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Hitler S Compromises

Author : Nathan Stoltzfus
ISBN : 9780300217506
Genre : History
File Size : 25.43 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A comprehensive and eye-opening examination of Hitler's regime, revealing the numerous strategic compromises he made in order to manage dissent History has focused on Hitler's use of charisma and terror, asserting that the dictator made few concessions to maintain power. Nathan Stoltzfus, the award-winning author of Resistance of Heart: Intermarriage and the Rosenstrasse Protest in Germany, challenges this notion, assessing the surprisingly frequent tactical compromises Hitler made in order to preempt hostility and win the German people's complete fealty. As part of his strategy to secure a "1,000-year Reich," Hitler sought to convince the German people to believe in Nazism so they would perpetuate it permanently and actively shun those who were out of step with society. When widespread public dissent occurred at home--which most often happened when policies conflicted with popular traditions or encroached on private life--Hitler made careful calculations and acted strategically to maintain his popular image. Extending from the 1920s to the regime's collapse, this revealing history makes a powerful and original argument that will inspire a major rethinking of Hitler's rule.
Category: History

On Compromise And Rotten Compromises

Author : Avishai Margalit
ISBN : 9781400831210
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 89.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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When is political compromise acceptable--and when is it fundamentally rotten, something we should never accept, come what may? What if a rotten compromise is politically necessary? Compromise is a great political virtue, especially for the sake of peace. But, as Avishai Margalit argues, there are moral limits to acceptable compromise even for peace. But just what are those limits? At what point does peace secured with compromise become unjust? Focusing attention on vitally important questions that have received surprisingly little attention, Margalit argues that we should be concerned not only with what makes a just war, but also with what kind of compromise allows for a just peace. Examining a wide range of examples, including the Munich Agreement, the Yalta Conference, and Arab-Israeli peace negotiations, Margalit provides a searching examination of the nature of political compromise in its various forms. Combining philosophy, politics, and history, and written in a vivid and accessible style, On Compromise and Rotten Compromises is full of surprising new insights about war, peace, justice, and sectarianism.
Category: Philosophy

Protest In Hitler S National Community

Author : Nathan Stoltzfus
ISBN : 9781785337338
Genre : History
File Size : 72.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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That Hitler's Gestapo harshly suppressed any signs of opposition inside the Third Reich is a common misconception. This book presents studies of public dissent that prove this was not always the case. It examines circumstances under which "racial" Germans were motivated to protest, as well as the conditions determining the regime's response. Workers, women, and religious groups all convinced the Nazis to appease rather than repress "racial" Germans. Expressions of discontent actually increased during the war, and Hitler remained willing to compromise in governing the German Volk as long as he thought the Reich could salvage victory.
Category: History

Germany Hitler And World War Ii

Author : Gerhard L. Weinberg
ISBN : 0521566266
Genre : History
File Size : 49.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A collection of essays discusses the nature of the Nazi system, its impact on the world, and the Holocaust, and offers a comparative analysis of the leadership styles of Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, and Roosevelt. BOMC. History Bk Club. UP.
Category: History

The Nazi Party 1919 1945

Author : Dietrich Orlow
ISBN : 9780982491195
Genre : History
File Size : 52.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The only existing in-depth, exhaustive, and complete history of the Nazi Party.
Category: History

Hitler S Priest

Author : S.J. Tagliareni
ISBN : 9781612540818
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 44.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Hans Keller is highly intelligent - so much so that he places little value in his studies or in religion. But after a chance meeting with the charismatic Josef Goebbels, a leader of the bourgeoning Nazi Party, atheistic Hans is offered a key role in shaping the future of the Nazis’ new Germany: providing influence within the Catholic Church. As his thoughts become more clouded and his morals crumble, Hans finds himself immersed in a shadowy role of manipulation and deceit; he is becoming Hitler’s priest. Author and former Catholic priest S. J. Tagliareni offers an astounding amount of historical research, highly attuned cultural notes, and a varied and fascinating cast of characters in his new thriller. In addition, Hitler’s Priest offers a rare window into the psychological and moral conflicts raised by Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.
Category: Fiction

Eva Braun

Author : Heike B. Görtemaker
ISBN : 9780307742605
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 61.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A comprehensive portrait of Hitler's long-time mistress discusses the bourgeois existence she shared with him out of the public eye, her role as his trusted confidante, and their double suicide two days after their marriage.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

In The Shadow Of Hitler

Author : Rebecca Haynes
ISBN : 9781845116972
Genre : History
File Size : 53.49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Many important right-wing political figures from the late nineteenth century and inter-war period have been over-shadowed in history by Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. Rebecca Haynes here assesses the careers of seventeen of the most important figures in right-wing politics in Central and Eastern Europe during this period and reveals the significance of leaders whose impact has been overlooked. Some of these were Nazi-sympathisers; others rejected German National Socialism in favour of rival nationalist and right-wing ideologies and programmes. But all played a role in modern European political history that cannot be ignored. This book seeks to draw some of the leading right-wing politicians and thinkers in Central and Eastern Europe out from under Hitler’s shadow.
Category: History

On The Road To The Wolf S Lair

Author : Theodore S. Hamerow
ISBN : 0674636805
Genre : History
File Size : 79.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Explores the complicated personalities of those opposed to the Nazi regime in Germany
Category: History

West German Industry And The Challenge Of The Nazi Past 1945 1955

Author : S. Jonathan Wiesen
ISBN : 9780807875049
Genre : History
File Size : 54.45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In the aftermath of World War II and the Holocaust, West German industrialists faced a major crisis in their public image. With mounting revelations about the use of forced and slave labor, the "Aryanization" of Jewish property, and corporate profiteering under National Socialism, industrialists emerged from the war with their national and international reputations in tatters. In this groundbreaking study, Jonathan Wiesen explores how West German business leaders remade and marketed their public image between 1945 and 1955. He challenges assumptions that West Germans--and industrialists in particular--were silent about the recent past during the years of denazification and reconstruction. Drawing on sources that include private correspondence, popular literature, and a wealth of unpublished materials from corporate archives, Wiesen reveals how German business leaders attempted to absolve themselves of responsibility for Nazi crimes while recasting themselves as socially and culturally engaged public figures. Through case studies of individual firms such as Siemens and Krupp, Wiesen depicts corporate publicity as a telling example of postwar selective memory. In his introduction and conclusion, Wiesen considers the recent establishment of a multibillion dollar fund to provide financial compensation to the victims of industrial exploitation during World War II. This acknowledgment by German industry of its ongoing responsibility for its past crimes underscores the contemporary relevance of Wiesen's study.
Category: History