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The Urban Revolution

Author : Henri Lefebvre
ISBN : 0816641609
Genre : Political Science
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Originally published in 1970, The Urban Revolution marked Henri Lefebvre’s first sustained critique of urban society, a work in which he pioneered the use of semiotic, structuralist, and poststructuralist methodologies in analyzing the development of the urban environment. Although it is widely considered a foundational book in contemporary thinking about the city, The Urban Revolution has never been translated into English—until now. This first English edition, deftly translated by Robert Bononno, makes available to a broad audience Lefebvre’s sophisticated insights into the urban dimensions of modern life.Lefebvre begins with the premise that the total urbanization of society is an inevitable process that demands of its critics new interpretive and perceptual approaches that recognize the urban as a complex field of inquiry. Dismissive of cold, modernist visions of the city, particularly those embodied by rationalist architects and urban planners like Le Corbusier, Lefebvre instead articulates the lived experiences of individual inhabitants of the city. In contrast to the ideology of urbanism and its reliance on commodification and bureaucratization—the capitalist logic of market and state—Lefebvre conceives of an urban utopia characterized by self-determination, individual creativity, and authentic social relationships.A brilliantly conceived and theoretically rigorous investigation into the realities and possibilities of urban space, The Urban Revolution remains an essential analysis of and guide to the nature of the city.Henri Lefebvre (d. 1991) was one of the most significant European thinkers of the twentieth century. His many books include The Production of Space (1991), Everyday Life in the Modern World (1994), Introduction to Modernity (1995), and Writings on Cities (1995).Robert Bononno is a full-time translator who lives in New York. His recent translations include The Singular Objects of Architecture by Jean Baudrillard and Jean Nouvel (Minnesota, 2002) and Cyberculture by Pierre Lévy (Minnesota, 2001).
Category: Political Science

Stadt Raum Und Gesellschaft

Author : Christian Schmid
ISBN : 3515084517
Genre : History
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Die Theorie der Produktion des Raumes von Henri Lefebvre hat in den letzten Jahren in den Sozialwissenschaften einen herausragenden Stellenwert gewonnen. Ihre Bedeutung liegt insbesondere darin, dass sie die Kategorien der aStadto und des aRaumeso in eine uebergreifende raum-zeitliche Theorie gesellschaftlicher Praxis integriert. Die bisherige Rezeption dieser Theorie blieb jedoch fragmentarisch und inkonsistent, und sie hat die zentralen erkenntnistheoretischen Pramissen Lefebvres nicht beruecksichtigt. Zum ersten Mal wird hier eine systematische wissenschaftstheoretische Rekonstruktion dieser Theorie in ihrem zeitgeschichtlichen und epistemologischen Kontext prasentiert. Im Sinne einer kritischen Aneignung und Weiterentwicklung dieser Theorie entwirft das Buch die Grundlinien eines allgemeinen analytischen Rahmens zur Interpretation raum-zeitlicher Phanomene und Prozesse. .
Category: History

Henri Lefebvre

Author : Andrew Merrifield
ISBN : 9781135435035
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 81.61 MB
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Philosopher, sociologist and urban theorist, Henri Lefebvre is one of the great social theorists of the twentieth century. This accessible and innovative introduction to the work of Lefebvre combines biography and theory in a critical assessment of the dynamics of Lefebvre's character, thought, and times. Exploring key Lefebvrian concepts, Andy Merrifield demonstrates the evolution of Lefebvre's philosophy, while stressing the way his long and adventurous life of ideas and political engagement live on as an enduring and inspiring interrelated whole.
Category: Architecture

