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Holloway S Raiders

Author : Captain E. R. Walt
ISBN : 1495810275
Genre : Political Science
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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More than fifty years ago Dallas was under assault from hoards of vicious armed robbers with a penchant for violence. Police Lieutenant H.C. Holloway carried scars from a wild gun-battle with one of those criminals and a consuming hatred for them all. He devised a plan to hide shotgun armed offi cers inside likely targets with orders to shoot them down on sight. For more than two decades the unit he formed for that purpose made war on armed robbers with bloody and brutal effectiveness. They were called "Holloway's Raiders." This is their story.
Category: Political Science

The Hall Street Shoot Out

Author : Captain E.R. Walt
ISBN : 1456809431
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 32.66 MB
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On a pleasant Monday evening in September of 1969, twenty-six year-old Johnny Lee Thomas excused himself from his familys dinner table, picked up a pump shotgun and announced that he was going huntingalone. Seconds later he stepped out of his house and shot sixteen-year-old Aljewel Wesley in the face as she sat on her own front porch listening to records with her boyfriend and grandmother. That was but the first shot in what would shortly become the biggest gunbattle in the 130 year history of the Dallas Police Department. Johnny Thomas continued to shoot at neighbors, friends, family members and passing motorists until the police arrived, at which point he ambushed and shot the first three officers on the scene. He then retreated to his house and held off an assault by a hundred or more determined police officers in a furious firefight that lasted more than an hour and involved hundreds if not thousands of rounds fired. Before the incident ended, ten persons would be shot, including four police officers and a TV cameraman; two would be killed, including the shooter himself. Authored by a participant and based upon official police documents, original newspaper articles and personal interviews with forty six of the hundred or so officers present, the book details the gunbattle from the first shot to the final barrage of gunfire that ended the shooters life and brought it to a close. It includes a listing of sixty-seven Dallas officers known to have been combatants or otherwise involved in the incident and details their location and participation as far as it is known. Also included is an analysis of the factors that contributed to the spectacular nature of the incident from departmental policies, procedures, equipment and tactics to the culture and tenor of the times. Chapters are also dedicated to the firearms used in the battle and an analysis of exactly who, among the many officers involved, was responsible for putting an end to Thomass rampagesomething that was never addressed in the original investigation. The concluding chapters cover the aftermath of the gunbattle from the neighborhood riots and arson fires to the truncated investigation and include a brief history of the Dallas Police Departments Tactical Division and the fundamental changes in the operation of that unit that were brought about by the affair on Hall Street. The book closes with an epilogue bringing the reader up to date on the major players in the drama.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Street Smarts Firearms And Personal Security

Author : Jim Grover
ISBN : 1581600674
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 80.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Jim Grover's professional credentials in the art of crime avoidance and self-defense are as good as it gets: on-site security specialist in the world's hottest of hot spots, combatives instructor to ultrahigh-speed military and police units and hands-on security trainer to international corporations, among other sensitive assignments. Here is a compilation of the best of his wildly popular "Personal Security" columns in Guns & Ammo magazine. It covers the entire spectrum of personal security issues, with street-savvy ideas and twists you will find nowhere else. Learn how to vastly improve the physical security of your home; develop alert street smarts; stay safe while traveling in your vehicle, out of town or abroad; recognize and avoid crimes of the new millennium; keep your children safe; choose and use effective nonlethal weapons; engage in nasty unarmed combat; and utilize radically practical shooting skills that have been perfected in real-life situations. From spotting trouble before it happens to surviving a riot to handling a firearm like a pro, this book has it all!
Category: Health & Fitness

Jelly Bryce

Author : Mike Conti
ISBN : 0996530290
Genre :
File Size : 62.93 MB
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The third and final installment of the JELLY BRYCE Trilogy, The Man in the Mirror follows FBI Special Agent Delf "Jelly" Bryce through the tumultuous war years from 1941 until his death in 1974.Many things changed for Jelly during this time period, as both he and the country he loved matured while dealing with threats both from within and without.This is a story of true courage, amazing physical ability, and personal honor tempered by the inner struggles of a man driven to do the right thing in a world in which that path is not always clear.Inspired by historical events."Ideally, I suppose every writer of history hopes someone will take their work and improve upon it. I cannot praise Mike Conti's Jelly Bryce trilogy too highly. He has breathed life into Jelly Bryce in ways my biography could not; ways in which the dry facts of newspaper articles, police reports, personnel files and even interviews of some friends and relatives have fallen short. I only wish Jelly could have read the trilogy. I believe he would have approved."-- Ron OwensAuthor of "Jelly Bryce, Legendary Lawman"

