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History Of The Meteorological Office

Author : Malcolm Walker
ISBN : 9781139504485
Genre : Science
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Malcolm Walker tells the story of the UK's national meteorological service from its formation in 1854 with a staff of four to its present position as a scientific and technological institution of national and international importance with a staff of nearly two thousand. The Met Office has long been at the forefront of research into atmospheric science and technology and is second to none in providing weather services to the general public and a wide range of customers around the world. The history of the Met Office is therefore largely a history of the development of international weather prediction research in general. In the modern era it is also at the forefront of the modelling of climate change. This volume will be of great interest to meteorologists, atmospheric scientists and historians of science, as well as amateur meteorologists and anyone interested generally in weather prediction.
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Historical Perspectives On Climate Change

Author : James Rodger Fleming
ISBN : 0195189736
Genre : History
File Size : 37.70 MB
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This intriguing volume provides a thorough examination of the historical roots of global climate change as a field of inquiry, from the Enlightenment to the late twentieth century. Based on primary and archival sources, the book is filled with interesting perspectives on what people have understood, experienced, and feared about the climate and its changes in the past. Chapters explore climate and culture in Enlightenment thought; climate debates in early America; the development of international networks of observation; the scientific transformation of climate discourse; and early contributions to understanding terrestrial temperature changes, infrared radiation, and the carbon dioxide theory of climate. But perhaps most important, this book shows what a study of the past has to offer the interdisciplinary investigation of current environmental problems.
Category: History

The Evolution Of Meteorology

Author : Kevin Anthony Teague
ISBN : 9781119136156
Genre : Science
File Size : 44.67 MB
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The essential guide to the history, current trends, and the future of meteorology This comprehensive review explores the evolution of the field of meteorology, from its infancy in 3000 bc, through the birth of fresh ideas and the naming of the field as a science, to the technology boom, to today. The Evolution of Meteorology reveals the full story of where meteorology was then to where it is now, where the field is heading, and what needs to be done to get the field to levels never before imagined. Authored by experts of the topic, this book includes information on forecasting technologies, organizations, governmental agencies, and world cooperative projects. The authors explore the ancient history of the first attempts to understand and predict weather and examine the influence of the very early birth of television, computers, and technologies that are useful to meteorology. This modern-day examination of meteorology is filled with compelling research, statistics, future paths, ideas, and suggestions. This vital resource: Examines current information on climate change and recent extreme weather events Starts with the Ancient Babylonians and ends with the largest global agreement of any kind with the Paris Agreement Includes current information on the most authoritative research in the field of meteorology Contains data on climate change theories and understanding, as well as extreme weather statistics and histories This enlightening text explores in full the history of the study of meteorology in order to bring awareness to the overall path and future prospects of meteorology.
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Forecasts For Flying

Author : Morley Thomas
ISBN : CHI:49300354
Genre : Nature
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This compelling book sketches the history of the Meteorological Service of Canada in the two decades following the Great War.
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Science In The Met Office

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Science and Technology Committee
ISBN : 0215041879
Genre : Business & Economics
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The Met Office currently operates as a Trading Fund within the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). The Committee welcomes the move to BIS, particularly given the potential for closer links with the research base and the opportunity to develop further its commercial activities. Core services though for the public service must be maintained. The Met Office generates a significant proportion of its revenues from Government contracts and Customer Service Agreements, in addition to its' commercial services and the Government should provide clearly defined funding commitments. This would allow the Met Office to take a longer-term perspective on scientific and operational development. The Government has no plans to privatise the Met Office, which the Committee saw as putting at risk the strong partnerships built with international partners and the sharing of crucial meteorological data. Also the Committee welcomes the Government's initiative of Public Data Corporation. Some concern though is expressed that scientific advances in weather forecasting and the associated public benefits (particularly in regard to severe weather warnings) are available but are being held back by insufficient supercomputing capacity. The Met Office should attempt to streamline the scrutiny of science under one committee and develop a strong customer relationship with key government departments.
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Meteorological Measurements And Instrumentation

Author : Giles Harrison
ISBN : 9781118745755
Genre : Science
File Size : 81.13 MB
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This book describes the fundamental scientific principlesunderlying high quality instrumentation used for environmentalmeasurements. It discusses a wide range of in situ sensors employedin practical environmental monitoring and, in particular, thoseused in surface based measurement systems. It also considers theuse of weather balloons to provide a wealth of upper atmospheredata. To illustrate the technologies in use it includes manyexamples of real atmospheric measurements in typical and unusualcircumstances, with a discussion of the electronic signalconditioning, data acquisition considerations and dataprocessing principles necessary for reliable measurements. Thisalso allows the long history of atmospheric measurements to beplaced in the context of the requirements of modern climatescience, by building the physical science appreciation of theinstrumental record and looking forward to new and emerging sensorand recording technologies.
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The Met Office Advises Caution

Author : Rebecca Watts
ISBN : 9781784102739
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 48.86 MB
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Rebecca Watts’s debut collection is a witty, warm-hearted guide to the English landscape, and a fresh take on nature poetry. In assured style, Watts positions herself where Wordsworth, Frost and Hughes have stood; with an original point of view and an openness to the possibilities of form, she retunes the genre for modern ears. From the wide-open plains of ecology and social history to the intimate enclosures of dreams, homes and bodies, these poems approach their often-unusual subjects with the clarity and matter-of-factness of Simon Armitage and with humour that recalls Stevie Smith, spinning memorable scenes and vivid images from the material of ordinary language. Animals, as familiars and omens, abound. Weather anticipates and directs human drama, under the analytic and tender watch of a poet influenced as much by science and realism as by Romanticism. As landscaper, orienteer and companion, Watts finds new ways of negotiating the complex territories of our physical and emotional worlds.
Category: Poetry