Henri Lefebvre

Author : Chris Butler
ISBN : 9780415459679
Genre : Law
File Size : 29.76 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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While certain aspects of Henri Lefebvre's writings have been examined extensively within the disciplines of geography, social theory, urban planning and cultural studies, there has been no comprehensive consideration of his work within legal studies. Henri Lefebvre: Spatial Politics, Everyday Life and the Right to the City provides the first serious analysis of the relevance and importance of this significant thinker for the study of law and state power. Introducing Lefebvre to a legal audience, this book identifies the central themes that run through his work, including his unorthodox, humanist approach to Marxist theory, his sociological and methodological contributions to the study of everyday life and his theory of the production of space. These elements of Lefebvre's thought are explored through detailed investigations of the relationships between law, legal form and processes of abstraction; the spatial dimensions of neoliberal configurations of state power; the political and aesthetic aspects of the administrative ordering of everyday life; and the 'right to the city' as the basis for asserting new forms of spatial citizenship. Chris Butler argues that Lefebvre's theoretical categories suggest a way for critical legal scholars to conceptualise law and state power as continually shaped by political struggles over the inhabitance of space. This book is a vital resource for students and researchers in law, sociology, geography and politics, and all readers interested in the application of Lefebvre's social theory to specific legal and political contexts.
Category: Law

Henri Lefebvre Key Writings

Author : Henri Lefebvre
ISBN : 0826492460
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 28.11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Henri Lefebvre is recognised as one of the influential social theorists of the Twentieth Century. This book presents a range of Lefebvre's thought. It reinforces the centrality of Lefebvre to debates in social and spatial theory, but also sets Lefebvre's work in the context of his philosophical and political concerns.
Category: Philosophy

The Production Of Space

Author : Henri Lefebvre
ISBN : 0631181776
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 24.61 MB
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Henri Lefebvre has considerable claims to be the greatest living philosopher. His work spans some sixty years and includes original work on a diverse range of subjects, from dialectical materialism to architecture, urbanism and the experience of everyday life. The Production of Space is his major philosophical work and its translation has been long awaited by scholars in many different fields. The book is a search for a reconciliation between mental space (the space of the philosophers) and real space (the physical and social spheres in which we all live). In the course of his exploration, Henri Lefebvre moves from metaphysical and ideological considerations of the meaning of space to its experience in the everyday life of home and city. He seeks, in other words, to bridge the gap between the realms of theory and practice, between the mental and the social, and between philosophy and reality. In doing so, he ranges through art, literature, architecture and economics, and further provides a powerful antidote to the sterile and obfuscatory methods and theories characteristic of much recent continental philosophy. This is a work of great vision and incisiveness. It is also characterized by its author's wit and by anecdote, as well as by a deftness of style which Donald Nicholson-Smith's sensitive translation precisely captures.
Category: Philosophy

Everyday Life In The Modern World

Author : Henri Lefebvre
ISBN : 9781351318266
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87.37 MB
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When Lefebvre's book first appeared in the 1960s it was considered a manifesto for a social movement that focused on the quality of life experi-enced by the individual--by the com-mon man and woman. His emphasis on the quality of life will have even more appeal to those currently living with the problems of inflation, unem-ployment, and dwindling natural re-sources. Basing his discussions on everyday life in France, Lefebvre shows the de-gree to which our lived-in world and our sense of it are shaped by decisions about which we know little and in which we do not participate. He evaluates the achievements and shortcomings of applying variousphilosophical perspectives such as Marxism and Structuralism to daily life, studies the impact of con-sumerism on society, and looks at ef-fects on society of linguistic phenom-ena and various kinds of terrorism communicated through mass media. In his new introduction to this edi-tion, Philip Wander evaluates Lefebvre's ideas by relating many of them to current contexts. He discusses the political and economic aspects of daily life in the 1980s, the work envi-ronment, communications, and the world of science and technology.
Category: Social Science

