Historical Biblical Archaeology And The Future

Author : Thomas Evan Levy
ISBN : 9781134937462
Genre : Social Science
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Joint winner of the 2011 Biblical Archaeology Society Publication Award in the category "Best Scholarly Book on Archaeology" The archaeology of the Holy Land is undergoing major change. 'Historical Biblical Archaeology and the Future' describes the paradigm shift brought about by objective science-based dating methods, geographic information systems, anthropological models, and digital technology tools. The book serves as a model for how researchers can investigate the relationship between ancient texts (both sacred and profane) and the archaeological record. Influential archaeologists and biblical scholars examine a range of texts, materials and cultures: the Vedas and India; the Homeric legends and Greek Classical Archaeology; the Sagas and Icelandic archaeology; Islamic Archaeology; and the Umayyad, Abbasid, and Ayyubid periods. The groundbreaking essays offer a foundation for future research in biblical archaeology, ancient Jewish history and biblical studies.
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Historical Biblical Archaeology And The Future

Author : Thomas Evan Levy
ISBN : 1845532570
Genre : Religion
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Into the future : new trends in historical biblical archaeology -- The new pragmatism : integrating anthropological, digital, and historical biblical archaeologies / Thomas E. Levy -- Re-constructing biblical archaeology : towards an integration of archaeology and the Bible / Shlomo Bunimovitz and Avraham Faust -- Future directions in the study of ethnicity in ancient Israel / Avi Faust -- Biblical archaeology as social action in Israel : two case studies / David Ilan -- The archaeology of the levant in North America : the transformation of biblical and Syro-Palestinian archaeology / Aaron Burke -- Some applications -- Biblical archaeology and egypt during the EB III and EB IV : new connections / Miroslav Barta -- New perspectives on Levantine Mortuary ritual : a cognitive interpretive approach to the archaeology of death / Aaron Brody -- Under the shadow of the four-room house : biblical archaeology meets household archaeology in Israel / Assaf Yasur-Landau -- The Philistines and their material culture in context : future directions of historical biblical archaeology for the study of cultural transmission / Ann Killebrew -- Judha, Masos, and Hayil : the importance of etnohistory and oral traditions / Eveline J. van der Steen -- Four chronological anchors of the low chronology in historical biblical archaeology : an appraisal / Daniel A. Frese, Thomas E. Levy, and Thomas Higham -- From text to turf -- Texts in exile : towards an anthropological methodology for incorporating texts and archaeology / Tara Carter and Thomas E. Levy -- Excavating the text of 1 Kings 9 : the gates of Solomon / William Schniedewind -- Culture, memory, and history : reflections on method in biblical studies / Ronald Hendel -- Archaeology, the Bible, and history : the fall of the House of Omri and the origins of the Israelite state / Baruch Halpern -- Integrating archaeology and texts : the example of the Qumran toilet / Jod
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Israel S Exodus In Transdisciplinary Perspective

Author : Thomas E. Levy
ISBN : 9783319047683
Genre : Social Science
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The Bible's grand narrative about Israel's Exodus from Egypt is central to Biblical religion, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim identity and the formation of the academic disciplines studying the ancient Near East. It has also been a pervasive theme in artistic and popular imagination. Israel's Exodus in Transdisciplinary Perspective is a pioneering work surveying this tradition in unprecedented breadth, combining archaeological discovery, quantitative methodology and close literary reading. Archaeologists, Egyptologists, Biblical Scholars, Computer Scientists, Geoscientists and other experts contribute their diverse approaches in a novel, transdisciplinary consideration of ancient topography, Egyptian and Near Eastern parallels to the Exodus story, the historicity of the Exodus, the interface of the Exodus question with archaeological fieldwork on emergent Israel, the formation of biblical literature, and the cultural memory of the Exodus in ancient Israel and beyond. This edited volume contains research presented at the groundbreaking symposium "Out of Egypt: Israel’s Exodus Between Text and Memory, History and Imagination" held in 2013 at the Qualcomm Institute of the University of California, San Diego. The combination of 44 contributions by an international group of scholars from diverse disciplines makes this the first such transdisciplinary study of ancient text and history. In the original conference and with this new volume, revolutionary media, such as a 3D immersive virtual reality environment, impart innovative, Exodus-based research to a wider audience. Out of archaeology, ancient texts, science and technology emerge an up-to-date picture of the Exodus for the 21st Century and a new standard for collaborative research.
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Windows Into Old Testament History

Author : V. Philips Long
ISBN : 0802839622
Genre : Religion
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A team of international authors build a case for a positive appraisal of biblical Israel. Approaching the authenticity of Scripture from several angles--philosophical, archaeological, and literary--the contributors attack the issues involved in this controversial area.
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Reason In A Dark Time

Author : Dale Jamieson
ISBN : 9780199337668
Genre : Nature
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From the 1992 Rio Earth Summit to the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference there was a concerted international effort to stop climate change. This book is about what climate change is, why we failed to stop it, and why it still matters what we do.
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Atomic Awakening A New Look At The History And Future Of Nuclear Power

Author : James Mahaffey
ISBN : 9781605982038
Genre : Science
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“Persuasive and based on deep research. Atomic Awakening taught me a great deal."—Nature The American public's introduction to nuclear technology was manifested in destruction and death. With Hiroshima and the Cold War still ringing in our ears, our perception of all things nuclear is seen through the lens of weapons development. Nuclear power is full of mind-bending theories, deep secrets, and the misdirection of public consciousness, some deliberate, some accidental. The result of this fixation on bombs and fallout is that the development of a non-polluting, renewable energy source stands frozen in time. Outlining nuclear energy's discovery and applications throughout history, Mahaffey's brilliant and accessible book is essential to understanding the astounding phenomenon of nuclear power in an age where renewable energy and climate change have become the defining concerns of the twenty-first century.
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The Oxford Handbook Of Political Theory

Author : John S. Dryzek
ISBN : 9780199548439
Genre : Philosophy
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Oxford Handbooks of Political Science are the essential guide to the state of political science today. With engaging contributions from 51 major international scholars, the Oxford Handbook of Political Theory provides the key point of reference for anyone working in political theory and beyond.
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Conceptualizing Iranian Anthropology

Author : Shahnaz R. Nadjmabadi
ISBN : 1845456262
Genre : Social Science
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During recent years, attempts have been made to move beyond the Eurocentric perspective that characterized the social sciences, especially anthropology, for over 150 years. A debate on the "anthropology of anthropology" was needed, one that would consider other forms of knowledge, modalities of writing, and political and intellectual practices. This volume undertakes that challenge: it is the result of discussions held at the first organized encounter between Iranian, American, and European anthropologists since the Iranian Revolution of 1979. It is considered an important first step in overcoming the dichotomy between "peripheral anthropologies" versus "central anthropologies." The contributors examine, from a critical perspective, the historical, cultural, and political field in which anthropological research emerged in Iran at the beginning of the twentieth century and in which it continues to develop today.
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The Future Of Nostalgia

Author : Svetlana Boym
ISBN : 9780786724871
Genre : History
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Combining personal memoir, philosophical essay, and historical analysis, Svetlana Boym explores the spaces of collective nostalgia that connect national biography and personal self-fashioning in the twenty-first century. She guides us through the ruins and construction sites of post-communist cities-St. Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin, and Prague-and the imagined homelands of exiles-Benjamin, Nabokov, Mandelstahm, and Brodsky. From Jurassic Park to the Totalitarian Sculpture Garden, Boym unravels the threads of this global epidemic of longing and its antidotes.
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