a famous Stoic philosopher, was putting Christians to death because their belief did not conform to the Hellenized religion of the day. the book shows that the early Church Fathers sought to save their people's lives by redefining the Christian God in Greek terms. Their efforts brought metaphysics to Christianity and ushered in concepts like the Trinity. After presenting the historical setting in which these philosophical errors were embraced as Christian doctrine, the book compares orthodox Christian theology today, called classical theism, to biblical teachings. the book identifies how Greek phillosophy has influenced major atributes of God taught in classical theism. the book constitutes a major challenge to those who accept the tenants of classical theism but do not know the many aspects of their doctrine that are based on Greek philosophy.
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Passing By Nehushtan Part I

Author : B. K. Silverthorne
ISBN : 9780989385138
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Has the Christian faith been thoroughly explained through the almost 19 centuries after the death of the apostles? Augustine? Aquinas? Calvin? Barth? Billy Graham? Catholicism? Protestantism? Primitivism? Universalism? Presuppositionalism? Evidentialism? Have all these authors and viewpoints really helped us understand and live the scriptures better? Is there nothing still to be found in the Bible, the greatest revelation and writing ever produced, after these relatively artificial layers have been removed? Are we, and the voice of scripture itself, really to be thought at the mercy of human creativity and manipulation for its impact to be felt and minds supernaturally illuminated as God intended it? The answer: no! But if these represent distorting layers of mediation between ourselves and a transcendent revelation, by what other means are we to steer our apprehension of it, knowing that its many communicated issues and implications have to be controlled through some kind pre-hermeneutic and understanding? There are two systems of the world which they all fall into: liberalism and conservatism, which has obsessed it from the beginning, most obviously since Plato and Aristotle. The way out is not seeking to satisfy them in some mixture, but how to return to the scriptures by finding whatever about it has been neglected, relegated, ignored and lost by them. The answer will be what was ever before us all along, but like all true stumblingblocks, we never notice it until we have fallen and it is too late. The Bible is about one thing: messianic prophecy and its fulfillment, and the imperative of our love, knowledge and faith of Jesus Christ through it. The implications of this simple truth are expounded here, to change our reading of scripture, and ourselves, forever, and in a way that the world could never have imagined.

Christian Fruit Jewish Root

Author : John D. Garr
ISBN : 9781940685274
Genre : Religion
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Christian Fruit--Jewish Root is an in-depth, scholarly examination of the Hebraic foundations of the major tenets and practices of Christianity. This volume confirms the truth that the inherent Jewishness of the Christian faith is simply an undeniable historical and theological fact. By evaluating Christian doctrine and polity through the Jewish mindset of Jesus and the apostles, this book uncovers a veritable treasure of Hebraic truth. For every authentic Christian fruit, there is a Jewish toot! This truth id demonstrated across a wide spectrum of theological truth, including: Scripture, Messiah, Salvation, Faith, Baptism, Gospel, Grace, and Descipleship. Christianity owes a profound debt of gratitude to the Jewish people and to biblical and Second Temple Judaism for the foundations of the truths and practices that it hold dear. As you read this challenging, informative, and inspirational book, you will be amazed at just how Jewish Christianity, the "other Jewish religion," actually is.
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Biblical Mormonism

Author : Richard R. Hopkins
ISBN : 0882904825
Genre : Mormon Church
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Author :
ISBN : WISC:89082440116
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God Under Fire

Author :
ISBN : 9780310830924
Genre : Religion
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God Never ChangesOr does he? God has been getting a makeover of late, a "reinvention" that has incited debate and troubled scholars and laypeople alike. Modern theological sectors as diverse as radical feminism and the new “open theism” movement are attacking the classical Christian view of God and vigorously promoting their own images of Divinity.God Under Fire refutes the claim that major attributes of the God of historic Christianity are false and outdated. This book responds to some increasingly popular alternate theologies and the ways in which they cast classical Christian theism in a negative light. Featuring an impressive cast of world-class biblical scholars, philosophers, and apologists, God Under Fire begins by addressing the question, “Should the God of Historic Christianity Be Replaced?” From there, it explores issues as old as time and as new as the inquest into the “openness of God.” How, for instance, does God risk, relate, emote, and change? Does he do these things, and if so, why? These and other questions are investigated with clarity, bringing serious scholarship into popular reach.Above all, this collection of essays focuses on the nature of God as presented in the Scriptures and as Christians have believed for centuries. God Under Fire builds a solid and appealing case for the God of classical Christian theism, who in recent years—as through the centuries—has been the God under fire.
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Martin Heidegger S Philosophy Of Religion

Author : John Williams
ISBN : 9781554588213
Genre : Philosophy
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Following a critical review of previous theological scholarship on Heidegger and a survey of North American philosophy of religion, the book examines Heidegger’s philosophy of religion and its influence on the North American variety of the same.
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