The Praetorian Starship The Untold Story Of The Combat Talon

Author :
ISBN : 9781428990432
Genre :
File Size : 23.41 MB
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Jerry Thigpen's study on the history of the Combat Talon is the first effort to tell the story of this wonderfully capable machine. This weapons system has performed virtually every imaginable tactical event in the spectrum of conflict and by any measure is the most versatile C-130 derivative ever produced. First modified and sent to Southeast Asia (SEA) in 1966 to replace theater unconventional warfare (UW) assets that were limited in both lift capability and speed the Talon I quickly adapted to theater UW tasking including infiltration and resupply and psychological warfare operations into North Vietnam. After spending four years in SEA and maturing into a highly respected UW weapons system the Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) chose the Combat Talon to lead the night low-level raid on the North Vietnamese prison camp at Son Tay. Despite the outcome of the operation the Talon I cemented its reputation as the weapons system of choice for long-range clandestine operations. In the period following the Vietnam War United States Air Force (USAF) special operations gradually lost its political and financial support which was graphically demonstrated in the failed Desert One mission into Iran. Thanks to congressional supporters like Earl Hutto of Florida and Dan Daniel of Virginia funds for aircraft upgrades and military construction projects materialized to meet the ever-increasing threat to our nation. Under the leadership of such committed hard-driven officers as Brenci Uttaro Ferkes Meller and Thigpen the crew force became the most disciplined in our Air Force. It was capable of penetrating hostile airspace at night in a low-level mountainous environment covertly to execute any number of unconventional warfare missions.

Jim Cirillo S Tales Of The Stakeout Squad

Author : Paul Kirchner
ISBN : 1581606494
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 44.40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Since the publication of Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights in 1996, readers have pressed for a follow-up with more information on Jim Cirillo and his service with the New York City Police Department's Stakeout Unit. That book is finally here. Author Paul Kirchner was working with Cirillo on this biography at the time of Jim's untimely death in 2007. Kirchner draws on his extensive interviews with Cirillo, his family, friends, ex-partner Bill Allard and other SOU officers to create a vivid portrait of an affable and gregarious man who nonetheless was "the last man many armed robbers saw on this earth." In previously unpublished accounts, Cirillo describes in detail numerous stakeouts and sets the record straight about what he and the other SOU members actually accomplished on the streets of New York. Cirillo also talks about his early years as a street cop and his service with the NYPD Emergency Service Unit; his successes as a lifelong competitive shooter; his distinguished career as a firearms trainer; his unique relationship with Jeff Cooper; his carry guns and the guns of the SOU; and much more. Cirillo's unique voice and humor enliven every page, resulting in a fitting, lasting tribute to a legendary police officer, shooting instructor, gunfighter and raconteur.
Category: Social Science

Gun Violence In America

Author : Alexander DeConde
ISBN : 1555535925
Genre : History
File Size : 41.82 MB
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Few social issues have produced more exaggerated claims and contention among Americans than the struggle to control gun violence. Fueling the emotional fire in debates between firearm groups such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun control advocates is the dispute over the importance of guns in American culture. Is the fondness for firearms truly part of a venerable American tradition, one to be observed with very few limits? In this fascinating inquiry, Alexander DeConde delves into the myths and politics regarding gun keeping, as well as the controversies over gun use, crime, and policing from the early days of the republic to the present. DeConde explains why the United States, with all its resources, fails repeatedly to confine gun violence to the same low levels achieved by other advanced democracies.
Category: History

Genes Chromosomes And Disease From Simple Traits To Complex Traits To Personalized Medicine

Author : Nicholas W. Gillham
Genre : Genetic disorders
File Size : 34.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This readable overview covers the rise of medical genetics through the past century, and the eugenic impulses it has inspired. Nicholas Gillham reviews the linkages between genes and disease; ethnic groups & rsquo; differential susceptibility to genetic traits and disorders; personalized medicine; and crucial social and ethical issues arising from the field & rsquo;s progress.
Category: Genetic disorders

Kill Or Get Killed

Author : Rex Applegate
ISBN : 0873640845
Genre : History
File Size : 69.25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is the best and longest-selling book on close combat in history. Reprinted and in current use by the U.S. Marine Corps as an official training manual, it details methods of self-defense, offensive close combat, combat shooting and crowd-control techniques in riot situations. Colonel Rex Applegate is widely regarded as the father of modern close combat and combat shooting, and this book is considered the standard by which all other books on the subject are judged.
Category: History