Das Recht Auf Stadt

Author : Henri Lefebvre
ISBN : 9783960540076
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 83.57 MB
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Das unumstrittene Grundlagenwerk für die moderne Stadt - Henri Lefebvres Recht auf Stadt endlich in deutscher Übersetzung Allerorten wird in den letzten Jahren ein »Recht auf Stadt« eingefordert - von sozialen Protestbewegungen gegen Gentrifizierung weltweit. NGOs und UN-Organisationen postulieren es gleichermaßen. Kritische Stadtforscher wie David Harvey, Peter Marcuse oder Niels Boeing beziehen sich in ihrer radikalen Gesellschaftskritik auf Henri Lefebvre, der das Konzept 1968 entworfen hat - in einer Schrift, die hier nun zum ersten Mal in deutscher Übersetzung vorliegt. »Recht auf Stadt« ist mehr als die individuelle Freiheit, auf städtische Ressourcen zugreifen zu können. Es ist das Recht auf ein erneuertes urbanes Leben. Angesichts der sozialen Probleme in den desolaten Hochhaus-Vorstädten und anderer Folgen des rasanten Städtewachstums nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg stellte Lefebvre schon in den sechziger Jahren fest, dass der Urbanisierungsprozess einhergeht mit einem Verlust der Stadt als Ort der kreativen Schöpfung, zugunsten einer bloßen industriellen Verwertungslogik. Er postuliert aber keine Abkehr von der Stadt - etwa in die zeitgleich entstehenden amerikanischen Mittelklasse-Vororte -, sondern macht in der Stadt ein enormes Potenzial aus, das zu einer emanzipierten urbanen Gesellschaft führen kann. Das Recht auf Stadt ist ein gesamtgesellschaftliches Anrecht auf Begegnung, Teilhabe, Austausch, das große Fest und einen kollektiv gestalteten und genutzten städtischen Raum. Zum selben Thema sind erschienen: Niels Boeing VON WEGEN. Überlegungen zur freien Stadt der Zukunft Christoph Twickel GENTRIFIDINGSBUMS oder EINE STADT FÜR ALLE
Category: Political Science

Introduction To Modernity

Author : Henri Lefebvre
ISBN : 1859840566
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 20.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Appearing for the first time in an English translation, Introduction to Modernity is one of Henri Lefebvre's greatest works. Published in 1962, when Lefebvre was beginning his career as a lecturer in sociology at the University of Strasbourg, it established his position in the vanguard of a movement which was to culminate in the events of May 1968. It is a book which supersedes the conventional divisions between academic disciplines. With dazzling skill, Lefebvre moves from philosophy to sociology, from literature to history, to present a profound analysis of the social, political and cultural forces at work in France and the world in the aftermath of Stalin's death—an analysis in which the contours of our own "postmodernity" appear with startling clarity. Lefebvre's lectures have become legendary, and something of his charismatic presence and delivery is captured in this book, which he intended "to be understood in the mind's ear ... and not simply to be read." With its mercurial shifts of tone, now intensely poetic, now conversational, it not only explores modernity, it exemplifies it. Equally experimental in conception is the book's remarkable structure, twelve "preludes" through which a range of recurrent themes are interwoven in free-form counterpoint: irony as a critical tool, utopianism, nature and culture, the Stalinization of Marxism, the alienation of everyday life, the cybernetic society ... What gradually emerges is not only a series of original concepts about humanity and culture, but an extraordinary invocation of the complexity of social contradictions. Yet the fragmented structure of the book is not left to float free. Its shifting and eclectic melodies and leitmotifs have a solid ground basis: the wish to rehabilitate the Marxist dialectic as a method for understanding and transforming the modern world. This program is at the heart of the book, and gives it its underlying coherence, making Introduction to Modernity not only essential reading for all students of European cultural history, but also a key text for Marxism in the post-communist world of the late twentieth century.
Category: Philosophy

State Space World

Author : Henri Lefebvre
ISBN : 9780816653164
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 81.2 MB
Format : PDF
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Making the political aspect of Lefebvre's work available in English for the first time, this book contains essays on philosophy, political theory, state formation, spatial planning, and globalization, as well as provocative reflections on the possibilities and limits of grassroots democracy under advanced capitalism.
Category: Political Science